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No more black border around items in main shops 3 Quantum Permanent 11/20/17 at 7:01pm
Alert for the bathhouse pool 3 PinkPanther Kevin 11/17/17 at 5:06pm
Make Challenger Loot Fraggable? 4 Sekhmet Kevin 11/15/17 at 9:59am
Easier way to spend battle exp 45 Frost Bug 11/8/17 at 9:02pm
Veta Lake Gardens 3 Neferet Kevin 11/4/17 at 12:54am
Possible Trainer Add-Ons 23 Culex PsychoticGiggle 11/2/17 at 8:41pm
Make the drop down menu trades link useful 4 Mike Kevin 11/2/17 at 11:06am
Idea for Mosorstide Theme 11 Fyreheart Kevin 11/2/17 at 2:53am
What would you like to see for morostide? 216 Cream Kevin 11/2/17 at 2:48am
Ability to Sort Treasure 3 Nonchalant Kevin 11/1/17 at 8:06pm
gift trade after Morostide, please lock 12 capper09 Kevin 11/1/17 at 7:53pm
Add 'Your Shops' link to Shops/Commerce page 4 Life Permanent 10/29/17 at 10:42pm
Tempest? 3 Stellar Permanent 10/29/17 at 10:17pm
Quest suggestion small problem 22 seephira Permanent 10/29/17 at 10:09pm
Confirmation to delete wardrobe and wishlist.. 10 Asumi Permanent 10/25/17 at 3:25pm
Like avatar on Trick or Treat page 6 RNA Bug 10/25/17 at 12:53pm
Achievement for unlocking all the zap/zomb skins? 4 MarissaUnderground Kevin 10/24/17 at 11:55pm
Rag dolls for 2018 Morostide 28 Aries Kevin 10/24/17 at 4:43pm
Multiple Different Mass Options 3 Bliss Kevin 10/24/17 at 4:33pm
Confirmation before deleting wishlist 2 Panoply Kevin 10/24/17 at 3:13pm
Change the Way Items Group in the Vault 3 TheeMuse Permanent 10/20/17 at 10:11am
Saheric Pet Color 2 Opalia Permanent 10/19/17 at 5:53pm
lock please im dumb 4 Samaritan Frost 10/17/17 at 5:32pm
Morostide Wait Time Displays 9 Abaven Kevin 10/16/17 at 8:44pm
Oh No! You already have that pumpkin 12 Desolace Kevin 10/16/17 at 8:43pm
Put 'ToT at random house' on news sidebar 3 finch Kevin 10/15/17 at 3:19am
Instruction on games 5 Didi Didi 10/13/17 at 9:19am
Some improvements to the current WL revamp 20 Jessica Kevin 10/10/17 at 4:57pm
CW payment page suggestion 8 omiai Kevin 10/9/17 at 2:38pm
Mage Quests 5 hassan1ne Kevin 10/8/17 at 4:29pm
Quests - Newly Released Items 5 Kathy Permanent 10/7/17 at 11:07pm
Rumors: Another Risky sp Sink? BHH. 42 Culex Bug 10/6/17 at 9:40pm
Update to Pet Friends feature 14 Austria Kevin 10/5/17 at 7:34pm
Deleting forum group needs a confirmation 8 raumlet Kevin 10/5/17 at 7:25pm
CW Shops and Item Management Page 15 Reaper Kevin 10/5/17 at 7:21pm
ability to edit vault category names, etc 17 jensen Kevin 10/5/17 at 7:03pm
Small Suggestion on Vault Categories 2 Jethros_Dark_Angel Bug 10/5/17 at 1:21pm
Clearer date formatting 25 Frost Kevin 10/2/17 at 2:01am
Minion Zoo 2 Didi Kevin 09/30/17 at 9:38pm
Remove pet from training early 7 raumlet Kevin 09/30/17 at 7:23pm
Let us rename (and move) vault categories 23 Squidward Kevin 09/30/17 at 2:02pm
Make gendered-overlay items transformable 47 Squidward Kevin 09/29/17 at 4:21pm
how about having an "Auction" option? 5 ButterflyFlower Kevin 09/28/17 at 4:13pm
Please Lock 7 Nerds Kevin 09/28/17 at 3:42pm
oh wait delete please 1 raumlet raumlet 09/27/17 at 8:11am
Pet treasure quick stock 19 Muerte Kevin 09/26/17 at 3:54am
New Theme Layouts 2 JellyQuin Kevin 09/25/17 at 3:59pm
Aeanoid basic colors 2 innamoramento Kevin 09/25/17 at 5:44am
Pass on experience points between two pets. 2 OaZuoM Permanent 09/24/17 at 9:37am
Fix Gender Berry/pet gender change availability 16 Frost Kevin 09/22/17 at 4:20pm