The Hydrus Popoko
Owner: Emotional

Age: 3 years, 2 months, 3 weeks

Born: November 7th, 2011

Adopted: 2 years, 1 month, 1 week ago

Adopted: December 18th, 2012


  • Level: 6
  • Strength: 10
  • Defense: 10
  • Speed: 10
  • Health: 10
  • HP: 10/10
  • Intelligence: 2
  • Books Read: 2
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Unemployed

From Marie/Maxton
A wide variety of customers walk in and out through the doors of the local coffee shop every day. One of which is a rather quiet and nerdish looking man who every other morning sits down with a tall black coffee and watches the barista work from afar. His name is Maxton and as anybody else might assume he wasn’t really worth knowing. Instead Maxton was just that guy who might have been good to cheat off of back in high school but nothing was ever going to come of him now that he was well past college graduation. All of this boiling down on his being doesn’t make Maxton a very self-confident person and although the barista is rather friendly and seems to strike up conversations at any point of interest, he just can’t get up the nerve to say anything but ‘Tall black coffee,’ or by now it was just, ‘The regular’ and then she would tell him the same price as always ($2.68) and after being handed his coffee he was left to sit in the corner alone. So he decides to leave her these weird scraps of paper (which I’d actually like to put in as pictures between the text of his page), sometimes they’re sketches of a particular set of bones other times they’re notes about a person’s death or something interesting he found out about the body he is currently working with. Every other day when he leaves them behind he hopes that maybe she’ll mention them the next time he walks in. Months go by and she never does. Life continues on as usual, eventually he gives up on leaving the scraps of paper and then he starts visiting the lonesome coffee shop less and less frequently. Instead he focuses on his work in the morgue and pretends to move on. Then one day he gets a new customer at the morgue a man/woman with their grandfather to arrange a funeral for. Although he doesn’t recognize the other person they happen to be the busboy/girl at the local coffee shop. Upon taking this grandfather into his care and working with the family to arrange a funeral he starts to find these strange scraps of paper. It starts with one in his mailbox and the next day when he comes to work there is another waiting for him taped on the furnace, and the day after that he finds one on an empty casket. So one by one all of the scraps of paper he had previously left at the coffee shop come back to him until he finds the last one he’d left in the pocket of the dead grandfather’s jacket the morning before his funeral is scheduled. His pet page story would end right before the funeral with a confrontation between Maxton and the busboy who was leaving him the notes. Whether or not I’m going to have it end on a note of friendship or a crush/love is still up in the air but I feel like it’d be a cute little story about a man with a crush and a series of back and forth notes in a rather unexpected way.

Pet Treasure

Torn Instructions Page II

Wizard Quest Drinking Game Rules

Leviathan Harpooning Drinking Game Rules

Scratch Card Drinking Game Rules

Ikumoradeekanox Drinking Game Rules

Bones Drinking Game Rules

Soaked Research Notes

Pumpkin Patch Drinking Game Rules

Fishing Drinking Game Rules

Plain Sticky

No Touchie Sticky

Kick Me Sticky

I Heart You Sticky

I am Famous Sticky

Dont Kick Me Sticky

Call Me Sticky

Bite Me Sticky

Note To Self Sticky

Note Encased Coal

Hastily Written Note From Georgiana

Random Drinking Game Rules

Slots Drinking Game Rules

Stocks Drinking Game Rules

Dark Matter Dice Drinking Game Rules

Perfectly Pristine Page

Taped Page

Folded Page

Torn Page

Wrinkled Page

Hastily Made 2013 Calendar

Bent Snippet of Paper

Nearly Blank Snippet of Paper

Creased Snippet of Paper

Battered Snippet of Paper

Crumpled Snippet of Paper

Curved Snippet of Paper

Scratchy Snippet of Paper

Tattered Snippet of Paper

Torn Snippet of Paper

Unfolded Snippet of Paper

Wrinkled Snippet of Paper

Curled Snippet of Paper

Rumpled Snippet of Paper

Folded Snippet of Paper

Ripped Snippet of Paper

Soggy Page

Muddy Page

Moldy Snippet of Paper

Questionable Snippet of Paper

Stained Snippet of Paper

Smudged Snippet of Paper

Dogeared Snippet of Paper

Poorly Thought Out Apology Note

Wrinkly Scrap of Paper

Ragged Scrap of Paper

Tattered Scrap of Paper

Rumpled Scrap of Paper

Ripped Scrap of Paper

Split Scrap of Paper

Bent-Cornered Scrap of Paper

Thin Scrap of Paper

Torn Scrap of Paper

Doubled-Over Scrap of Paper

Shredded Scrap of Paper

Small Scrap of Paper

Folded Scrap of Paper

Messy Scrap of Paper

Crinkled Scrap of Paper

Creased Scrap of Paper

Battered Scrap of Paper

Dog-Eared Scrap of Paper

Dirty Scrap of Paper

Curled Scrap of Paper

Fairy Tale Color Plate

Knights Faded Acknowledgement of Fealty

Pet Friends