Elflyn has a minion!

Jules the Emeow


The Blacklight Torrey
Owner: Accio

Age: 2 years, 9 months, 1 week

Born: July 8th, 2011

Adopted: 2 years, 9 months, 1 week ago

Adopted: July 8th, 2011


  • Level: 750
  • Strength: 807
  • Defense: 807
  • Speed: 711
  • Health: 1,001
  • HP: 815/1,001
  • Intelligence: 856
  • Books Read: 826
  • Food Eaten: 2,498
  • Job: Jeweler

These are the CWs I own C:
Raven School Girl Locks
Chestnut School Girl Locks
Cranberry School Girl Locks
Licorice School Girl Locks
Chocolate School Girl Locks
Windswept Abyssal Locks
Windswept Beach Locks
Windswept Siren Locks
Hair-Wrapped Scrolls Headset
Hair-Wrapped Miner Headset
Hair-Wrapped Fortress Headset
Comforting Liquorice Waves
Comforting Espresso Waves
Midnight Masquerade Updo
Cocoa Bear Buns
Berry Popsicle Locks
Marvelous Pastry Locks
Delicious Pastry Locks
Espresso Strands Princess Hairbrush
Black Strands Princess Hairbrush
Romantic Midnight Side Curls
Romantic Auburn Side Curls
Oil Hair Goo
Apatite Hair Goo
Liquorice Kit-Tea Strands
Smooth Platinum Gel
Essence of the Celestial Butterfly
Branch of the Serene Nymph
Branch of the Fire Nymph
Branch of the Water Nymph
Pink Love Hair Piece
Petite Rose Horn Caps
Coconut Bow Pop
Tomato and Cheddar Bow Pop
Blue Raspberry Bow Pop
Gold Bow Pop
Dryads Charm of Affection
Dainty Sakura Branch
Pure Ruffles
Pitch Ruffles
Soundless Ruffles
Voiceless Ruffles
Sightless Ruffles
Shameless Ruffles
Demonic Ruffles
Rosy Ruffles
Liquorice Sparkling Jeweled Prom Gown
White Sparkling Jeweled Prom Gown
Rose Sparkling Jeweled Prom Gown
Ice Blue Sparkling Jeweled Prom Gown
Lavender Sparkling Jeweled Prom Gown
Ruby Sparkling Jeweled Prom Gown
Queen of Hearts Lacy Playing Card
Queen of Clubs Lacy Playing Card
Gear To My Heart Black Corset Dress
Gear To My Heart White Corset Dress
Gear To My Heart Pink Corset Dress
Gear To My Heart Red Corset Dress
Gear To My Heart Blueberry Corset Dress
Black Feathery Petal Dress
White Feathery Petal Dress
Black Nautical Fantasy Dress
Frozen Dress Ice Sculpture
Wrathfully Cut Fabric
Pink Violin Rose Frills
Black Violin Rose Frills
White Violin Rose Frills
Hoodie of the Glutton Kitty
Hoodie of the Sleepy Kitty
Hoodie of the Wounded Kitty
Rich Girl Lovely Corset
Evening Tea Party Dress
Azure Sky Captain Coat
Crimson Sky Captain Coat
Fanciful Sky Captain Coat
Butterfly Scrub Top
Cerulean Potion of Merfolk
Obsidian Potion of Merfolk
Pearl Potion of Merfolk
Pure Handcrafted Piece of Cloth
Abandoned Handcrafted Piece of Cloth
Striped Humiliation Blush
Mad as a Hatter Eyeshadow
Sakura Megami Makeup
Very Simple Makeup Kit
Gold and Ruby Heart Scepter
Ebony and Opal Heart Scepter
Romantic Flute Music Disc
Sky Captain Rapier
Tree Trunk of Carved Love
Bottle Of Mermaid Essence
Bottle of Enchantment
Shard of the Crystal Kingdom
Memories of the Evergreen Garden
Sunlit Faerie Mushrooms
Moonlit Faerie Mushrooms
Dreamy Fairytale Castle Model
Nighttime Fairytale Castle Model
Painted White Rose Petals
Winter Trees Snowglobe
Grape Juice Ocean Canvas
Tropical Fruit Ocean Canvas
Scrap of Metal Railing
Ocean Bound Ashes
Broken Bulb of Purity
Broken Bulb of Beauty
Broken Bulb of Darkness
Black Edition Dramatic Light Catalogue
White Edition Dramatic Light Catalogue
Rose Edition Dramatic Light Catalogue
Faulty Pinhole Camera
Sapphire Camera Filter
Pot of Rainbows
Seeds of a Pale Poppy
Blissful Bottle of Bubbles
Soothing Ivory Petals
Soothing Ebony Petals
Rose and Ebony Sakura Petals
Deep Ocean Sakura Petals
Rose and Ivory Sakura Petals
Ebony Sakura Petals
Ivory Sakura Petals
Cup of Love Heart Bubbles
Cup of Chilly Heart Bubbles
Cup of Peace Heart Bubbles
Snowflakes Snow Globe
Cracked Stardust Vial
Ocean Water Memento
Will-o-Wisp of Dusk
Will-o-Wisp of Angels
Will-o-Wisp of Dawn
Will-o-Wisp of Nightmares
Will-o-Wisp of Radioactivity
Will-o-Wisp of Lilacs
Will-o-Wisp of Blood
Galaxy Flutterby Origami
Aurora Flutterby Origami
Vignette Tutorial
Cracked Udometer
Engraved Sunstone
Broken Relic of a Peculiar Ship
Flutterby Friends

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Pet Treasure

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