What's the best way to advertise?

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In your experiences, what's the best way to get the word out about your website? Does buying a banner here work well? Does advertising and linking with other sites work well? what's your chosen method?

This is just for curiosities sake (: I hope it's in the right place.

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@Keres Link exchanges with similar sites can be pretty amazing. Advertising on websites containing your target audience is also good. I've had really good experiences with site advertisements here on Subeta -- the deal on price for number of impressions really can't be beat. Find ways to get people to link back to your site, too -- credit for free graphics you offer, as part of a contest, etc. And be sure to get your website a Twitter account and give people good reasons to follow it (news posts about your site, contests/giveaways, that sort of thing.)

And, of course, be sure your website is interesting, of high quality, engaging, and interactive in at least 1 way. All the advertising in the world will not help a really terrible or boring site.

I no longer have any operable websites, but when I did, those methods worked wonders.

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Just making the website interactive...or using design to really make the page interesting. Sharing links is amazing as well...but here are some design rules that really work for proper, professional advertising.

Choose one element to make big and bold...then make it bolder. Never use supercrazy fonts.

This'll make you look more professional and less...well, child-like. I pretty much agree with the methods above, but making the site look really polished is super important. Hope it helps. :D

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You should def look into submitting your website to blog, website, or RSS feed directories. Also you need to optimize your website for search engines. Another way is a facebook fan page. Hope one of those suggestions helps!

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Advertise anywhere. You need to have some sort of information or easy interaction on your website. For instance, my friend's website Angelkitty\'s Corner offers forum chat, games, customization tools, and astrology information. She and I advertise whenever we can, such as right now :)

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