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Pet Spotlight - Dalten

Dalten the Angelic Urubu has won the Pet Spotlight!

Weekend Quest update Jan 25th 2023 plus information going forward

Expired Coffee Beans
Ballroom Etiquette Checklist
Scrapbook of the Future
You may have noticed that Alexander has decided to stick around for a bit for the weekend quest. We're going to keep him that way until Friday, at which point the weekend quest will change and go through Sunday as normal, and we'll make sure to have everything sorted by Monday this time.

Thank you for people who pinged and made forum threads about it! We really appreciate everyone wanting to be on the same page, especially in the face of technical difficulties. We also know it isn't always easy, and I wanted to check with the rest of Subeta's staff to make sure we were all in agreement about the general philosophy of how best to work with y'all when something doesn't quite go according to plan. So this announcement goes for this week and is also going to be pinned as general notice:

If a weekend quest setting fails to reset or expire, or if you have a quest buff that is not expiring, you may continue doing those quests as you normally would even with the coding issues. Please do report it through the problems and bugs forum and we will do our best to keep people updated as well, but in the meantime you will NOT be penalized for using the site as you normally would within Subeta's general rules because of a sitewide problem we need to fix.

Please do report issues through the problems and bugs forum as they pop up, though! We're still invested in addressing problems and enhancing overall experience, and detailed information always helps with that. Thank you for being a part of Subeta, and for helping us improve!

Token Shop Restock

Chess Clock

Bacon Sticker
Fireball King Pepper
Dusty Box of Soft Pastels
Singed Love Letter
What will you grab from this Token Shop restock?

Pet Spotlight - Captain Circelli

Captain Circelli the Custom Arid Tutani has won the Pet Spotlight!

Nostalgic Telenine!

If you have been wondering where I am being for long times, the answer, it is right here: working on this nostalgic telenine pet! Isn't it somethings? I am largely enjoying this one, it is like excellent robot that says pew pew, except it can be folding up! That is very useful for storing away, which I am needings in my workshop these days.

Nostalgic Telenine Instructions
Essence of Melody
Nostalgic Telenine Toy
The instructions are to be found in the Token Shop for now if you are being quick, but also in the shop of my daughter, Thimble & Co! The Essence of Melody is being found in the Millionaire Center.

Remember, if you are wanting help to build them, come to see me at my workshop, and bring instructions and an Essence of Melody, ya?
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