February 20, 2014


Wilikers Toy
Gee Wilikers Hair Oil

Wilikers Plushie
Wilikers Jumper

Shy Wilikers
Candy Wilikers
Wilikers Beanbag

Gee, Wilikers! What kind of celebration is this? Organs being stolen and then mysteriously reappearing, people stumbling about without limbs, 'food' made of the most GHASTLY ingredients (why would you EAT that?!). I think we need a little more cute and wholesome injected into these theatrics! (Those sweetheart pets can't do it all by themselves)

Stop by the cash shop and take home one of these adorable Wilikers products. Sure to brighten up ANY day.

02/20/14 3:58 pm 82 Comments
Posted by SubetaTeam

Snot Un-dae
Original Eye Bubble Tea
Boney Misfortunate Mousse
Snot Pinwheel Pastry

Elsie seems to have done some harvesting of her own for these new treats!

02/20/14 11:27 am 19 Comments
Posted by Amber

Peredhel the Dusk Noktoa has won the Pet Spotlight!

02/20/14 12:05 am 21 Comments
Posted by SubetaTeam

February 19, 2014

Butthead Conversation Heart Beanbag
Go Away Conversation Heart Beanbag
I Farted Conversation Heart Beanbag
UR Not The Father Conversation Heart Beanbag
Turds Conversation Heart Beanbag

Happy Survival, everyone! I was trying to make some cute beanbags for the event, but they didn't turn out quite how I planned. I can't sell these in my store! You're going to have to make these yourself on the black market...

02/19/14 3:13 pm 69 Comments
Posted by [NPC] Joyce

Green Striped Journal
Rusty Ragged Feather
Zombie Action Figure
Captured Mold Spore

The Alchemist has a range of new items for you to create. Remember to stop by The Philosopher's Store for any supplies you might need!

02/19/14 12:47 pm 28 Comments
Posted by Amber

Trogdor the Scribble Mortiking has won the Pet Spotlight!

02/19/14 12:05 am 53 Comments
Posted by SubetaTeam

February 18, 2014

We've updated Bubble's so he no longer asks for items from half baked, and has had all of his quests reset, so you can do them again. :)

02/18/14 9:37 pm 66 Comments
Posted by Keith

Ah, ahem, is this thing on? Oh, I'm on now? This is live!?

Er, hello citizens of Subeta. I'm Nurse Margo with the Center of Infectious Disease. You might remember helping me to treat ill snow faeries during Luminaire?

It it my regret to inform you that Subeta has been experiencing a new series of infections this year, the source of which is not known at this time. While these infections are resistant to our vaccine, they do not appear to be as virulent as in past years, and we at the CID are confident in saying that these are temporary illnesses. Anyone who becomes infected is advised to get plenty of bed rest until the infection passes.

Any information about potential infection causes should be reported to your local CID representative in order to help us better understand and combat these illnesses.

Thank you for your cooperation!

02/18/14 6:21 pm 190 Comments
Posted by SubetaTeam

Lovely Brain Shirt

There is a new Token Shop item!

Love Stories of Sorrow and Despair
Moldy Zombie Braids
Moss Covered Cross

Blooming Box of Lingerie
Gravestone Tales
How to Punch a Zombie

A few old favorites have been brought back as well!

02/18/14 9:21 am 63 Comments
Posted by Amber

Star Puff Fungus Sticker
Fleshy Beanbag
How to Add and Remove Blood Stains
Brown Worn-Out Belt
Anatomically Correct Stomach Plushie

The Zombie Den has some new gruesome items!

02/18/14 5:54 am 64 Comments
Posted by Amber

Kaemin the Nightmare Montre has won the Pet Spotlight!

02/18/14 12:05 am 9 Comments
Posted by SubetaTeam

February 17, 2014

Have you been managing to keep yourself together of late? Or are you maybe feeling a little hollow inside? Well, the sweetheart priggle has hearts to spare if you need one! Or if you've been struggling in getting about due to the sudden and mysterious disappearance of limbs, the sweetheart hikei will surely give you a ride! Or at least a sit down. Maybe you should stop wandering about for a while.

02/17/14 6:05 pm 77 Comments
Posted by Rah

Classic Chocolate-Covered Strawberries
Brown Gentleman Hair Kit
The Art of Falling in Love

Louis has some new heartfelt items available in his Parlor!

02/17/14 4:12 pm 44 Comments
Posted by Ariel

For the next six hours users will reset after having their brains harvested without any error. After that period, it will be a three hour wait time between having their last organ removed and being reset.

Happy harvesting!

02/17/14 3:06 pm 50 Comments
Posted by Keith

Not A Gym Bag

Thank you for all of you who contributed to the Brainstorm: Autotrainer Notifications thread! The feedback was really helpful and it was very clear that one event is preferred. We've updated the Training Center to function accordingly! Here is the complete list of updates:

Autotrainer Notifications: Instead of receiving an event every time a session is complete, you will receive ONE event at the end of the 24-hour Autotrainer period. This event will summarize the total amount of points you gained in the selected stat. (Format: "[name] has gained X [stat] points at the Training Center!" )

Training Center: The Training Center has been updated to display how many sessions remain and an estimated time of when the Autotrainer is expected to be finish. Please note that it is only an estimate and it may be a few minutes off.

New Event Category: All events from the Training Center - either by Autotrainer or manual training - will be grouped together in a new "Training Center" event category.


NOTE: For players that have an active Autotrainer session right now, you will not receive an accurate event upon completion. It will say that you gained X points when you really earned more than that throughout the entire session. This discrepancy is because the system did not start logging the total points per session until 1:30 PM today. Stats that were gained by the Autotrainer before then were not counted. (Though, you did receive events for each session!) Accordingly, the new notification system will count and report the stats perfectly for all users that started a new session after 1:30 PM today.

02/17/14 2:34 pm 37 Comments
Posted by Scarsdale

Gym Token

We're looking into how we can improve Autotrainer notifications to make them more efficient for both you and the servers. Let us know your thoughts!


Please read the following updates:

2/17: Update at 1:25 PM
2/17: Update at 1:44 PM

02/17/14 12:51 pm Go to forum post
Posted by Scarsdale

E-For-Effort Honey Bun
Honey Bun

Elsie from Half Baked and Fantine from The Bake Stop have made some interesting desserts for you! Which baked goods do you like more?

02/17/14 4:29 am 26 Comments
Posted by Amber

Rodger the Reborn Popoko has won the Pet Spotlight!

02/17/14 12:05 am 12 Comments
Posted by SubetaTeam

February 16, 2014

We're going to be retiring the CS Chance Machine on Friday! Make sure to grab the items you need while you can.

02/16/14 8:48 pm 18 Comments
Posted by Keith

Salvaged Green Buttons
Deadly Eyeliner
The Everyday Struggles: Zombies

Zombies will be pleased to know that Skitters is back with some new items! I wonder if there will be a way for the rest of yous to buy his items...

There are also achievements for harvesting and being harvested. They will have titles soon, and I'll post when they do with the link to get the retroactively if you already have the achievement. Note: if you got harvested before the achievements were added, it may take a few hours for them to show up for you. Don't make tickets just yet! If it turns out that you'll need to make them, I'll post on the news letting you know :)

Eat up.

02/16/14 7:59 pm 100 Comments
Posted by Ariel

Starting now you can harvest the organs of other users in the Survival Forums by clicking on the scalpel icon (right next to kissing icon, they're basically the same thing, right?).

For those of you that would like to participate in kissing but not get your organs forcibly removed for your body, you can opt out on your preferences page.

Who knows what you'd even use organs stolen from other users for...

02/16/14 4:57 pm 165 Comments
Posted by SubetaTeam

Titania McGee here for Channel 5 News, your best source for up to date information!

Grim rumors have started to circulate that survival party go-ers are having their organs harvested! Allegedly, two have already been taken to hospital for these mysterious injuries, and though our source stated that they are in good condition and expected to make a full recovery, official hospital representatives have refused to confirm or deny this shocking event!

Could this be part of some gruesome black market? At this time, the cause of these troubling organ thefts, as well as the assailant responsible for them, is unknown, so revelers are advised to keep safety in their mind this holiday season. Channel 5 News will follow this story and update when more information is available.

02/16/14 4:34 pm 116 Comments

Huereux the Steamwork Pherret has won the Pet Spotlight!

02/16/14 12:05 am 13 Comments
Posted by SubetaTeam

February 15, 2014

Green Hair Chalk
Pink Color Hairspray
Temporary Green Hair Tint

Zosi has learned to make some new hair products! Stop by the The Philosopher's Store to grab any items you may need to make them.

02/15/14 10:46 pm 28 Comments
Posted by Ariel

Crazy in Love
Lovely Flowered Headband

Because of the hearts being merged with the kissing, the old Heart Collector achievement has been retired. However, there's another tier for the Kiss a User and Someone likes you! achievements now to make up for it! We may add more over the event if you guys get super sloppy :)

02/15/14 6:19 pm 83 Comments
Posted by Ariel

Bonjour everyone! I have been adding only the finest imported items to my Parlor this afternoon. There's another batch of items en route, so spread the love, get those candy hearts while you can!

02/15/14 3:48 pm 57 Comments
Posted by SubetaTeam

On behalf of the __United Zombie Alliance__, we are ___tolerant__ to __invite__ all non-infected citizens of Subeta to partake in the anniversary of the founding of our great city! Local businesses have stocked exciting new merchandise and will be happy to serve non-infected citizens of every type, though this may only appeal to those with a more precocious sense of adventure.

Remember, this is a __racially sensitive holiday__, and so those that choose to wear masks will not be permitted into the city. This also applies to un-living citizens: Masks of any kind are not to be worn or displayed. _____We_____ would like to promote tolerance on all fronts.

____We____ hope that you new and returning guests alike __enjoy the festivities__.



02/15/14 1:58 pm 91 Comments
Posted by [NPC] Skitters

Taffeta Tails the Custom Nostalgic Irion has won the Pet Spotlight!

02/15/14 12:05 am 32 Comments
Posted by SubetaTeam

February 14, 2014

Well, it seems like things have started happening! But not gross things. Oh no, only love and candy and hearts from this celebration! Definitely nothing undead. Gently welcome the bashful sweetheart legeica, don't be too aggressive in your hugs! The sweetheart kumos is happy for ALL of the belly rubs, though!

02/14/14 6:17 pm 152 Comments
Posted by Rah

Titania McGee here with Channel 5 News, your best source for up to date information.

Today marks the fifth anniversary of The Great Pandemic, and that means that it is once again time to honor the departed and celebrate our own survival of the diseases that have cut so many other lives short. Don't forget to offer your thoughts to those that passed by laying flowers at, or offering a kiss to, the Survival Memorial in Centropolis.

Today also marks the second anniversary of the vaccine that ended zombie infection once and for all. While this holiday may be a somber one for many Subetans, this reporter plans to hold on that ray of sunshine while partaking in this year's festivities.

02/14/14 2:05 pm 158 Comments

Cursed Quests is the weekend quest! Do those quests for increased prizes and special rewards!

Note: The weekend quest WAS sagittarius first, but it thought he was a revamped quest. I promise to make him the weekend quest manually once he's been revamped. All quests have been reset as of this news post, so you can do the weekend quest above!

02/14/14 1:19 am 50 Comments
Posted by SubetaTeam

Man the Graveyard Escalade has won the Pet Spotlight!

02/14/14 12:05 am 12 Comments
Posted by SubetaTeam
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