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Rate My Avatar Rules 1 Sierra Sierra 06/20/08 at 10:31pm
Rate the above HA and its Originality! 2,157 Perpetual Sanssouci 08/20/17 at 7:58am
Rate the HA above you and what you would steal #3 173 Wasserpest Sanssouci 08/20/17 at 7:50am
Rate the above HA 93 Zabrie Brini 08/19/17 at 11:26am
Rate the HA above and give it a name! 1,049 Reprise SeaLeopard 08/16/17 at 7:17am
Rate and Critique the Above HA 365 Zabrie Galaxia 08/15/17 at 11:48pm
Rate the Ha above and say what you like and dislik 957 Cerulian Hellisen 08/13/17 at 1:07pm
Advice Wanted... 2 rainestorme Kiasrai 08/9/17 at 5:21pm
Rate Me 6 Yaz jumpingbean1838 07/30/17 at 2:58pm
I feel like rating some HAs.. Come on in! 35 Bug fahdastic 07/24/17 at 10:37pm
rate the above human avatar and tell the personali 468 starryskys Sanssouci 07/24/17 at 6:40pm
Rate the Above Color Schemed Avatar 4,638 Adina Sanssouci 07/23/17 at 7:36am
Rate the above HA from the neck up! 328 Eye Shifrit01 07/21/17 at 2:28am
Rate the above HA, guess what item was most expens 2,592 Polo20079 Shifrit01 07/21/17 at 2:25am
Rate the HA above & an item you like the MOST 1,852 KittieKat Shifrit01 07/21/17 at 2:21am
Rate the above (simple) HA ! [#2] 1,870 Frolic Sanssouci 07/14/17 at 6:20pm
Rate my Teen Titans HAs 1 thercery thercery 07/14/17 at 2:29pm
XOo Suggestions Wanted XXoO 2 thislittlelifeofmine Sleeb 07/4/17 at 10:30pm
rate my ha, i'll rate yours :) 2 icedcoffee thislittlelifeofmine 06/26/17 at 1:37am
Don't Rate Me, I'll Rate You! 50 indiansummer icedcoffee 06/21/17 at 9:17pm
was playing in the wardrobe... 7 Bug Tanelorn 03/21/17 at 7:44am
Rate thy avi 8 Queen_of_Skullz Amicorn 02/23/17 at 10:51pm
Rate please? <3 5 RainbowLurv Amicorn 02/23/17 at 10:49pm
Rate me-Suggestions would be nice 4 Fleshy_539 Maibonsai05 02/15/17 at 4:13pm
Rate my Morostide theme HA and I'll return the fav 6 OaZuoM Maibonsai05 02/15/17 at 4:11pm
Rate Me.. and I'll rate you? 34 Belligerent Maibonsai05 02/15/17 at 4:10pm
Rate my current HA please~ 4 NovaSolBurner Maibonsai05 02/15/17 at 4:08pm
Rate my bloody wolf HA 4 azurawolf Maibonsai05 02/15/17 at 4:07pm
Rate my Avi please! (: For Costume Contest 3 Nightcore_597 Maibonsai05 02/15/17 at 4:03pm
Rate my pumpkin princess. Harsh comments welcomed. 4 myshytta Maibonsai05 02/15/17 at 4:01pm
Rate me Halloween Costume? 7 Tears Maibonsai05 02/15/17 at 3:58pm
Care to give a rate...? 8 anagram Maibonsai05 02/15/17 at 3:57pm
Rate my HA :D 4 Adipose Maibonsai05 02/15/17 at 3:55pm
Rate my HA, pwease...? DX 7 RainbowLurv Maibonsai05 02/15/17 at 3:52pm
Rate my HA please? 4 Labyrinth Maibonsai05 02/15/17 at 3:51pm
Rate my HA? 7 TheRedMage Maibonsai05 02/15/17 at 3:49pm
FREAKING UNICORN 12 Looshkin Maibonsai05 02/15/17 at 3:48pm
Rate The Above HA and Give a Suggestion 22 Hippogriff Spiderdragon 01/19/17 at 12:07pm
Rate the above HA 20,431 Chemist HollyBumblebee 12/4/16 at 8:37am
Rate The Above HA and give a suggestion 7,147 THORNleyPATton Kenobi 12/3/16 at 7:22am
Rate the HA above and what you would steal (#2) 7,513 reincarnated Pengy 11/25/16 at 6:25pm
Closed - changing my HA - lock please! 1 Cruella Cruella 10/29/16 at 10:53pm
bill cipher cosplay 2 Meowstic Amicorn 09/15/16 at 10:39am
Please lock. 1 Mayonaka Mayonaka 08/24/16 at 6:44pm
avatar theme...rate please? 5 Omen Omen 08/16/16 at 7:09pm
Rate the Look-Alike/Themed HA Above 5 8=8 ItachiSiller 08/16/16 at 7:05am
HA on a Budget 2 Adorkable ItachiSiller 08/16/16 at 6:59am
Rate my Heidi's Anime Has? 1 Zebraviola Zebraviola 05/20/16 at 5:27am
Some feedback pretty please? 2 Altaria ShadowFirelaw 04/26/16 at 3:00am
why am i so fashun?! 4 DESK CaptainAmandica 04/5/16 at 7:58pm