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Good to bad relationship with sister 8 StephRenee SeaWasp 08/8/17 at 3:28pm
Could really use someone right now... 13 GoldfishWishes GoldfishWishes 08/8/17 at 9:45am
Advice on giving someone the no-contact treatment? 3 Holden Milo 08/8/17 at 2:53am
We're getting married next year. 8 emmie1989 Leilani 07/29/17 at 9:51am
Long Distance Relationships! 15 XxminttxX Leilani 07/29/17 at 9:49am
LDR Anniversary Presents and Celebration 5 CuriousLoli Leilani 07/29/17 at 9:43am
How do I stop this? 8 KiaArra Cranberry 07/15/17 at 5:47pm
Situation I never thought I'd be in.... 3 Rydia Rydia 07/4/17 at 2:58pm
Am I asexual? 5 Heart Hanzo 06/30/17 at 4:07pm
This kind of sucks... 3 neuston Lavy 06/29/17 at 8:40am
My anniversary is in five days 2 Squid Lavy 06/29/17 at 8:38am
For the Person(s) You Love! 14 Honey JayJays 06/22/17 at 8:00am
Lock please 1 Dreaming Dreaming 06/20/17 at 10:01am
Best LGBT Dating Sites?? 17 Ravers-Disease Ravers-Disease 06/8/17 at 3:13am
Sweet things you do for your significant other 21 MikiDaCrow Minzi 06/4/17 at 2:22am
I might be **** at relationships 16 Astrology Lavy 03/18/17 at 2:48pm
Need advice ASAP. 5 SilverTetsusaiga Crystle 03/2/17 at 4:45pm
Wedding stress!! 7 condescension Chen 02/19/17 at 11:54pm
wanna talk about the worst of the worst break ups? 38 malnie Astrology 02/19/17 at 3:30pm
So I think I want to try online dating... 4 Lisa Puss 02/18/17 at 1:31pm
What are you doing for Valentine's Day? 7 Choop Tali 02/16/17 at 11:30am
Going through divorce, need people to talk to. 11 Noct horizon 02/11/17 at 8:27pm
I broke up with my boyfriend of 3 years 4 nymphet pythonesque 01/17/17 at 9:40pm
First Online Relationship Confusion 4 topizots Ariesgirl18 01/12/17 at 9:47pm
Thank you!! <3 10 s2Lovely RedCherry 12/26/16 at 5:28am
WEIRD RElationshIP WITH MOM 6 JUICYGOSSIP Gylfie 12/25/16 at 4:06am
Do you dislike your partner's friends? 15 Saerri Gylfie 12/25/16 at 4:03am
When your S/O is too nice. 1 Saerri Saerri 12/23/16 at 7:40pm
Some Dude Proposed...... 6 Briquolla jackie 12/15/16 at 8:30pm
I'm leaving him, but how? 10 Edges Edges 12/15/16 at 2:01pm
Is it worth it or not? 10 Rydia Omnidream 12/12/16 at 8:15pm
Short Relationship Survey 79 brooke15 Strength 12/9/16 at 6:23pm
Well.. **** 7 Ambellina1994 Strength 12/7/16 at 10:48am
Long term "relationship" 6 Ambellina1994 Cicero 11/23/16 at 8:00pm
Ending things with some you love? 6 Magma Strength 11/22/16 at 8:40pm
I finally did it. I talked to my crush! 1 Thunderbird Thunderbird 11/21/16 at 12:38am
boyfriend troubles. 7 witchcraft Saerri 11/18/16 at 5:12pm
Friend asks to handle between dreams and reality. 7 Annet Annet 10/20/16 at 8:03am
Making couple bands to surprise my bf 1 Ruthbei Ruthbei 10/19/16 at 2:17am
Words spoken too soon? 8 axiliaq Strength 10/19/16 at 12:50am
I have no idea what I am 13 Heroine Angelina 09/27/16 at 12:14am
Too much too soon? 8 Officer Officer 09/23/16 at 8:09am
Anyone else think they may be better off alone? 26 PoorInsaneSon Lisa 09/20/16 at 11:35am
I'm tired... 11 MarchOnOff Winchester 09/17/16 at 3:22pm
Complicated Mess! What do you think I should do? 15 Gylfie Sound 08/27/16 at 6:09am
Just got engaged. 25 SlayerWolf Strength 08/15/16 at 11:46pm
Graduation AND an Engagement!! 14 Tali parkypark123 08/14/16 at 12:52pm
Age Differences? 83 Lavy Strength 08/11/16 at 1:51am
help me im romantically inept 4 cryxl Geek 07/30/16 at 3:30am
Dear Secret Admirer... 4 Brock OCEANE 07/29/16 at 11:48pm