Can you be straight & still be aroused by

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I personally don't believe in lables for someone's sexuality. I think it's fine for people to think girls are hot and only go out with guys. If kissing a girl means that you are bi or gay, then woopdy-fricking-do, I'm bi. Let's have our cake and eat it.

For me, the question of your sexuality comes to whether or not you could imagine yourself with the said person. Could you imagine being in a relationship with them? Could you imagine doing more than kissing? Could you imagine getting married to the said person? Whatever the reason, you can come up with your own conclusion. I'm fine with kissing a girl. I have no problems with the idea. Heck, I was the one to break the ice when it came to kissing option for a truth or dare spin the bottle game I had at a friend's place. (We were all girls, for the record) I kissed my best friend. Could I imagine myself going out with her? No, I couldn't.

I am attracted to guys. I may think girls are pretty, but I find gushing about the hotness of a guy to be much more fun. Again, if it makes me bi, then I'm bi. You should just go with whatever makes you comfortable. :3

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lol, grave digging.

Though I know exactly where the OP is coming from. I definitely find girls attractive, and I have a boyfriend with whom I do the dirty with often. Hell, I've been having sex for about 5 years, and I'm 20 years old. When I was a bit younger, I experimented with a really good girl friend, but nothing too exciting. I still make out with girls at parties and stuff. So if you want to consider me bi-sexual, sure, whatever. I still am only ever going to date a man. But throw a girl in the equation too, and we could have a damn good time. :P

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the bigger question is...does it matter? it is what you make it. if it leads you to experiment with the same sex, go for it. I believe that is the only true way to get answers, and even then, many times you won't get answers.

I agree with Rabbit that sexuality is very fluid, and is subject to change, like other parts of our being.

I would actually like to throw out that I think it's possible to love/be sexually drawn to either sex, regardless- I think it's merely a matter of whether you let the possibility in or not.

Again, it is what you make it. For the record, I agree with many of the opinions on this page, particularly Erandir's and those claiming that one can be aroused simply by the sexuality of the act.

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The thing that you have least control of in your body is your autonomic reactions. Sexual arousal is one of those autonomic reactions. If you are aroused by same-sex porn, then at the very lowest level you are gay/lesbian/bisexual. If you can't emotionally respond to same sex people when you are attracted to them sexually, that is probably your fears or your denial... but without a doubt you are gay/lesbian.

Do you dream about gay/lesbian sex? Do you get more excited from watching gaylesbian porn than you do watching straight porn? Do you catch yourself looking at the same sex person more when you watch straight porn. Do you feel attracted to guys sexually? Do you feel attracted to girls sexually? Do you get aroused when thinking about or actually kissing / caressing a man? Do you get aroused when thinking about or actually kissing / caressing a woman? Both? One more than the other?

Your involuntary feelings about or your physical reaction to gay and straight sex is just one measure of your orientation. You could be bisexual (feeling sexual attraction in some degree to both genders), or you could be straight and curious or you could be gay... all depending upon how you answer these questions.

Your involuntary unconscious reaction of excitement / attraction / arousal is your best measure of orientation, versus your conscious reaction when looking at guys/girls.

Your conscious reaction to sex or an emotional attachment could be affected by your unconscious fears. Only you can define what you are... don't let other people tell you.

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It is perfectly normally. I'm pretty sure I read this is my psychology book that people can be attracted the same sex and it is natural. If you really want to know try looking it up online. I know I have heard studies about it that say it is totally normal and does not mean that you are gay.

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"Can you be straight & still be aroused by the same sex?"

Simple answer.
I'm immensely aroused by the opposite sex.
I have gay friends who are aroused by the opposite sex.
The way you feel about someone or a specific gender has nothing to do with arousal.

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Personally, i say that im bi. i tend to be interested in a females body, i'll seriously think about how pretty or attractive a gal is and all that nonsense, even at parties and such get into gal on gal action, but i really could never bring myself to declare another female as my mate, so im not entirely sure how that would fall.

but i know you're confusion. in my own personal opinion, unless you are absolutely morbidly disgusted by the thought of even having to glance at a person who is the same gender as you, everyone is slightly bi or gay. i mean really think about it, how many times have you compared yourself to another of the same sex thinking "oh that girl/guy is better looking than me, oh he's ripped look at those muscles! or i wish i had their hair" or whatever? with out realizing it you're checking another person out if you think about it. so its only natural. =)

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Quote By @ReokuFox:

It's the wishful thinking of your sexual needs wishing that it was you in that situation.

It happens alot, even to men.

It's perfectly ok, :)


And it's ok to see another women as pretty or beautiful.

They are both natural things in the world. ^_^

All that I was going to say has been said.

I can't say for sure, though, since I haven't had that happen to me. I'm extremely attracted to women, after all. :/ However, it could be possible that you're slightly bisexual and just starting to discover it.

Even if that's not the case, there's nothing abnormal about it all. You can't exactly help how feel, anyways.

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In my point of few, its the gender of the one you fall in love with and wants to spend your life with, that dictates if you are gay, hetro or bi.

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I think so, I find that i react the same ways, as you have described in the first post.

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Quote By @TotallySpacedOut:

It's just seeing two women.. you know, being together, that gives small tingles.

you hot lesbian, you!

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You might be bisexual, or at least bi-curious. Because, you know, being aroused by someone who's the same gender as you, even if for only a bit, and more than once, would count as phisical attraction. The first time wouldn't really count (specially if you're a kid at the time), as every human being is curious by nature, but from the second time, you can be proud of your bisexuality, even if it's small, and you're overly attracted to the opposite gender.

Of course, to some people, being 99% attracted to the other sex would count as being het, even if it's logically strange.


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Quote By @stijn:

If you get sexually aroused by the same sex you are NOT straight.

Thats what I was going to say.

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Quote By @Toni:

If you're sexually attracted to someone of the opposite gender, you are heterosexual. If you are sexually attracted to someone of the same gender, you are homosexual. If you are sexually attracted to people of either gender, you are bisexual.

Couldn't have said it better myself.

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Simple curiosity and the "what if..." factor, I believe, play into those feelings. Unless, of course, if your actually homosexual - but then again thats just my opinion n.n