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@mars A wordy post is a good post when each and single word is meaningful, and you have achieved that. Good job. You have summed up well everything I felt about this thread. May you find 20$ on the ground today.

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Also, it is not Subeta's mandate to go and educate people about gender differences. I really don't feel like it's appropriate to do this here, by this point, because the exceptions should not dictate the norm.

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Quote By @Normandy:
There's a place and time to pick battles,insisting on labeling everything into neat little packages on every site really isn't the answer. Honestly, I see no reason to change the current system and personally dislike anonymising it down to simply a and b; the fact of the matter is males have a bulge denoting an obvious package which is biologically a male feature and as has already been expressed females typically have larger breasts because they serve the function of milk production as well. Granted this feature isn't inclusive of everywhere single animal out there but humans and many mammals typically have differences biologically between male and female. Since the avatars are based on their sexual biological characteristics I honestly don't see any reason to change it; as the saying goes if it ain't broke why fix it especially since the current system works perfectly fine as is.
I will go and quote my sister over here. You go. You totally go. A and B have no significance to me. Male/Female shows a difference, and while the human avatar is NOT A REPRESENTATION OF ALL MALES AND FEMALES, people know what a male and a female are. People aren't going to notice what the difference is between A and B, ESPECIALLY IF THEY HAVE CLOTHING ON ALREADY.

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Also, I prefer the idea of "sex" being used vs gender than A/B, because Base A and Base B mean nothing at first glance, but female and male mean something. This is also why I hate the skin options so much. I used an avatar generator for something and I got confused when attempting to recreate, because the numbers for base names are not memorable. I really wish that base numbers could be changed for actual colornames, tbh

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@keith Amazing-aroni! :D I know that is a thing that had been requested often, so I am really glad it is in the works! Thanks! :D

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@Keith Is there plans to make clothing that have drastically different overlays depending on the base transformable in the foreseeable future? This is the only gripe i have with genders on avatars Like the Wyvere Stone, or that school bag wearable.

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Is that a serious thread? Can't really tell, tbh.

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Quote By @BONESx:
^ agree. But maybe not back in the cash shop, since they aren't used for extra pet slots anymore (which essentially is what cost CSC). Token shop, perhaps?
50K tokens for Montre, 100K for Donadak or something similarly outrageous, please. Or, release really few of them, like 5 or so of each, for 15K-20K. Doesn't seem fair that an item that sold for 8K CSC could go for real cheap!

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Post your price, my dad was in the hospital during the first weekend of the contest, and I had to go out of town afterwards, so I never got to submit my entry. Paying with pure :)

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Yes, we totally need people autorefreshing for flowers. -_-;;;

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The cooldown time is fine. It's not Millionaire Center or Token Shop, where the cooldown is TWELVE HOURS.

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Reduce the 2 hour wait to 30 minutes and we're in business.

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@past stop tempting me with that cloak of midnight, omg D: i want it, but i can't justify buying csc right now, since i'm trying to slow down (ur the devil)

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Three of the pieces are under 500K and four of them under a million so no, they shouldn't be all put in the crystal shop, because the cheapest ones will just rot there forever and the last thing the crystal shop needs is more junk. Everything but #3 is still something that can be bought normally, they're around 2-3M...I think the highest not being #3 is around 5M . #3 is indeed grossly inflated.

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@ambercat I already have too much widgets in my sidebar. Too much clutter! D: But you're a sweetie for reminding me of it, though

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@dreamsinpink And several hundreds of them in galleries. The invitations are not going to run dry, and with how high the price is, a lot more people might be interested into selling theirs. I'm nnot saying "go ask people with invites in their galleries if they'll sell them to you" but watch shop search. A lot more than 33 invites will be there if the price stays high

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actual good suggestion there

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Quote By @SuperCelloChicK:
Note: Centropolis vs. Centropolis Lower West Side - Which is prettier? Centropolis. Why? It has a pretty pretty picture.
Centropolis vs Centropolis Lower West Side. Which is more useful? Lower West Side. Because I go to the item directory building when I meant to go and do Saggi's quests

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Also, post your pretty items galleries! Mine is there! It's hard for me to choose, because I have a massive gallery composed of 80% food items, but I have favorites!
Kamikaze Komodo
Skull Latte
Grand Piano
Moth-Eaten Book of Moths
Skeleton Jazz Hands Sticker
Melon Sour
Frankensteined Plushie
Zosi Plushie
Flower Pincushion
Tomato Pincushion
What about you?

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@natasha Of course! Separating for you right now!

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