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* CW Wishlist Ability Gone 12 HeadPhonz Bathory 04/13/17 at 3:05am
Refreshing the 'purchase item' NPC shops broken? 6 Ziorac Destiny 08/16/17 at 10:33am
Angrybeard’s Sous Chef job title 5 PUNK Destiny 08/15/17 at 8:17am
Transform Issue: Epic Muse to Epic Battle Helmet 5 Bundy Destiny 08/13/17 at 9:17pm
I was hijacked! :( 7 BornWithoutFear Destiny 08/13/17 at 6:23pm
Using back button on training page 4 Quixotica Quixotica 08/12/17 at 7:03pm
Tiny missing link bug... 2 rainestorme Bug 08/12/17 at 4:25pm
Clusterflux Skin Error 7 Casey Casey 08/12/17 at 5:25am
Crypts winning page - broken image 2 Luck Bug 08/10/17 at 11:15am
White pages / 500 errors at 10:35 AM 58 Luck Destiny 08/10/17 at 10:52am
Heal on Unstable Fairy Scroll broken 1 BoaConstrictor BoaConstrictor 08/10/17 at 5:35am
"Tag is taken" message when editing group descript 5 Frost Destiny 08/9/17 at 9:54pm
Spending Battledome Experience 5 PrincessJudith Destiny 08/9/17 at 1:53pm
Re-enable bouquet making? 4 Christopher Destiny 08/9/17 at 12:01pm
Shared outfits in wardrobe. 17 Straywillow Destiny 08/9/17 at 11:55am
Censor Bar live overlay glitch 5 Luck Destiny 08/9/17 at 10:12am
Gloomy Fruit ended up in my wardrobe? 7 Clue AeriaLure 08/9/17 at 8:59am
Black Bauble Beanbag in wardrobe 4 what AeriaLure 08/9/17 at 8:58am
Shared HA links 4 Cutie Bug 08/9/17 at 12:45am
Purple Mask beads 2 Diana Destiny 08/8/17 at 2:48pm
The Lone Muffin in wardrobe 5 lull AeriaLure 08/8/17 at 12:11pm
Issue with previews not appearing 6 Meteorfall AeriaLure 08/8/17 at 12:03pm
Comment Page Error 24 Brinny Bug 08/8/17 at 11:46am
Hover previews not working only for me 4 Spock930 AeriaLure 08/8/17 at 10:52am
Wearable hovers showing wrong HA base 22 RubyShades AeriaLure 08/8/17 at 10:41am
Hover viewing of items 4 storm42 AeriaLure 08/8/17 at 10:36am
Item previews not working again 62 Speiro Destiny 08/8/17 at 9:08am
Comment Problem 1 Kudamon Kudamon 08/7/17 at 8:51pm
Not able to edit my user profile (working now) 1 Galaxia Galaxia 08/7/17 at 2:16pm
Wardrobe Avatar 4 euvivoo Destiny 08/7/17 at 11:46am
HA Item Preview Broken Image 2 shinta205 Truffula 08/7/17 at 8:19am
unusual pet page issues 3 TJPanda Bug 08/6/17 at 8:34pm
Wardrobe item doesn't exist in shop search? 3 rainestorme rainestorme 08/6/17 at 6:58am
Wardrobe: Item removal page buggy 8 Icarus NUT 08/6/17 at 12:21am
Can't play Slots 7 Dice Dice 08/5/17 at 6:19am
Pets lost spotlight trophies 3 Niffler Niffler 08/5/17 at 5:59am
fixed 2 Luck Destiny 08/4/17 at 3:28pm
nevermind my bad 1 Frenchi Frenchi 08/4/17 at 11:13am
subeautique invitation 1 Dazen Dazen 08/2/17 at 5:32pm
Wearable previews showing only male versions? 10 Dadoo-Dattoo Riptide 08/1/17 at 2:16am
cracked raindrop vial problem 3 Darknya Darknya 07/31/17 at 1:36pm
Seashell Spotter 1 DejaVu DejaVu 07/31/17 at 7:28am
Polar Ice Fields 3 Cassandra Cassandra 07/30/17 at 4:59am
Scroll Searching 8 Georgie Destiny 07/27/17 at 10:07pm
Human Avatar Spotlight Broken 2 Thomas Bug 07/27/17 at 5:03pm
Battle Quests - Clive opponent no damage? 7 Draken Destiny 07/26/17 at 9:05pm
Shell Spotter 10 Knockout Bug 07/26/17 at 3:00am
ha broken image? 17 Aroha PopCornea 07/24/17 at 9:49pm
Donation Corner showing the wrong number of items? 6 flopsybunny BoaConstrictor 07/23/17 at 7:44am
Polar Ice Fields Alert is weird 3 Solsticesprite Bug 07/22/17 at 9:25pm