Proposed Darkonite Revamp

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News comments are blowing up and forums are easier to read so...

Proposed Revamp on the left, current on the right

Personally, I hate how the new one almost looks cuddly. It has a personality completely different from the old Darkonite.
The art is much improved, and I do like the back hooves a lot better now. But he needs his ferocity back.

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This is the first one I have ever voted on the old pet. I agree that the art looks good, but the expression needs to be changed. There also something that seems off about the entire pet. I can't really name it, but it just look weird to me.

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Here's what I commented on the News Post:

I think the art certainly looks much more polished, but certain parts of it look off. Personally, I don't care for the pose, it looks a bit to cutesy for me, kinda like how my puppy stands when he wants a treat. Maybe if it was reared up on it hind legs or in a more aggressive stance...

Some examples for poses:
About to pounce, Creeping, On hind legs, or Jumping.

And I think the only other thing I don't like would be the face. If you want to keep the sly grin I think the eyes need to get even thinner, OR I think I'd like his face to be a bit less mischievous and a lot more evil. Maybe barring his teeth or something?

But yeah, that's all I got :P
I love the new art but I think it need to be more fierce c:

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i agree with you guys. the new one just looks like a soft toy or something :l i like the old one's fierceness and how it kinda looked worn out...but cool? idk how to explain it but i like the old one better this time :I

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I think the body and legs/feet look much, much better. The tuft of fur on the head looks a little tacked on, and I don't like the smile. For the most part, though, the new one is far less awkward than the old.
The front legs could stand to be a little better, but I can't really give proper critique on that.

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I don't think it was really worth the effort tbh... It didn't look that bad to begin with. I really liked the crinkled whiskers and the dark flames at the bottom of the old one's feet which I really felt they should have put onto the new one. The new one's smile looks a little out of place as well. Oh well, I voted for the new one because I think the quality is a little nicer.

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I feel the art has improved and there's certain elements I do quite like, but generally I'm a fan of the old as a whole.

The anatomy seems different and off compared to the old version, and the anatomy (in my opinion) is part of what made the old Darkonite, well Darkonite. I'm just not a fan of the anatomy, loss of personality, and this feeling like I'm almost looking at an entirely new pet. It's cute, but Darkonites don't strike me as a meant-to-be-cute pet.

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This has to be the first common pet revamp that I don't like.

It looks too friendly I liked it a lot better when it had an evil look on it's face.The eyes are too small,the nose is too low,the muzzle looks too low.Also the whiskers are gone and the markings on the legs look too faded.The other new Darkonite colors has whiskers I don't get why the ones in the common revamp are gone.I would like it if the final revamp looked a bit closer to the original.

I voted for the old one,yes the art quality in the new one looks better but it just doesn't seem to fit the Darkonite at all.

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Several people have said this but it's true for me too, this is the first pet poll ever I have picked the old art over the new. The new art just is not true to the 'type' of the old art (old Darkonite is supposed to be a demon right? I swear I saw that somewhere when I first picked the species for one of my pets.) It's much too cutesy and not at all the 'doesn't give a love' vibe the old Darkonite has.

The new art is nicely done, it's not an issue of quality for me at all, it's just not the same species to me :-/

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I love the new one a lot. The face is a little off, via eyes and smile but other then that I totally love how you now can tell the paws from the hooves and what not. It's lovely.

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yeah, also the first pet where I preferred the old one over the revamp. 8( There's just this cartoony and shiny feel to it that doesn't belong on a darkonite. That and my eyeballs are picking fights with the anatomy problems. I do like the crisp and clean feel that it gives off, but for now, I think the shiny and plastic look is overriding it.

but I suppose that's why they're asking crit from the public first.

edit; psst click for redraw
I made a longer post in the news but I figure this pretty much sums up how I would like it to be? kinda rushed because I gotta go so I'm sorry if I sound like a huge buttheade or something um
just keep in mind it's based off my own opinions and I am crap with wording things so I thought an image to go with it would work better? I don't know. anyway.
1. hind legs look longer than front legs; its hindquarters are elevated and makes it lean forward unnaturally? not sure actually, just my feeling.
2. head looks like a circle with features pasted on top. skullcap looks kind of flat and plastic; could use some more texture and ridges and less shiny.
3. the smile takes away from its personality and the middle of the mouth line looks blended in. massive pet peeve. makes it look anime-ish and unprofessional.
4. chest could use a bit more shape; make it dip down before you start curving it. a simple curve makes it look kind of stiff.

in any case, I'm really excited to see where this goes and hopefully I'm going to like this pet a little bit more haha.

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Normally I embrace change but I do not like this in the least. I appreciate the work of the artist but I feel this new form drains every little ounce of personality from the Darkonite. The art itself feels softer than the original and makes it look to... squishy, cartoon-y, cute-sy and to me that is not the Darkonite AT ALL. They are supposed to be DARK not derpy.

Also what happened to the amazing whiskers? Thats one of my favorite features of the Darkonite!

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The only thing I have an issue with is the facial expression. The mouth makes it look like it's smiling rather than sneering, so it looks less malicious than it used to. I think a small change to its mouth could give it a more severe look and would make it look less "cuddly." Narrowing the eyes a bit like someone else suggested might also help.

Poorly photoshopped example:

Original on the left; narrower eyes and changed mouth on the right.

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Quote By @bri:

I feel the art has improved and there's certain elements I do quite like, but generally I'm a fan of the old as a whole.

The anatomy seems different and off compared to the old version, and the anatomy (in my opinion) is part of what made the old Darkonite, well Darkonite. I'm just not a fan of the anatomy, loss of personality, and this feeling like I'm almost looking at an entirely new pet. It's cute, but Darkonites don't strike me as a meant-to-be-cute pet.

these are my sentiments exactly, in much better words than i would have ever used.

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I think this is a case where the revamp is a bit too undercooked, so to speak.

Here are some things that I, as a user and darkonite owner, would like to see for the revamp:

#1. The skin looks kind of odd and shiny. Also, the skull helmet is shiny. Animals aren't shiny. Especially ones from the Dark Side. The old one was not shiny and I think the more normal skin would work better.

#2. The nose looks like an overstuffed plushie (I'm not saying that to be rude, that's just how I'd describe it). It's really...round and kind of prominent.

#3. On the tail furthest from us, on the triangular tip, the revamp one seems to have what looks like coloring outside the lines? Or sketchy lineart. I think it is supposed to be the back of the triangle curling around, but it just doesn't look right.

#4. The foreleg closest to us seems a bit off. Why is it chunky under the elbow but thinner above? That's where the bulk of the muscle is.

#5. The 'socks' on the legs should remain darker, as on the original. I think this is something really simple that could have been left alone.

#6. The hair tuft covering the exposed brain looks off to me for some reason. A bit too shiny perhaps? Maybe too poofy?

Good things on revamp:
-Better back leg
-Better set of 3 spikes coming off cheeks
-Better chest plate with nice tapering off on belly

Good luck to the artist. This revamp does not seem to be winning the crowds over, from what I've seen.