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Current Pet Species/Color Suggestions 4 Permanent Permanent 12/13/16 at 9:04pm
Easier acces to pet settings 6 Morticia Permanent 03/25/17 at 11:27am
Petpages for each pet idea 18 Lukota Morticia 03/25/17 at 6:11am
Organizing & Mass-Removing TC Items 8 Objection Morticia 03/25/17 at 6:07am
Ink Blot/Spot Pet? 2 Leio Ghirahim 03/24/17 at 9:22pm
Wouldn't an Americana pet look great! 35 youngexplorer CakeMoose 03/24/17 at 9:19pm
PIN protection option for pet transfers 8 Yoshi Horror 03/15/17 at 1:56pm
Rift Pet Color 28 Energy Bartimaeus 03/8/17 at 6:32am
Futuristic/Techno Color? 15 GEN Rogue 03/5/17 at 7:15pm
Pay to Change Pet Birthdays 42 Permanent Sora 02/26/17 at 7:28am
Sweety Dead Pet Color 42 Reaper Sora 02/22/17 at 9:25pm
Genderless as an option during pet creation? 5 guro CakeMoose 02/21/17 at 10:55pm
Ancient color 49 Marlboro Weasel 02/18/17 at 1:03pm
This has been bothering me.... 32 Pseudonym youngexplorer 02/16/17 at 6:07am
Add Alert for when pet hunger reaches 0/10 21 eros Cerex 02/16/17 at 2:26am
Fairy Color 30 PiplupMagby34 Thalath 02/9/17 at 11:46pm
Random Pet Ideas Because Why Not? 15 Maximum Zay 02/9/17 at 7:56pm
The Mysterious Anyu-Ruffie Hybrid 6 CRONE ShortAxel 02/5/17 at 7:27am
Please Close 105 Beastie Beren 02/5/17 at 2:37am
Transferring Treasure Chest spaces between pets? 4 BlueRiver kbbob 01/25/17 at 4:20pm
fed to / hunger 10 lull Magma 01/12/17 at 8:41pm
Adding a lock feature to pets. 13 ApexKitten everdear 01/11/17 at 5:19am
Add pet species and Color to Pet area 7 Nonchalant Meow 01/4/17 at 1:31pm
Countdown for Steamwork pet creation? 2 Tartan Permanent 01/2/17 at 7:57am
Angelic and Storm Pets 4 Peridotite Permanent 12/31/16 at 11:50pm
Stone golem-like pet color 49 Speiro ApexKitten 12/26/16 at 2:45pm
do pet names in pound HAVE to be in "quotes"?? 8 Frenchi TheSunlitGarden 12/19/16 at 7:36pm
Civilized Color 5 League kbbob 12/13/16 at 10:05pm
Subterranean Pet Color 2 Book Permanent 12/13/16 at 9:32pm
More Pet Species? What are your ideas? 105 Lukota Templar 12/13/16 at 3:56pm
Specter Pet color? Hare? 8 Fable Reykur 12/7/16 at 8:24pm
Hamster Species 10 Engrave Engrave 12/7/16 at 7:20pm
"New" Pet Color Idea: Devamp 24 Energy Keith 11/29/16 at 5:20pm
Cherry Revamp! 8 DeathToAll DeathToAll 11/29/16 at 4:56pm
Jobs We'd Like To See 3 gemajgall kbbob 11/17/16 at 1:04am
Vintage Pet Color 5 Naughty_Pookie Normandy 11/16/16 at 7:21pm
Choose option 6 MarchOnOff MarchOnOff 11/11/16 at 4:27am
Get rid of the stat loss penalty (battle pets) 30 METROID Keliora 11/7/16 at 6:47pm
Clown Pet Color 5 reddragon1989 kbbob 11/6/16 at 2:18pm
Aurora pet colour? 88 Ninja Tonks 10/30/16 at 6:28pm
End for silly names in pet pound 7 capper09 Taffy 10/18/16 at 6:14pm
Candified Pet Color? 5 Mythology Lukota 10/15/16 at 10:57pm
alphebetize species/color search in pound 5 Frenchi kbbob 10/6/16 at 1:19pm
Bovyne Revamp? 3 Vegvisir Permanent 10/3/16 at 12:49pm
Nostalgic Pet Ideas 17 Jonquil Kisrah 09/26/16 at 7:54am
Nostalgic pet idea 2 BlueRiver Permanent 09/25/16 at 6:09pm
Adopt a Koala As a New Pet! 4 moonstarr Hug 09/24/16 at 8:18pm
Dieselwork Pets 4 Espi_Kitsune Titan 09/22/16 at 12:27am
Vampyr > Harvest darkonite? 6 cache kbbob 09/15/16 at 5:29pm
Intersex Pets 20 omnibless Rasputina 09/10/16 at 9:42pm