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Did Major Drills give you something awesome today? 103 Gorilla Sayuri 10/11/17 at 9:56am
Pete quests 1 Jai Jai 10/9/17 at 7:00pm
What did you get from Shinwa today? 8 Victoria Bartimaeus 09/18/17 at 5:05am
Cinthia... what?! 36 rhino_loupe Burumun 09/5/17 at 3:51pm
Mage Quest - Statistics? 1 Bemmoth Bemmoth 08/31/17 at 2:18am
So...what do you think? 1 MarchOnOff MarchOnOff 08/26/17 at 10:15am
What do certain quests give? 4 octopli robae 08/24/17 at 1:11pm
Salty Maleria... 5 Chestnut robae 08/24/17 at 1:10pm
So I believe i got a rare item from a quest 2 Zubuziggity robae 08/24/17 at 1:09pm
What good items did you get from questing today? 1 Alana Alana 08/19/17 at 3:23pm
What's your favorite quest and why? 17 octopli EmpressKat 08/7/17 at 5:51am
Is it just me... 2 Lisa Poppins 07/22/17 at 2:40am
HUGE Quentin win! 8 SaltAndBurn cartel 06/13/17 at 6:02am
Bumbus queen items 7 POURRITURE POURRITURE 04/13/17 at 8:33am
*Backs out slowly* 1 Yenetai Yenetai 03/21/17 at 7:31am
Mori's quest -- SBQ item? 3 osterizer osterizer 02/13/17 at 3:28pm
Saggi Quests 4 youngexplorer Karen 02/5/17 at 7:04am
Quest breakdown? 1 SophieGrey SophieGrey 01/23/17 at 1:32pm
you were AWAKE when you gave me this?! *Carl WIN!* 5 SaltAndBurn TissuesForYourIssues 12/23/16 at 4:37pm
we're doing such a great job :o 1 Bug Bug 12/21/16 at 5:59pm
Cinthia WE prize changes? 3 Its_Just_Me Sohee 12/21/16 at 5:29pm
Quest-a-Thon!!! 1 LadyFoxling LadyFoxling 12/19/16 at 10:56pm
worth it? 4 SaltAndBurn devils_flame666 11/19/16 at 1:08am
Saggi's getting a bit mean! 40 Kisrah devils_flame666 11/19/16 at 1:06am
Library Quest Changes? 45 StarShadow devils_flame666 11/19/16 at 1:06am
Which quests can give Subautique? 7 Victoria devils_flame666 11/19/16 at 1:05am
It's raining baking powder? 9 Xezvi PrincessJudith 09/26/16 at 3:56pm
Biggest Maleria payout ever??? 3 tsukikage tsukikage 07/25/16 at 3:05pm
Holding sP for eachother to do Sarah's quests 4 Bug Jai 07/2/16 at 10:22am
New Drills Quest Links 57 Lypsyl Lypsyl 06/27/16 at 2:40pm
So I got an Oracle quest! 4 thepastelbat StarShadow 06/5/16 at 1:36pm
Do you start with Shinwa first? 20 shadowstalker2013 StarShadow 06/5/16 at 12:26pm
Help: Site won't let me buy quest item! 1 rainestorme rainestorme 05/13/16 at 7:34am
Out of time by The Oracle? How will she react? 3 Annet Annet 04/10/16 at 8:46pm
Major Drills Quest Guide - Updated 3/4/2016 55 Garyx Desilyna 03/15/16 at 2:40am
Best and Worst Rewards from the Weekend Quest 2 glamjam Annet 03/5/16 at 7:16pm
Really Maleria... 4 Shout teardrop246 01/17/16 at 9:45pm
Updated Quest Guide 5 Dreadful Dreadful 01/9/16 at 4:06am
No tokens? 3 Jzrixcooi Stiles 01/7/16 at 3:43pm
Blue Building Quests 3 Jana Squitty 01/6/16 at 7:28pm
What I get from quests 9 seephira seephira 11/13/15 at 12:29am
Always a joy visiting you, Petey. 4 MsBrinny Totodile3 11/9/15 at 11:27pm
Drills Quest help? 2 stracer Lypsyl 11/6/15 at 5:16pm
Dear Carl... 6 Archimedes teardrop246 11/5/15 at 7:00pm
Sarahs quests. 7 AngelaJane tenthz 09/28/15 at 10:07am
wtf Wiz? 7 Verdi Ivy_Sprite 09/26/15 at 7:27pm much do you spend on his quests? 24 Mausi threeleafclover 09/19/15 at 7:36pm
I think Quentin is trying to buy my love. 3 KissOfEmber KissOfEmber 08/29/15 at 5:23pm
Funny Quest Requests 1 Cookie Cookie 08/14/15 at 10:21pm