Xena’s Guide to Free Stuff on Subeta

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[I’m posting this just for now to see how it does even though I’m not done with it. I think I put in most of the Freebies but I have a lot of almost free stuff and tips and stuff to add still]

Xena’s Guide to Free Stuff on Subeta

In this guide you will find out about free stuff [items, points, etc.] on Subeta, where, how, when, and how often you can obtain them. This guide is to help newer members of Subeta as well as members who have been around for awhile. Along with free stuff I will have a section with almost free stuff and ways to help save points. Please feel free to suggest things to add to this guide or update it.

These Freebies can be found under interact > cults
1. Newbs: Go to search cults type in Newb (or a similar word) in the search box join Newbie cults that give out Newbie packs with sP and items also meet some new friends
These Freebies can be found under forums
1. Newb Giveaways: scroll down click on Giveaways Glance through the topic names for giveaways for newbs depending on the giveaway you can get free sP, items or other things

These Freebies can be found under interact > games
1. Random: You can play every 3 hours and you win something every time you click on the button this changes between sP and items or can be both
2. Mind Reader: You get to play 20 times a day all you have to do is choose one of the 3 colors (1/3 chance of winning each time) and each time you guess it right you get 200 sP
3. Rock, Paper, Scissors: You play just like rock, paper, scissors and every time you beat your pet you get 50 sP
4. Item Scramble: You can play once every hour if you guess the right item you win sP (if your having trouble guessing the items use the Subeta search to help you out)
5. Safe Crack: You can play once a day you have to guess 3 numbers in the correct order to open the safe and win a prize [I have never won this]
6. Trivia: You have to try and answer a tricky trivia question if you answer it right you get sP and/or items(s)
7. Mystic Spindles: A game where you have to move discs to the correct spots each time you win you get sP

These Freebies can be found under interact > explore
Arctic Frost:
1. Polar Ice Fields: You choose between left and right and if you get to the end you win a prize [ I have never won this]
1. Job Agency: Here all your pets can get jobs you first have to apply for a job for your pet until they get accepted then once the have a job once everyday you can collect sP for all your pets that have a job you can also ask for promotions so your pet can get more sP but sometimes your pet will be fired when you ask for a promotion
2. Poll Center: Here you can have a voice in Subeta as well as earn free sP for every open poll question you answer you get sP
3. Vaults: when you go to sP storage deposit all your sP into the vault and then collect a daily interest [if you want your interest rate to go up leave sP in the vault you can add more to it but don’t take any out at least for awhile] [you can also get to the sP storage vault by clicking on the # amount next to sP:]
Riverside Valley:
1. Donation Corner: As long as there are items in the donation corner you can get a free item every five minutes
2. Free Food: Here you can get an item of food once everyday but only if you are poor [good for newbs!]
3. Free Gift: Here you get a free item and/or sP every time [this is random, not daily!] a new free gift is released
Shadowglen Graveyard:
1. Krypts: Enter the krypts, Try the first room, If you take the sP then you automatically walk away with 50 sP or you can choose one of the two doors [the farther you go into the krypts the more sP you can get and you can walk out on every level but you could take the chance or getting 0] you can play once every hour
Atebus > Ziara:
1. Ikumoradeekanox: Pick something from the tree, get a fruit daily from the tree
Atebus > Coda Caves:
1. Coda Caves: Scroll over the image of the cave in a spot where your arrow changes to a hand click you normally find gems but you can also find other items
Atebus > Pina Park:
1. Trash Can: Look inside the trash can, sometimes you can find items inside [I’ve never gotten anything from the trash can]

These Freebies can be found under interact > cults
1. Free: Go to search cults type in Free (or a similar word) into the search box join cults to get free sP, items and other things
These Freebies can be found under forums
1. Giveaways: Scroll down and click on Giveaways choose any of the appropriate [some topics you have to give stuff to get stuff] topic you want
2. Profile & Graphics Market: Go to sub forum Profile & Graphics Freebies search for appropriate topic name to get free graphics and layouts etc.
3. Art Market: Go to sub forum Art Freebies search for appropriate topic name to get free drawings etc.
These Freebies can be found under interact > main shops
1. Free Shop: This Shop restocks with free stuff free for the taking [since I have dial-up I never am able to get free stuff from this shop]

[For now I am only posting the seasonal freebies that are occurring now just to see if how well this guide does first and also I don’t know all the seasonal freebies and which ones will change by next year etc. feel free to add ones you know are permanent]
These Freebies can be found under interact > explore > arctic frost
1. Melody’s Cottage: Click on the button to receive a daily holiday gift of item(s) and/or sP

Almost Free:

Other Tips:

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you should probably mention that Coda Caves is only open on the 6th and 7th of every month :)

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Here's a great tip for getting free crap. Go to the Bragging and Complaining forum and make a board saying, "OH CRAP I ACCIDENTALLY DONATED MY <insert item worth millions here> and then feel really sorry for yourself. Within minutes, some kind soul is sure to take pity and send you the item you "lost".
Everybody wins! :D

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Sad, but true.

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Loll. True.
Though immoral.

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I thought this was going to be a guide explaining how to suck up to rich people and get free stuff from people in the forums. :o

Pretty good guide though.

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