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Limit: 20 - 40 - 60 - 80
@Jabberwocky Sorry to hear that hon, hopefully it doesn't take you too long to find a new job, glad you're sticking around, but the reason why sucks :/

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*pokes around for @clocks* Are you working on your part? Are you still in? Do we have anyone right now who's not terribly busy like some of us? Or are we all just not all in this month? @GreenRowan, what if our team is mostly unavailable for this portion? How much do we lose by not getting an RP in, if that happens?

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#cm I /finally/ wrote up my RP, its on SBL. I don't know how long anyone else's is going to be, but I was pretty wordy with mine, it being a fight and all. So we might have to break up our total RP into each person's story, and then create a snippet before and after all the tasks, just to tie in the whole thing. Again, I don't have a ton of time right now, so this is all I can guarantee at this time. If I find more time, I can try to do more, but I just used pretty much my only night off to write that up. And has anyone else figured out if they can take up Jabber's task yet?

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Thanks @Rox and @Turokai We are just getting slammed at work right now, I hop on every once in a while, but haven't found a ton of time to put a lot of focus into anything. I'm gonna take my lappy home tonight though and see what I can get done in the way of the new challenge. @Jabberwocky, sucks to see you go hon, if you find the time to make it back, we could always keep your position open for you

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@necolasa I'm not in the right place, I should be on Evident, not Sunset

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#cm I have been so busy with work lately. I barely have time to hop on Subeta. I am going to try my hardest to get my part of this challenge done, but I'm gonna let you guys know now, if I don't manage to find time before the end of this week, I may have to drop out, just so you guys don't fall behind. I've tried to read the challenge several times now, but get pulled away for various other things before I have an opportunity to get through it all. I found 5 minutes in my time, so I thought I'd come here first. I will either have my part started, done, or have to quit come the weekend. I'd hate to have to drop, but don't want to skip anything, or leave you guys hanging either.

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@necolasa Slot for Evident Instant Photo please :heart:

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@greenrowan Slot for the Squirrel please :heart:

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So many celestial items! :heart:

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@dollipop Slot for the sheer crop top please :heart:

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@waijay Slot for the spellbound background please :heart:

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@reaper, you tricked me! I thought you had another one made, lol

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@Oddish, slot on the forest recolor please :heart:

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@Nancyblack, my only concern is if the second batch doesn't fill, but if you have faith that it will, go ahead and put me in the second batch

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@nancyblack, I do believe I have a cw trade slot for one of these gowns, for one of my headpieces (I think it was this one
Loose Larkspur and Ruby Headpiece
+ Wishlist

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@GreenRowan #cm Not sure if this is the right place to post votes, but I'm gonna post here anyway :P Top Five picked by Team Cosmic Moon: Stone Cold Rogues Cosmic Moon (cause we can, and why not, lol) Wildcards Wicked Prancing Ponies Mischievous Misfits

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#cm Then we have our Top 5, I'll go post right now :)

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Okay, then our top five are as follows: Stone Cold Rogues Cosmic Moon Wildcards Wicked Prancing Ponies Starbound or Mischievous Misfits

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@Rox, we only have 4 stories that we voted on. Which team submitted the powerpoint? I say if they aren't on our top 5 they need to be

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@bluefaelis slot for the bunny dress if there's any slots left

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