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an international computer network providing e-mail and information from computers in educational institutions, government agencies, and industry, accessible to the general public via modem links.

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There has to be nothing more irritating than a flatmate who is a genius but also has nothing to use his intellect on.

Sherlock has been moping around the flat for days now. It's irritating beyond all belief and really, John is starting to have enough of it. He reads him off cases from their site in hopes some will take his interest but they never do. He gets complaints here and there and often. Yes she is cheating on you if you have to ask; the neighbor took it it really is that simple; are you serious John? A missing cat? You would waste my mind on such a trivial matter?! Get me a tea. And the worst part is he always does.

There has to be something to do to keep his flatmate busy. People, places, things, absolutely nothing seems to work though. There's a soft groan from the blond as he runs hands down his face, blue eyes looking up before closing and letting out a held in breath. There really has to be something. He starts listing off things for the other to do though.

"Have you finished all your experiments in the fridge and freezer?"
"Even the ones beside the milk?"
Yes John, that one was done a week ago!
"What about the Yard? Have you asked to see if they have anything to do?"
All boring! When have they not been boring though, John?
"What about Myc-"
Don't even think about asking if Mycroft has any. You know I don't accept them anyways.

An exasperated sound comes out from his lips before he can help it, but he gives a weak smile. This has always been how Sherlock is. Before he even met he idiotic genius it was like this. His brain functions different than average humans or something like that so its become the norm. The newspaper is on the table though so he picks it up, flipping through a bit before putting it down again, beside Sherlock. The man picks up the paper and was about two pages in before there was a scream and an explosion down the road [as far as he could tell]. Sherlock is up and moving before John can make a sound.

Come along John! Something seems to have recently come up. Oh how I love a good case!

There's a light muttering under the ex-soldiers breath with a laugh and a smile.

"You're a bloody ass Sherlock."

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Internet is inspired by John H. Watson.
Art by Blargberries.
Sherlock Holmes belongs to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat.

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