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Pet Spotlight - Atsuka

Atsuka the Sweetheart Montre has won the Pet Spotlight!

New Ornaments!

Old Box of Ornaments

Squat Rift Rock Ornament
Large Rift Rock Ornament
Spiked Ball Ornament
Rift Tentacle Garland
Eyeball Cluster Ornament
Very Toothy Mouth Ornament
Have yourself a very rifty Luminaire with these new ornaments. Available from the Old Box of Ornaments from Melody!

Possessed Diamond Shards
Just an update from yesterday's monthly collection post! The Possessed Diamond Shards will not be retiring at the end of the month. It was tagged around after Black Friday, so it was hiding in the December-released challengers tag. Since it works like the Research File Cabinet or Bloody Summoning Altar, with multiple challengers, it won't retire any time soon. :)

Pet Spotlight - Arlece

Arlece the Angelic Popoko has won the Pet Spotlight!

Cash Shop: December 2022 Collection

December 2022 Collection

Hot Buttered Rum Candle
Mulled Wine Candle

Framed Hot Chocolate
Cloud Cat Latte
Big Book of Hot Beverages
Make sure your winter is extra cozy with a nice, hot beverage from the Cash Shop's monthly collection.

December 2006 Donation Present
December 2007 Donation Present
December 2008 Donation Present

December 2009 Collection
December 2010 Collection
December 2011 Collection
December 2012 Collection

December 2013 Collection
December 2014 Collection
December 2015 Collection
December 2016 Collection

December 2017 Collection
December 2018 Collection
December 2019 Collection
December 2020 Collection
December 2021 Collection
You can also purchase one of our olderĀ December Donation Presents or Collections!

Arctic Frost Timberline Legendary Track
Old Bag of Frozen Veggies
Plate of Gingerbread Charlie Cookies

Shaggy Beast Pelt
Bewitching Oven
Harmonious Duality Knuckles
Glittering Feather
Bound Research Notes
You have until the next monthly collection is released to get these challenger summoners from the Cash Shop. They are were all released in November of previous years. Note: The Glittering Feather is an Winter based challenger and will stick around December, January, and February.

Custom Wearable Sale is HERE!

The Custom Wearable Sale is HERE!

Cutesy Luminaire Kitten Companion
Memory Of A Luminaire Day Past
Luminaire Cranberry Hummingbird Dancer Dress

From now through the end of Monday, December 5th, all Custom Wearables available in users' shops will be 25% off! The sale will end at 11:59 PM Subeta Time on Monday.

Pink Luminaire Cloak
Luminaire Cozy Bunny Fabric
Warm and Cozy Catpuff Friend

Do you have your heart set on an older CW item? The CW Pawn Shop will be open starting next Friday!

Cheerful Homemade Luminaire Wreath
Secret Cutie Luminaire Gift
Luminaire Reindeer Skirt

PLEASE NOTE: We do expect things to be a bit laggy, especially at the start of the sale. Please be patient with your purchases! Try to avoid refreshing on the purchase screen, as you'll run the risk of doubling up on a purchase.

Have fun, everyone!
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