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Cash Shop: New Vanity Sets!

Vanity Frisson Shoes
Vanity Frisson Pants
Vanity Frisson Sweater
Vanity Frisson Hat
Vanity Vivify Shawl
Vanity Vivify Top
Vanity Vivify Shoes
Vanity Vivify Skirt

Vanity Popple Stockings
Vanity Popple Sweater
Vanity Popple Skirt
Vanity Popple Shoes
Vanity Nisus High Waisted Jeans
Vanity Nisus Shoes
Vanity Nisus Leg Warmers
Vanity Nisus Sweater

Vanity Canny Sweater
Vanity Canny Loafers
Vanity Canny Shirt
Vanity Canny Pants
Vanity Simper Sweater
Vanity Simper Skirt
Vanity Simper Shoes
Vanity Simper Leggings

Vanity Novel Shoes
Vanity Novel Imitation Cashmere Turtleneck
Vanity Novel Pants
Vanity Novel Jacket
Vanity Nostalgic Shirt
Vanity Nostalgic Jeans
Vanity Nostalgic Plaid Shirt
Vanity Nostalgic Boots

Vanity Ruse Pants
Vanity Ruse Scarf
Vanity Ruse shirt
Vanity Ruse Shoes
Vanity Traverse Jeans
Vanity Traverse Top
Vanity Traverse Shoes
Vanity Traverse Sweater
What style fits you best when it comes to these new Vanity lines?

Note: We will be retiring the following Vanity sets after Black Friday: Dear, Bliss, Gem, Gale, Spice, Bear, Crisp, Calm, Note, Trip, Meed, Scope. Omni, Tyro, Upbeat, Poetic, Tact, Lucky, Evade, and Revere.

Pet Spotlight - Akaw

Akaw the Hydrus Mahar has won the Pet Spotlight!

Nightmare Clawsion!

You may see the new nightmare clawsion perched at the end of a balustrade, or maybe even on the post at the end of your bed! Don't move, because as soon as you do it will POUNCE!

Pet Spotlight - Zamorak

Zamorak the Hydrus Devonti has won the Pet Spotlight!

Subeautique: Eddie Bell Sure Bet

Eddie Bell Sure Bet Cute Popsicle Prop
Eddie Bell Sure Bet Perfect Single Scoop
Eddie Bell Sure Bet Shoe Beads
Eddie Bell Sure Bet Denim Popsicle Skirt
Eddie Bell Sure Bet Denim Jacket

Eddie Bell Sure Bet Double Popsicle Tights
Eddie Bell Sure Bet Spoonful of Fabric
Eddie Bell Sure Bet Vintage Sherbet Swimsuit
Eddie Bell Sure Bet Discarded Popsicle Sticks
Eddie Bell Sure Bet Cute Bow
What a delicious new set from Subeautique designer Eddie Bell!

Junko Entropy Art Print
Junko Entropy Circuit Stockings
Este Evvu Skipari Tunic
Este Evvu Skipari Painting Brush
Junko Entropy and Este Evvu Skipari will retire on October 27.
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