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Enter a fun community where you can adopt a virtual pet, dress up a human avatar with thousands of different clothes, and make friends on our forums! Join today to pick a pet, get a starter kit of cool items and start having fun right away! Hundreds of users are enjoying Subeta right now. Why aren't you?

Latest News and Updates

Token Shop Restock: Chaotic Style!

Powdery Bee Pollen
Pasta Primavera
It’s my favorite time of the month… Chaotic Token Shop Restocks!

Over the next 24 hours or so, I will be restocking random items in the Token Shop. Don’t assume an item restocked earlier will appear in a later restock, I really am randomly choosing. We are not adjusting the wait time between purchases, either, so you’ll have some hard decisions.

Pet Spotlight - Varosha

Varosha the Nuclear Wyllop has won the Pet Spotlight!

Crystal Shop Restock

Heart Folded Pages
Love Letter
Valentines Day Teddy Plushie
The Crystal Shop is full of love. ;)

Cash Shop: March 2021 Collection

March 2021 Collection

Messily Bundled Wires
Frayed and Sparking Wires

Mx Friendly Domestic Unit
Box of Robots
Feedback Loop
Beep, boop, bop. insert more robot noises here. 🤖

Learn the ins and outs of robots with this month's collection from the Cash Shop!

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You can also purchase one of our older March Donation Presents or Collections!

Pet Spotlight - Betsy

Betsy the Custom Glade Xotl has won the Pet Spotlight!
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