February 14, 2014

Well, it seems like things have started happening! But not gross things. Oh no, only love and candy and hearts from this celebration! Definitely nothing undead. Gently welcome the bashful sweetheart legeica, don't be too aggressive in your hugs! The sweetheart kumos is happy for ALL of the belly rubs, though!

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Posted by Rah

Titania McGee here with Channel 5 News, your best source for up to date information.

Today marks the fifth anniversary of The Great Pandemic, and that means that it is once again time to honor the departed and celebrate our own survival of the diseases that have cut so many other lives short. Don't forget to offer your thoughts to those that passed by laying flowers at, or offering a kiss to, the Survival Memorial in Centropolis.

Today also marks the second anniversary of the vaccine that ended zombie infection once and for all. While this holiday may be a somber one for many Subetans, this reporter plans to hold on that ray of sunshine while partaking in this year's festivities.

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Cursed Quests is the weekend quest! Do those quests for increased prizes and special rewards!

Note: The weekend quest WAS sagittarius first, but it thought he was a revamped quest. I promise to make him the weekend quest manually once he's been revamped. All quests have been reset as of this news post, so you can do the weekend quest above!

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Posted by SubetaTeam

Man the Graveyard Escalade has won the Pet Spotlight!

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February 13, 2014

Lovely Pink Eye Shadow Pot
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Zombie Wax Lips
+ Wishlist

Wow, how cute are you going to look in this darling makeup? Go pick up your very own omen from the Token Shop!

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Posted by Ariel

Milly the Custom Sweetheart Jollin has won the Pet Spotlight!

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Posted by SubetaTeam

February 12, 2014

Sarah is the newest quest to get a revamp!

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Daisy Jumper Skirt
+ Wishlist
Book of Memories
+ Wishlist

We've also changed PetePoints into QuestPoints, which you can also earn by doing Sarah's quests. You can spend them here. You can purchase the Pete and Sarah items with the same points!

02/12/14 7:39 pm 80 Comments
Posted by Keith

The season of love is almost upon us, can't you just sense it in the air? Or is that the smell of zombies wearing perfume? Either way, the sweetheart kerubi and lasirus are here to make your day just a little more delicious. Couldn't you just eat them up?

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Posted by Rah

Mafia the Custom Steamwork Montre has won the Pet Spotlight!

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February 11, 2014

Seafoam One-Shoulder Ice Skating Costume
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Black High-Necked Ice Skating Costume
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Gray Ice Skating Vest Shirt
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Spearmint Tights
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Icy Goods has some new athletic spandex for you to spin and swirl across the ice in!

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Posted by Ariel

Mornenion the Reborn Rreign has won the Pet Spotlight!

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Posted by SubetaTeam

February 10, 2014

Rokusho the Arid Endeavor has won the Pet Spotlight!

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February 9, 2014

Red Apple
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Meetup Bag
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City Summer Sticker
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It's been a while since our last big get together, hasn't it? Well, now we're coming back and bigger than ever before with Subeta Meetup New York City!

Join mods Jessi and Judgement, artists hagane and Darling, minis Amanda, Mary, and pumpkins -- and perhaps more! -- as we get together in the Big Apple for an afternoon of hanging out, drawing, answering questions, and getting to know each other!

Subeta Meetup: New York will take place on Saturday, March 22nd. We will be meeting at the Atrium at Citigroup Center from 1-4 PM EST/Subeta Time.

Remember that everyone who attends (for more than an hour) gets a special achievement which comes with the Meetup Bag!

Because we expect this to be the biggest meetup yet, we are asking that all interested users RSVP so we can get a good headcount of how many of you to expect! If you are a Facebook user, feel free to join the events page and RSVP there, or let us know here that you'll be coming! We look forward to hanging out with you all!

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Posted by Jessi

The sweetheart mortiking and swampie are really just big softies at their core. Their delicious candy core.

02/9/14 6:04 pm 57 Comments
Posted by Rah

Fredrick the Custom Glade Jollin has won the Pet Spotlight!

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February 8, 2014

Flews the Glade Hikei has won the Pet Spotlight!

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