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Age: 3 years, 8 months, 1 week

Born: April 7th, 2011

Adopted: 2 years, 6 months, 2 days ago

Adopted: June 17th, 2012

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April 13th, 2013


  • Level: 1
  • Strength: 10
  • Defense: 10
  • Speed: 10
  • Health: 10
  • HP: 10/10
  • Intelligence: 0
  • Books Read: 0
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Unemployed

Owner: UNIVERSE | The Glade Jollin

Long long ago there was once one large tribe in the vast forests and plains of a large land. This tribe had no name, yet for the most part, the people of it lived at peace. The people had evolved from animals, giving them an easy way to hunt for prey, and gather what they needed to survive. Like all peaceful things though, that time came to an end through the years, four separate groups of the tribe had had enough of what each other was deeming as the proper thing to do in times of war and how to protect the women. The women themselves left the groups, and the four groups within the tribe parted in their separate ways. The women of the group, who still had their senses to a point, split into their own four groups to follow the ones whom they did love, and from there, the four groups of the tribe were settled.

The tribes settled in four different locations, some of them each had their own small subgroups within them. The original group remained in the forest, protected by the trees and the many holes and hills the trees hid for them. The second group left to the desert, learning how to adjust to the harsh heat to use as a weapon to those who did not know how to handle it. The third group left to the tundra, making their home in the freezing temperatures that in the first year killed off many, though when together in one group, they learnt quickly how to survive. The last group headed to the plains. This group was deemed as the weakest, through the easy spotting in the wide open, and the easy going weather that was bearable.

Although split apart though, each year all the clans would put aside their own differences and come together for a festival around their mating seasons in the spring time. As the ancestors started, they would carry out each Spring a festival that lasted two weeks to celebrate the passing of the dead before the birth of any new lives. The ancestral stories they had cherished told them that long ago when one died, their spirit would gather in a small flower and wither it, leaving a small faintly glowing black ball. The first week of the festival involved collecting all the withered glowing flowers they could find. Then the first day of the second week, each member would raise them up to the sky then throw them, releasing the spirits of their dead friends and family to the sky to live eternally as the stars above their heads. The rest of the week was spent celebrating the passing on of their old comrades, and the beginning of their mating season, which would continue on until a month after.

This was the ways and life of each member, trying to survive in their own paths in the place they wanted to now live forever onward in.

Everald's story, all begins with a shawl.

On the twenty-third Star Festival that Everald had attended, he had picked up something that a member of a different tribe had forgotten. It was a brown shawl that its owner had misplaced. It had the lingering smell of the bonfires they had on it still, though now they were all let to die down. The weather was warm enough that most of the guests had taken to finding their own place to stay as they finished mating season, which left Everald unsure of who the owner of this particular shawl was.

That mating season, like all of his mating seasons before, he was alone. As a Guardian to the female plains tribe it was tradition and rule that he was not allowed to mate. A preferred male to any tribe was one who was physically strong and fertile, and while Everald was fertile, his strength was less than average to a regular male and his looks were less like a male of his tribe and more like a female. The rule was also set so that while he was in with the female tribe he would not mate with any of them, as usually the males who guarded them were infertile to prevent it from the start. So now every year, he watched the festivities and usually left on a hunt during the mating season, his mask left lowered over his face so that no one would become infatuated by him and hope to mate.

That year though, his hunting was delayed when he looked at the shawl. Yes, articles were often forgotten over the festivities, but rarely larger pieces such as this. He frowned softly before he folded it up and placed it back onto a tree stump that was near by, in hopes that someone would pick it up and bring it home. He then retreated to his home to grab his weapon, and now finally headed out to proceed in his hunt, having to run further out to avoid any guests or members who were in their animal form and mating around the main village.

The sky was dark but the plains had a soft glow to them as the stars shone down as well as they could. It was a clear sky but the moon didn't shine that night as he hunted. There weren't that many prey to be hunted and brought back, so after finding and trapping a couple rabbits he returned back to the village and yet again frowned seeing the shawl still on the stump. It was no surprise as most of the tribe members were all still busy amongst themselves, so he left it there and retired for the evening after making sure the surrounding areas to the village were secure and safe.

Months later as the weather began to chill once again for winter, Everald was still in possession of the shawl from the festival. Now, it lay on a seat in his home, untouched usually though he shook it out once a week to prevent dust from accumulating too much on its surface. He didn't know why he had taken so much to the shawl and decided to keep it, he just had. As the warmer months crept up though, he had begun to wear it on the much cooler hunting days to keep himself warmer, vowing that when the next festival came around he was going to return it to them without fail.

When the next festival came, it was taking place in the tundra tribes territory. It had been four years since they had been there, and by the looks of most of the members, the shawl he had belonged here. Everyone there had a shawl or warmer furs on, so it wasn't easy to locate the owner. He let out a gentle sigh before he pulled on his own furs for the first night though and draped the shawl over himself as well before he let himself drift off to sleep.

He was going to find the owner to the shawl in the morning, even as the owner eyed him as he slept, then walked off.








Notes on Animals

The members of the tribes all share one quality: as they evolved from animals, each one at birth has the ability to transform between the human form they�re born in and the animal they link closest to. Each tribe has animals that they are most likely to end up linked with, though some others do appear in the groups.

Some animals in locations that are harder to survive in have developed additions to help them survive when mixed with certain bloods when born. One that is mixed with a bird might develop wings in their animal form to help aid them in the hunt and survival.


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Rainyday Ethereal Antlers

Earth Mage Amulet

Indigenous Tribe Shawl

Verdant Tangled Overgrowth

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Earth Defense Tear Crystal

Earth Defense Baguette Crystal

Delicate Bumbus Silhouette Sticker

Dark Shaman Foot Wrap

Aqua Esther


Centaurette Ground

Dying Leaf

Tribal Fisher Short Vine

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New Growth



Fairy House

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