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Enter a fun community where you can adopt a virtual pet, dress up a human avatar with thousands of different clothes, and make friends on our forums! Join today to pick a pet, get a starter kit of cool items and start having fun right away! Hundreds of users are enjoying Subeta right now. Why aren't you?

Latest News and Updates

Pet Spotlight - August

August the Custom Reborn Keeto has won the Pet Spotlight!

New Monthly Subscription Item! + Important Announcement

Sardonyx Poppy Signet
We've changed the special item for our Subscription Quester, Councilor, and Goddess plans. We will be changing this special item slot every month.

Note on special item from the subscription plans: If you are currently subscribed to one of these plans (Quester, Councilor, and Goddess), you will get this month's item on the day your subscription renews. If you get charged a few days before the special item changes out, meaning you get a second copy of the previous prize, you can file a ticket to get it swapped to the new one!

Important Announcement from Your Programmers

Some people were billed today even though their subscriptions were stated to renew tomorrow. The subscription renewal dates shown on the Subscriptions page were off by one day; subscriptions should renew on the same day as they are billed, which should be the same date every month - and equal to the date you subscribed. For example, if you had subscribed on the 12th last month, the page erroneously showed the renewal date as the 13th this month when it should've been the 12th.

We take this issue seriously and are working to make this right. The renewal dates on the Subscriptions page are now accurate to when you will be next billed. If you were billed today, your subscription will renew by the end of the day and your billing date will be the 12th every month. We are also giving 500 CSC to all subscribers as compensation for the inaccurate billing information. If you are a subscriber, you will receive this along with a sidebar notification by the end of the day.

If you would like to change your billing date to a different date of the month, you can do so by cancelling your subscription and starting a new one on the date you want it to be after your current subscription period runs out.

Pet Spotlight - Mariam

Mariam the Reborn Tigrean has won the Pet Spotlight!

Reward Card Changing Soon!

Mezzelune Pasta with Brown Butter
Cool Neon Tie-Dye Kit
Teeny Tiny Pink Pig Doll
Hoarded Books
We’ll be releasing a new reward card on August 15, so fill out your stamps on your current card while you can!

None of the items in the Loyalty Shop will be retiring.

Pet Spotlight - Pizza

Pizza the Reborn Torrey has won the Pet Spotlight!
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