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Weekend Quests

Pete is the weekend quest! Do those quests for increased prizes and special rewards!

Pet Spotlight - HPY

HPY the Spectrum Xotl has won the Pet Spotlight!

Harvest Mortiking and Yaherra!

Wow, the harvest mortiking and yaherra: two pets with such beauty and grace. You will barely hear them picking delicately through the forest leaves this Fall, for they are both so elegant and gentle.

Oh wait, hold on, my notes say that one of these is actually"'a huge monster of a pet that will trample on things like a brute and crush your hopes as well as your dreams". Wow, I didn't know the yaherra would be like that, but I guess looks can be deceiving!

A Happy Fireside to those enjoying it :) A happy Thursday to everyone else!

Fireside Fighters

Are you ready to rumble with the Fireside crew? You have until the end of the holiday to defeat Bandit, Cranky Carrot, Cursed Effigy, Lady Etheldred, Lord Wybert, Sir Buckley the Bold, and Sister of the Sands.

These challengers can be found in the Event tab at the Battle Coliseum. You do have to unlock Cursed Effigy first, though.

Pet Spotlight - Corsaire

Corsaire the Custom Lilac Feli has won the Pet Spotlight!
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