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Subeautique: Dee Layla Extinct

Dee Layla Extinct Eyeshadow Palette
Dee Layla Extinct Shoebox
Dee Layla Extinct Piece of Amber
Dee Layla Extinct Stegosaurus Toy
Dee Layla Extinct Tank Top

Dee Layla Extinct Amber Lipstick
Dee Layla Extinct Knee Pad
Dee Layla Extinct Pants
Dee Layla Extinct Amber Blush
Dee Layla Extinct Amber Rings
Dee Layla Extinct Hair Gel
All this talk about dinosaurs this month has really inspired Subeautique designer Dee Layla! Do you think you could pull off Extinct, the scaliest line yet?

Pet Spotlight - Katran

Katran the Twilight Blob has won the Pet Spotlight!

Recycle Shop: Ammonite Slice

Ammonite Slice
Who knew the Recycle Beast was into fossils?

Cash Shop: Snacks and footprints

Tyrannosaurus Snack
Triceratops Snack
Stegosaurus Snack
Pterodactyl Snack
Parasaurolophus Snack

Preserved Tyrannosaurus Footprint
Preserved Triceratops Footprint
Preserved Stegosaurus Footprint
Preserved Pterodactyl Footprint
Preserved Parasaurolophus Footprint
What's your favorite dinosaur from this very well-preserved line from the Cash Shop?

Note: The snacks are found in the 'food' tab, while the footprints are found in 'clothing'.

Pet Spotlight - Jethroe

Jethroe the Custom Chibi Magnus has won the Pet Spotlight!
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