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Limit: 20 - 40 - 60 - 80
Based on books each point is about 350k So each of my points will be 125k so 1 point= 125,000 2 points = 250,000 etc

Link to Selling 220 Quest shop points

@topizots @Poet alternatively you can use the middle click on your mouse

Link to Mass Train Pets?


Link to Slow Dance with my Boo

Is it worth the frag crystals?

Link to PC: Shinwas Lightning

@Shuwa SP or CSC only. Sorry should of stated in post

Link to LF Artist Snorlax + Munchlax Wallpaper

Looking for something similar to this http://cdn.superbwallpapers.com/wallpapers/anime/gastly-haunter-and-gengar-pokemon-16039-1920x1200.jpg But with snorlax and munchlax of course. Price can be up to the artist. Willing to except multiple works at the same time. SP or CSC only.

Link to LF Artist Snorlax + Munchlax Wallpaper

@boobear2010 hello tehre

Link to my Special thread

Thanks for the input! Yeah my armory is looking pretty good with tier 10 weps and scaleable weapons, guess i am going to have to try my hands at sophie to get that paint brush

Link to Tier 11 items best value

Which tier 11 items are the best bang for the buck ATM?

Link to Tier 11 items best value

I think that the high scores should reset. Maybe once a year maybe once a month every three months but they need to reset at some point to make it fair to everybody. High scores aren't really meant to be accumulative. In an arcade you get a score and it stays that score forever until someone beats it. In subeta most of the high scores for things like quest and games are accumulative so over time the players that have been here the longest will have the highest score because no matter what you do if someone signs up 1 day before you and they do every quest and you do every quest you will never be able to beat them. The top scoring person already receives 10k SP a day and again if you have been here for a long time you will have multiple high scores and can just coast on high score SP. Furthermore I feel resetting high scores will give users something to work towards and make them want to do certain games/quests

Link to Reset High Scores

@Kora Lot #5872562; and thank you :P its expensive HA lol

Link to Selling new years shop items! You have 102 Tokens

@Kora 520,000 SP

Link to Selling new years shop items! You have 102 Tokens

Just let me know what you are looking for and I think about 28k per token is fair. Might adjust for inflation/ deflation when that occurs

Link to Selling new years shop items! You have 102 Tokens

My pet just read 667 books and I missed 666 :( I normally like to take screen shots of these little things I like. What are some things that you missed taking a screen shot of that you wished you had?

Link to NOOOOO! PICS or it didnt happen

I just deleted some frozen users from my friends list but when I hold mouse over person>friends their names are still there how long does that normally take to update

Link to How long does it take for friends list to update

Thank you

Link to November Newsletter

@crown Lot #5829235

Link to Selling Autumn Detritus

@Moxxi GL with ideas if i wasnt going to work I'd check out the stream!

Link to Moxxi's CW - WIP/Crits/Discussion! SHY FOX TAILS (Wig)

@crown 1.2 mil

Link to Selling Autumn Detritus

as title says cheaper than user shops
Autumn Detritus
+ Wishlist

Link to Selling Autumn Detritus