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Major Drills' Quests 205 Reya Senti 03/26/17 at 6:07am
Achievement Related Bugs 1 Reya Reya 04/14/15 at 6:13pm
Current Game Errors 6 Destiny Reya 03/27/15 at 6:23pm
Balloon Hunt and Ring Toss broken 2 Solsticesprite Amber 03/29/17 at 6:54pm
Pets in the ressort are not shown up as fed 6 Beren Reya 03/28/17 at 6:17pm
Mystic spindles wont load for me? 4 jKat Destiny 03/17/17 at 8:10am
Saggi not giving WSQ prizes 8 Tris Destiny 03/10/17 at 7:42pm
Drills Gave Me A Costrume Trunk Item 15 Ciannwn Destiny 03/8/17 at 9:27am
Tubular Tiles sends score twice 2 isura horizon 03/3/17 at 5:21pm
Using the back button on CSC chance game glitch 10 ghost grelca 02/26/17 at 7:59pm
SQL error upon finishing Quentin's quest 1 osterizer osterizer 02/18/17 at 9:54pm
Could it be, that High Scores are broken? 5 BoaConstrictor BoaConstrictor 02/15/17 at 2:17pm
Pastry collection - repeated reward? 2 Hanzo Destiny 02/15/17 at 11:06am
Flight Simulator 2 Jessica Evy 02/15/17 at 8:04am
Stocks 1 L0stS0ul L0stS0ul 02/9/17 at 2:45pm
Omen Raiders? 11 Delirium Destiny 02/8/17 at 9:21pm
Weapon to be modified is missing on mod list 3 Habeebi Habeebi 02/5/17 at 9:14pm
Pet zapper 2 Celene pumpkins 01/31/17 at 9:50am
Tubular Tiles - No Music 5 Ciannwn Kathy 01/29/17 at 8:06am
Layer achievement not updating 4 Quixotica Quixotica 01/18/17 at 9:33pm
BathHouse empty 6 Zebraviola Destiny 01/17/17 at 1:27pm
Ruffie Raffle resets at midnight. 1 Karen Karen 01/10/17 at 8:06am
2048 missing tile 1 manipulation manipulation 01/8/17 at 7:44pm
Tubular Tiles 33 Jessica Destiny 01/7/17 at 8:24pm
"Shop Search" link tries to download. 3 nelhein nelhein 12/22/16 at 8:42pm
Achievements not Giving Rewards/Count Not Updating 2 Taryn Reya 12/18/16 at 10:06am
Quest eating items when getting achievement... 1 Sworn Sworn 12/15/16 at 10:04am
Minion Zoo Error 2 Lion_Crab Moonki 12/12/16 at 5:39pm
Oh no! Problem Starting Quest 2 Gintama DeanWinchester 12/10/16 at 6:59am
Saggitarius Quests not working 1 fotfoh fotfoh 12/10/16 at 6:57am
Empty Pawn Shop (Achievement Not Working) 3 Zoetrope Zoetrope 12/8/16 at 11:44am
mage quests 1 bocephous bocephous 12/6/16 at 2:17pm
Drills 10 Squitty frafty 12/5/16 at 9:28am
Pete just ate a quest 9 Reaper Reaper 12/2/16 at 6:40pm
My bathshop reset and I have never missed a day 11 Naughty_Pookie Karen 11/20/16 at 7:59am
Shinwa's - Quest Not Giving Piece. 2 Jem Destiny 11/7/16 at 2:11pm
Blackout cooldown period error - 2 years left? 10 Selphina BoaConstrictor 11/6/16 at 6:12am
Quest Timer Glitching? 5 Ghirahim Ghirahim 11/6/16 at 1:29am
Why do quests have a expiration date? 2 iGetThePoint Samm 11/6/16 at 1:51am
Wizard Quests not giving tokens (?) 5 Ferinsy Ferinsy 11/3/16 at 9:35pm
Buggy Bug Catching? 19 Tamino Destiny 10/20/16 at 9:17am
Bluff problem 4 PikDame Destiny 10/19/16 at 4:03pm
Nothing happened when zapping my HA? 9 MarissaUnderground Destiny 10/18/16 at 7:42pm
bathhouse glitch? 13 Arwen_Undomiel Tris 10/18/16 at 4:12pm
Quests and bad gateway 4 Elwyn youngexplorer 10/15/16 at 2:59am
📜 * Achievements not tracking 'Cumulative Score 230 girlikecupcake Stiles 10/8/16 at 5:49pm
Pirate Panic arrow keys not working 10 Laurey kbbob 10/6/16 at 4:57pm
Zapper Alert broken for me 2 Mardou Migraine 09/29/16 at 1:37pm
Is Malaria Item Pool Broken? 36 Lyllytas omnibless 09/26/16 at 2:47pm
Dmd sometimes won't reroll 1 PopCornea PopCornea 09/26/16 at 2:36pm