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Pet Spotlight Catch Up!

Ororo the Angel Xotl has won the Pet Spotlight!

Cash Shop: Darkside Ravines Legendary Track

Good job in finding me over in the Darkside, it's so smoggy and grimy over there I was about ready to hit the Shengui Guo Bathhouse for a little spa break! Except I found what we've been looking for, and who needs a steam room when you're sweating like I am after seeing this thing.

There aren't many tigreans to be found in The Darkside these days since they mostly migrated south towards Shadowglen, but there's often been rumours of the odd one claiming territory amongst the crags and rocks. The most interesting rumour to me talked of a very battle-scarred tigreaness whose tail had been burned off by volcanic debris. Huge scratches over boulders deep in The Darkside indicated that Seartail, the legendary wild tigreaness was as real as my thirst for adventure!

Darkside Ravines Legendary Track
Few have come close to Seartail and lived to tell the tale. Some have left effigies of her in tribute although I'm not sure how well that worked out for them. All I know is if you want to defeat her, you better be ready, you better be fast and you better be strong. Follow the Darkside Wastes Legendary Track I've put in the Cash Shop to prove your battle skills and see the amazing Seartail for yourself.

Peka Highlands Legendary Track will retire from the Cash Shop on March 1.

Alchemy: Clinging Mushrooms

Pastel Clinging Mushrooms
Fly Clinging Mushrooms
Vivid Clinging Mushrooms
Skeletal Clinging Mushrooms
Rot Clinging Mushrooms
Become one with nature with these new clinging mushrooms! You can make them with Zosi at the Alchove.

Pet Spotlight Catch Up!

Guang the Custom Glacier Jollin has won the Pet Spotlight!

Weekend Quests

Pete is the weekend quest! Do those quests for increased prizes and special rewards!
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