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Korbin has a minion!

Sacha the Crowley


The Nightmare Lain
Owner: Toki_chan

Age: 2 years, 8 months, 3 weeks

Born: November 27th, 2011

Adopted: 2 years, 8 months, 3 weeks ago

Adopted: November 27th, 2011

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  • Level: 1
  • Strength: 10
  • Defense: 10
  • Speed: 10
  • Health: 10
  • HP: 10/10
  • Intelligence: 0
  • Books Read: 0
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Unemployed

Hush little Raven dont you cry,
Close your eyes,
When they open it will all be gone,
Hush little Black Bird dont you cry,
Its all just a dream,
Dont be afraid.

[X]Open/[ ]Closed

Name: Korbin Alistar
Alias: Raven, Kori, Korz, "little Raven"
Age: 29 Years old
DOB: August 2nd
Sex: Male
Height: 6'2 1/2
Hair: Black
Eyes: Red
Marks: Red chest in Bird form
Peircings: None
Species: Black Sparrow
Abilities: A form of Necromancy: sees spirits, Sees demons and angels, Sees aura's, conjures ghost
Orientation: Not interested
Status: Not Looking
Location: Traveling
Job: Buisness Man
Likes: Dogs, Movies, Expencive food, Drinking, Planes, Home, cats
Dislikes: Too much human contact, Loud places/noises, Bright lights, Driving, Sweets (except whipped cream), People
Broken Ravens Nest
The name Korbin means little raven. Now Korbins birth mother loved ravens, she thought they were beautiful birds so sleek and mysterious. Her son with the pitch black hair and eyes with a dark red hue to them reminded her of a beautiful Raven. She loved that baby boy since the moment he was born but he didnt have her in his life for very long. At the age of five Korbin and his father lost his mother, but not to an illness or anything like that. They lost her to her growing addiction to alcohol and drugs. She abandoned Korbin and divorced his father and dissapeared into the distance keeping little to no contact with the baby boy she once loved so much and was the apple of her eye. Korbin was broken hearted, he lost the one thing he loved more than anything.
When Korbin was younger was when his abilities were the strongest. He saw spirits, demons and angels, and he saw flashes of the future waking up in the middle of the night after a vision. After a while his father realized there was somethign wrong, slowly the reality that Korbin was different started to take effect. With age and reading alot of books the closest thing Korbin could relate his ability to was something called Necromancy. His father had started to drink after he lost his wife and Korbin became his outlet. His father blamed Korbin's mothers leaving on Korbin because he wasnt normal. As a child in his innocence the spirits always seemed to find him, he hated sending them off, because then he lost a friend.
Nine years down the line at the age of 14, Korbin got himself a new family. A Step mother named Clarissa and a younger brother named Dimitiri who was nine years old. At 14 he had already started to internalize his emotions and he had become quiet and introverted. Clarissa was a nice change to the house, things got cleaned and she added a motherly touch that had dissapeared for the past nine years and Dimitiri added innocence to the home which had been long forgotten. Dimitiri looked up to Korbin and to tell the truth Korbin had acctually gotten quite fond of his new little brother, even with his fathers drinking it seemed there was a light at the end of the tunnel.

Broken Wings
Durring the next year Dimitiri had brought Korbin back to his childhood somewhat, he had someone to talk with, he didnt feel so alone. Dimitiri was alot like a bouncing rabbit, he had so much energy and this huge smile on his face at all times, and the most adorable laugh. Other than Dimitiri and Korbin's relationship blossoming it had seemed like his step mother and his fathers relationship was crashing and burning. The honey moon stage was over and his father true self started to emerge, the alcoholic that Korbin knew him to be. They screamed at eachother, many nights Dimitiri slept in Korbin's room woken by the sound of smashing glass and shouting. His father man handeled her and if they werent careful he wasnt afraid to do the same to them. Korbin saw it as his job to take care of Dimitiri, to take care of him but he could barely take care of himself.
In the midst of his fathers drinking mixed with verbal and physical abuse Clarissa started to look at her 15 year old step son as more than just a son. She took advantage of his need to please people and his fear to manipulate him and use him to her own advantage. In those few years she had become a different woman. She was afraid, worried, sick and looking for love. Korbin was drawn into her web and then there was no way for him to escape, when he saw her there crying with a bruised face and his father dissapeared into the night. When she reached out to him he couldnt find it in him to fight her, no matter how wrong it was and how wrong it felt. His step mother turned into his lover and her step son turned into her secret love affair. She gave him guilt trips and threatened him, Korbin had nowhere to run, he was backed into a corner with no way out.
This love affair lasted about a year before one day while Dimitiri was at school, Korbin had skipped school, and his father decided he forgot something at home. He walked into the bedroom to find his son in his bed with his wife. At that moment there was a sort few seconds of shock and silence before all hell broke loose. Korbin could remember his step mother screaming stop and no while he felt his father grab him by his hair and pull him from the bed. Everything after that was kind of a blur but he remembered getting hit over and over again and his glasses being destroyed, all the while Clarissa was screaming and trying to pull his father away. Everything exploded and the next thing he knew his step mother was on the floor grabbing her face and he was being picked up and dragged out of the room. At the age of 16 with a broken nose, broken glasses, a fractured arm and broken ribs Korbin was tossed out onto the driveway with his clothes thrown at him and told to never come home or his father would kill him.

Mother Bird
With no place to go and no one to turn to he found the only person that he had left. Even though she abandoned him and his father as a child and she was the reason for his addiction to alcohol Korbin didnt know where else to turn. He found himself at the doorstep of his mothers apartment, when she opened the door she wasnt the beautiful woman he remembered, she was broken and used. While he finished highschool and worked a part time job he lived with his mother. He cleaned up after her throwing away her empty bottles and cleaning up left over substances. He made sure her fridge was always stocked and she ate every day, he woke her up for work because she couldnt afford to lose another job, He took care of himself and his mother. He excelled in school even while working and taking care of his mother as if she was his child, his heart would cringe at night when he thought about Clarissa and Dimitiri at home with his father but he couldnt go back, he was sure in a drunken rage his father would follow through with his threat. So he kept his mouth shut and watched his mother continue to destroy herself and he put on a small smile whenever she looked his way with that faded look in her eyes.
The same routine continued through his highschool years even into college. Getting his buisness degree he found a job at a finance company. He started from the bottom and found himself getting one raise after another. He never missed one day of work, he worked over time with no pay, he was at almost every meeting, he took things seriously and he worked hard. As soon as he had enough money he packed all of his things and left his mother a note. He had told her the night before that he was going to move out but he doubted that she remembered him saying it in the first place. He closed the door to her house and his heart ached, who was going to take care of her with him gone? But he turned his back and continued to walk, he needed a life of his own. Without taking care of his mother, being his step mothers escape, bringing up his step brother or being the outlet for his father. Even if that meant continuing to become more and more introverted.
As the first winter alone in his new loft came he never knew what it really felt like to be alone. To look around and know no one was in another room. No one would be walking through that door. To know that if he called out in the house he would hear nothing but silence. The snow layered the ground and graced the tree branches. The chill of winter hung in the air outside and in the atmosphere inside as well. He tried to find some peace in the silence and continued to look for some sense of belonging but it was no where to be found in the house and no where to be found at work. Now he knew what those birds inside of their cages felt like. When there was only one of them, they had just enough room to streatch their wings and yet they didnt have enough room to go anywhere.

His eyes snapped open in the middle of the night, the room shrouded in darkness with the faint light from the street lights outside trying to break its way through the curtains. Dead quiet, enough to hear a pin drop and yet his ears could hear voices. His eyes fixated on a corner in the room, he could see a figure standing there, it was another one of those nights. He wasnt sure if it was a nightmare or reality plauging him in the night but his body frozen and his breathing shallow as he could do nothing but sit there and listen to the raspy whispers of the man in the corner. He tried to block out the mans words as he closed his eyes and prayed he would just dissapear. When he opened his eyes the man was closer and his whispers had become louder. He looked into missing eyes and his heart was about to break out of his chest as something jumped onto the bed causing a small shreik to leave his lips and his eyes to shift.
A small fluffy black cat had jumped onto the bed, its bright orange eyes glared into the nights air and it let out a small hissing sound. When Korbin looked back at where the man from his nightmares had stood he was gone and a small smile crept onto his face. A pet he got from a stranger to him, it was a special pet indeed, the cat came into his lap because now he was sitting up right. He ran his hand down the cat's back and scratched at the top of its head. He had named his pet Sacha. He received her in the form of a black bird and from that point on she proved to be the most interesting animal he had ever seen. With the ability to shape shift into any animal she wanted. In the form of a cat or dog she always scared the spirits away, it was like she was meant for him.
It seemed like Sacha was falling asleep in his lap when he picked her up rousing her from her dream land to place her on the pillow next to him. He curled up facing her and smiled looking her in those bright orange eyes of hers. She understood him better than anyone else and he wouldnt give her up for the world. His eyes fluttered closed and the nightmares seemed to stay away the rest of the night as she lay curled up on the pillow next to him. She was like his little gaurdian angel. She kept him sane and she protected him when he slept. The beautiful black Raven's sleeping together in bed. One in the form of a human and one in the form of a cat, his name meaning "Little Raven" and her coming to him as an actual Raven type black bird. That morning when he opened his eyes the cat was gone from his pillow but a black dog sat at his side of the bed with a leash in its mouth. Its massively fluffy tail banging itself on the bedroom floor, sawying back and forth, and swinging itself in a circular motion. Those same bright orange eyes looking at him in excitement. Rubbing his eyes and putting on his black rimmed glasses he let out a pleasent sigh and smiled. Something ominous seemed to hang around her Aura but he always ignored it. She was special, not bad like the things he saw in the middle of the night, she was just a different kind of special.


Pet Treasure

Snow Crow

Raven Sticker

Pet Friends

Little brother, sometimes I still have nightmares with you in them...

Chamuel Mason
Such an unlikely friend, met in an unlikely place.