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Latest News and Updates

Lovely New Achievement + Avatar Border!

XOXO Candy Heart Cookie
Rainbow Candy Heart
Chocolate Dipped Mint Candy Heart
Try not to get sick eating all the candy hearts required for the newest achievement Candy Hearts! If you complete this delicious achievement, you'll be rewarded with a lovely candy heart avatar border.

Cash Shop: Sunny Side Mutagen Y-2

Sunny Side Mutagen Y-2
Don't let its cute face fool you, the Yolko Blubbo is very terrifying. Super scary! You can unlock this challenger by using the Sunny Side Mutagen Y-2 from the Cash Shop.

There will be friendly non-CS challengers released throughout the year. More information to come!

Bonus Weekend Update: Cinthia

Do Cinthia quests this weekend for increased prizes and rewards!

Pet Spotlight - Ti-ana

Ti-ana the Custom Hydrus Tigrean has won the Pet Spotlight!

Voluntary Infection Program: 2024 Strain Names!

Airhead Zombie Plushie
Mechanic Service Checklist
Denim Mohawk Ragdoll Pair
Those who started a 2024 strain at the Voluntary Infection Program when Gunner opened should be hitting the final stage soon, if you haven't already hit it. Which means you can now see the unlockable skins in the wardrobe!

Like previous years, we've taken the names that users have crowd sourced on the forums. These names are generally sorted before the stages finish, which can lead to some pretty wild names.

When checking your skins list in the Wardrobe, you can find the new strains as Threadful for Hook, Transmewtation for Vein, Mistery Meat for Fog, and Deathgrip for Stretch.
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