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Friendly Challenger: Euclid

Look, I'm real busy trying to prevent my zapper from birthing forth any more ABOMINATIONS, and also developing some new skins for the human zapper because I hate how much Asmodumbest's boyfriend dominates Morostide as if they OWN it or something. I make entire new species and they just attract litter to their vegetable garden!! I haven't got time to fight you, and you probably don't have the patience to fight me. You're just going to have to take your tokens and give them to me and expect nothing extra.

Pet Spotlight - Suter

Suter the Glacier Archan has won the Pet Spotlight!

Recycle Beast: Autumn Items

Wreathed Recycle Beast Sticker
Autumn Detritus
Leaf Pressing
The Recycle Beast has brought back his Autumn themed shop items!

These will retire on the first day of Winter.

Pet Spotlight - Xiaosaurus

Xiaosaurus the Nostalgic Velosotor has won the Pet Spotlight!

Pet Spotlight - Burma

Burma the Golden Yaherra has won the Pet Spotlight!
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