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* CW Wishlist Ability Gone 12 HeadPhonz Bathory 04/13/17 at 3:05am
Layer achievements still broken? 3 BlueRiver BlueRiver 04/27/17 at 6:55pm
Cannot Like Avatars? 12 gemajgall Reya 04/27/17 at 5:51pm
LOCK Please -CSC Item Missing after Purchase-(Happ 4 Butter Destiny 04/27/17 at 10:44am
random sitewide 500 errors at 1035am-ish 2 Solsticesprite Destiny 04/25/17 at 11:09am
Mallarchy Pond 6 Cassiopaea Destiny 04/24/17 at 1:16pm
Millionare Center Pet Totem Slot broken 4 Ligress Darkrai 04/23/17 at 11:50pm
Can't offer on trades 21 Avalai Destiny 04/23/17 at 8:51pm
Shop doesn't exist? 3 N.K.Rouge N.K.Rouge 04/23/17 at 5:08pm
Incorrect "user offline" warning in Trade Center 14 Morse Suriana 04/22/17 at 9:02pm
Ping Groups | Can't use Invite Function 53 HADES Destiny 04/22/17 at 7:40pm
FAQ Link Broken on Registration Success 6 Addela Destiny 04/21/17 at 8:40am
Achievements won't register 6 Didi Destiny 04/20/17 at 10:48am
Not getting Shinwa piece from quests 18 OCEANE Destiny 04/18/17 at 9:37pm
Oh No! No such [user] shop! 7 Silvy Destiny 04/18/17 at 9:16pm
Loyalty Username Totem 2 Nezra Frenchi 04/18/17 at 8:07am
Item Error 3 Flyingkat Ariel 04/17/17 at 11:30pm
Exploring is difficult ("Explore" Map problems) 8 Jimmy Destiny 04/16/17 at 3:39pm
Lost 2 loyalty boxes 7 JunsuiSilly Destiny 04/16/17 at 3:38pm
Shinwa's bracelet piece got eaten 18 BoaConstrictor Destiny 04/15/17 at 8:02pm
Auto pricing 4 HeavenlyWingz Reya 04/13/17 at 8:48pm
Comments and Trades broken 28 Reaper emmie1989 04/13/17 at 1:41pm
Money taken for Qrykee but not given my Qrykee!! 7 13thMaiden 13thMaiden 04/13/17 at 2:07am
hair eyes and mouth arent showing up in wardrobe 4 frogfireFantasy Destiny 04/12/17 at 7:55pm
Font has changed? 3 gitto Rocketlauncher 04/9/17 at 8:17pm
* Achievement not updating: Mad Miscalculation 3 Reya Reya 04/9/17 at 8:30am
Spend EXP - please lock 4 Masquerade Maskros 04/9/17 at 4:42am
dance requests might not be going through? 7 Frenchi Athens 04/8/17 at 8:34pm
Drop down menus and event feed not working. 5 Spock930 Spock930 04/8/17 at 7:29pm
Saggitarius sP Threshold Stopping Quest Completion 3 GREED GREED 04/8/17 at 2:33am
Delete, please. 3 Lugosi Lugosi 04/8/17 at 12:40am
Can't find shop and gallery 2 Romance Destiny 04/6/17 at 11:10pm
Delish Cees Hair Balm - Stray Pixels 2 Caterpillar Destiny 04/6/17 at 6:11pm
Sad Pumpkin Stitch Marker Wrong Image 2 NoelKreiss Destiny 04/6/17 at 6:09pm
Mystic spindles wont load for me? 7 jKat Destiny 04/4/17 at 8:29pm
Wardrobe, Gold Account, How many items on Avatar 2 Witchy Destiny 04/4/17 at 8:42am
"Need mask" error, but I'm wearing one? 20 harbor Destiny 04/3/17 at 8:43pm
Some buttons just got much smaller (height-wise) 3 Morse Morse 04/3/17 at 2:45am
Missing Lounge/Steamworks tokens 7 Frick MamaBear 04/3/17 at 2:22am
Bathhouse Reset for no reason 3 Marlboro Destiny 04/2/17 at 4:30pm
Kitty, what are you doing? 16 Digitalis Destiny 04/2/17 at 4:21pm
Dancing Lag 8 Kathy Kathy 04/1/17 at 10:01pm
Receiving Subeautique Achievement From Free Shop 4 intermission Destiny 03/31/17 at 6:04pm
Cannot search for items? 6 Pseudonym kbbob 03/31/17 at 2:13am
[resolved] Can't Accept Dance Proposals 3 Threnody Threnody 03/30/17 at 7:53pm
Dance tokens not appearing 4 Texaswolf Destiny 03/30/17 at 2:44pm
Nonexistent items on pawn shop sell page + invento 7 Shay Destiny 03/30/17 at 2:14pm
Profile - Human Avatar Widget 2 nlp Reya 03/30/17 at 1:21pm
No option to change wardrobe drawers 6 daekie Reya 03/30/17 at 1:18pm
Ping notifications aren't working for me 7 Raven Raven 03/30/17 at 1:17pm