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Token Shop Restock

Swashbuckling Fashion Guide

Hydrus Seahorse Comb
Storm Blob Beanbag
Enchanted Fish Tails
Pirate Bounty Poster
What will you grab from this Token Shop restock?

Pet Spotlight - Zyrian

Zyrian the Custom Dusk Torrent has won the Pet Spotlight!

Cash Shop: Bonus Weekend!

Sapphire Scales
Starry Sapphire Telescope
This weekend is bonus weekend for the Cash Shop! If you buy Cash Shop Credits this weekend with Braintree/Paypal (Sapphire Scales) or Stripe (Starry Sapphire Telescope), you'll get one of these awesome items plus 20% bonus credits on top of your purchase.

The bonus weekend will end at 11:59pm on Tuesday!

Keel Hauliday 2019

Sea Witch Blob Kitty Plushie
Mermaid Strapped Boots
Properly Preparing Fish
Rift Pirate Pearls
Manatee Love Sticker
Ahoy, scallywags. We'd say forgive us fer us bein' a bit late but a pirate don't apologise so wha' can we say 'cept yer welcome we're 'ere. Brunhilde had a bonny first sail, only nigh-on ran th' ship into th' rocks twice over. She be one heck o' a sprog, that poppet! We did 'ave a wee papa-daughter trip t' th' rift, but as mighty as she be, the wee lass couldnae help but enjoy th' rift mermaids. That's prolly me fault bringin' 'er back all those mermaid plushies o'er th' years. We all got a wee softness in us somewhere! Apart from Dirty Matty. He be a real rat.

Anyhaps, th' crew are back fer our yearly trade, this time we're anchorin' 'til th' end o' th' month, so nigh 11 days! We 'ave a fresh bounty plundered from far 'n nigh ready t' tempt ye. Carl be prolly still lazin' around 'n piratin' from us pirates, jus' don't give 'im any caffeine, if he's goin' t' hand out our booty in his quests we'd at least prefer he did it slow, like.

Eventide Replica Anchor
Midnight Mermaid Treasure
Sunfish Paddle
Huggable Angrybeard Plushie
Translation: Afternoon, friends! we'd really like to apologize for us being a day late with our little floating establishment, we do appreciate your patience! My daughter, Brunhilde, had an excellent first time out on the ship, I'm so proud of her! She's really something. We even went on a little father-daughter excursion to Atebus to visit the rift we'd heard so much about, and dear Brunhilde particularly enjoyed the rift mermaids! She always loved the mermaid plushies I brought her growing up. I suppose even the most daring of pirates have a soft spot!

Anyway, the crew are back for our yearly trade, this time we're anchoring until the end of the month, so nearer 11 days! We have a delightful new selection of goods collected completely legally from all over the world and ready for your perusal! Carl is again being helpful and giving out our items in his quests, we just ask that you refrain from giving him any caffeine as we're concerned for the poor man's health. We do like it when he gets his rest.

Pet Spotlight - Waltz

Waltz the Hydrus Neela has won the Pet Spotlight!
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