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Pet Spotlight - Kalena

Kalena the Darkmatter Wyllop has won the Pet Spotlight!

Subeautique: Elysian Powders

Elysian Peach Powder Brush
Elysian Plum Powder Brush
Elysian Gold Powder Brush
Elysian Pure Powder Brush
Elysian Silver Powder Brush
Elysian Rose Powder Brush
Elysian Allure has a new line of powders! Do you have enough Subeautique invites to grab all six?

Pet Spotlight - Charline

Charline the Custom Chibi Torrey has won the Pet Spotlight!

Friendly Challenger: Carl

I'm fine. Abso-lutely tippity-top. What yer lookin' at, I can best yer at any time, ye know. But I'm mighty polite so I'll jus' stay 'ere. I'm nah stayin' here 'cause I'm drunk! O' course nah. Jus' havin' a wee rest. Not much could persuade me t' get up from this comfortable repose. Thar be somethin', but ye'all ne'er guess, har!

Pet Spotlight - Be Aware

Be Aware the Reborn Ruffie has won the Pet Spotlight!
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