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New Theme Layouts 2 JellyQuin kbbob 09/25/17 at 3:59pm
Aeanoid basic colors 2 innamoramento kbbob 09/25/17 at 5:44am
Pass on experience points between two pets. 2 OaZuoM Permanent 09/24/17 at 9:37am
Fix Gender Berry/pet gender change availability 16 Frost kbbob 09/22/17 at 4:20pm
SubetaPedia 3 DuskWolf kbbob 09/22/17 at 4:08pm
Morostide items suggestions.. 2 Dandelion kbbob 09/22/17 at 4:02pm
Pet Color: Crystalline 41 SilveryBeing Permanent 09/21/17 at 6:28pm
Not redeeming challengers more than once. 11 Karen kbbob 09/21/17 at 4:47pm
Virtual/Digital Color 3 Kid Permanent 09/20/17 at 11:12pm
Wearable hammock? 3 Allegria kbbob 09/20/17 at 4:20pm
Consecutive Bathhouse Achievements 72 Solsticesprite kbbob 09/17/17 at 10:16pm
date of trade creation 6 IMPULSE kbbob 09/14/17 at 10:52pm
New opponents in Battle Quest please!? 3 SAILOR kbbob 09/14/17 at 7:18pm
Change Order of Collections 8 AluCakes kbbob 09/12/17 at 11:13pm
Trapped Minions-shop search function like quests 1 Diana_Marie Diana_Marie 09/11/17 at 5:52pm
Change message when playing with full happiness 4 Burumun Rah 09/11/17 at 2:21pm
Mobile responsive 2 Sufflair kbbob 09/11/17 at 5:03am
Music Job Option please 2 Dracona Permanent 09/5/17 at 7:09am
Subeta Layout Themes 2 HeavenSent Permanent 09/3/17 at 12:42pm
Make Hunters Ring of Stars wearable 3 Balloon kbbob 09/2/17 at 3:23pm
Remove Items to Another Shop 5 Rocketlauncher kbbob 09/1/17 at 4:14pm
it's done, please lock! thank you! 8 innamoramento innamoramento 08/31/17 at 5:13pm
Job Agency pet ordering? 9 Hannah66665 kbbob 08/31/17 at 4:54pm
Improve the Book/Food HS tables 13 Paradise kbbob 08/31/17 at 4:54pm
Hopes for the wardrobe 4 SpiritedLass kbbob 08/31/17 at 3:19am
Add a sort in Vault please? 5 Knockout kbbob 08/29/17 at 10:59pm
Sticker collection? 4 Didi kbbob 08/29/17 at 6:25am
Pop Out Shoutbox 9 funvee kbbob 08/28/17 at 4:29pm
Full-sized images in pet TCs 3 omg_carrie kbbob 08/25/17 at 12:23am
X has been fed to your active pet! 5 Catbug kbbob 08/24/17 at 11:50pm
Pet Ordering Page 12 Kisrah kbbob 08/24/17 at 11:42pm
The re-release of frozen user's custom wearables 34 Cherry Permanent 08/24/17 at 8:45am
Transfer exp between pets? 9 guro kbbob 08/23/17 at 9:11pm
Easy/Quick Battle Coliseum UI improvements 281 THESOVEREIGN kbbob 08/23/17 at 4:52pm
Subeta Apps in Play Store 6 edwin_kandani kbbob 08/20/17 at 5:17pm
Forum titles for specific pet lovers 2 superferretlover kbbob 08/20/17 at 4:26pm
Sarah's quests - quest-a-thon & more 48 Frost kbbob 08/20/17 at 12:52am
True Crime Related Items? 23 Bundy kbbob 08/17/17 at 11:04pm
Minion Zoo Achievement Branch 2 Bundy kbbob 08/17/17 at 8:14pm
drage filler pencil needs a brow lift 2 Frenchi kbbob 08/17/17 at 1:43am
A Summer Holiday/Event 8 Lumwinkle kbbob 08/16/17 at 10:51pm
Wishlist Filter 6 Marlboro kbbob 08/15/17 at 1:02am
Changes to "Your Pets" page. 69 Kisrah Bug 08/9/17 at 4:33pm
Experiment Winners Name Suggestion Thread 71 kbbob kbbob 08/8/17 at 2:31pm
Wardrobe count please 8 Raggy kbbob 08/3/17 at 7:20pm
gender options 39 Fungii kbbob 08/3/17 at 7:04pm
Neela items linked to CS 4 nekoschu kbbob 08/3/17 at 7:03pm
Custom Gender 4 abhorsen kbbob 08/2/17 at 4:08am
Full Paint Cans 10 frafty kbbob 08/1/17 at 5:38pm
More SBQ color variants (a la Deja Vogue)? 2 Cage kbbob 07/28/17 at 7:57pm