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Morostide: ... another wave two???

Red Vein Licorice Twists
Bubbling Orange Mini Cauldron
Impish Monster Tart
Simple Bloodred Cybill Figure

The Fearless Old Wizard
Sooty Purple Candy
Unicorn Rag Doll
Torn Jaunty Harlequin Pennant
We hope you aren’t tired of trick or treating yet because there’s a whole new batch of items for you to collect!

This is the last wave of trick or treat items for this year. Enjoy!

Pet Spotlight - Olivia

Olivia the Custom Angelic Feli has won the Pet Spotlight!

Morostide Challengers: WAVE TWO

You might want to pray to Shinwa for extra strength or something because wave two of terrifying challengers are here! Good luck defeating Deathly Harbinger, Candy Scorn, Wolve, Umbrus, and Organ Collector.

The Eager Dentist and Pumpkin Patch Goblins are both available once again. If you haven’t already unlocked them, you’ll find them randomly trick or treating (Dentist) or at the pumpkin patch (Goblin).

Pet Spotlight - Pontchartrain

Pontchartrain the Common Experiment #1107 has won the Pet Spotlight!
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