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Post your Sleeping Carl goodies here! 2,119 Anasazi Jessica 06/23/17 at 3:41pm
Member For 10 Years 5 Tali Squid 06/23/17 at 1:07pm
What's your newest Achievement? 4,703 Grumpy ShesUniique 06/23/17 at 11:29am
the SubQ watch - Major Drills Edition! 1,766 Anasazi Morse 06/21/17 at 4:55am
Sprinters Achievement Brag Board v2 70 Jazzyw5 Pac 06/21/17 at 3:42am
Major Drills, you're being awfully nice! 1,556 AlienOctopus Gorilla 06/20/17 at 5:30pm
Thank you Quentin! 10 Ambrosyne goniochromism 06/18/17 at 10:24pm
You found the right combination (finally!) 3 Desolace KiriKitty 06/15/17 at 11:50pm
12th anniversary, has it really been so long? 4 OaZuoM LadyFangirl 06/14/17 at 12:18am
Hunger 10/10 (Gourmand) 12 Mesmer Celestial 06/12/17 at 1:35am
Double Subeta anniversary! 6 Luck Zay 06/10/17 at 9:35pm
Achievements Anti-Stress Tips 1 Canidae Canidae 06/6/17 at 5:18am
One year down! 3 Picture Xenalicious 06/4/17 at 11:02pm
Close call! 8 errant errant 06/3/17 at 12:17pm
There is 0 sP in this shop's till. 3 Choop Canidae 06/2/17 at 9:22am
Thanks Quentin!! 2 Intricate Canidae 06/2/17 at 9:21am
it's been TEN (not)THOUSAND YEARS... 4 Books Canidae 06/2/17 at 9:21am
Great day today for Quentin! 2 Bug Canidae 06/2/17 at 9:20am
You've earned the Longtime Member achievement! 2 jigo Canidae 06/2/17 at 9:14am
Petes so generous 2 Raggy Canidae 06/2/17 at 9:10am
Universal Trainer 8 Rogue Canidae 06/2/17 at 8:59am
Finally! So thrilled.... 5 HeavenlyWingz Canidae 06/2/17 at 8:58am
Finally! 4 SweetNess Canidae 06/2/17 at 8:57am
Legendary Sticker Collection 4 Canidae Senti 05/31/17 at 5:53am
Ten Whole Years!!! 2 BlueRiver Mackenzi 05/22/17 at 12:24pm
What Vesnali items did you get from Alexander? 13 VexVerlain VexVerlain 05/21/17 at 9:07pm
Checked my progress on the new achieves... 1 Kisrah Kisrah 05/7/17 at 8:35pm
Hot damn, Pete! 36 Chesid pythonesque 05/4/17 at 4:30pm
The odds were not in my favor, but! :D 2 HopefulNebula Virus 04/25/17 at 1:17am
Ten Years and Counting! :D 14 NoelKreiss Spritey 04/20/17 at 1:26am
Recycle Beast, you magnificent so-and-so! 1 Sparrow Sparrow 04/18/17 at 12:33am
Carl ate my quest! Darnit. 1 Jzrixcooi Jzrixcooi 04/14/17 at 6:56pm
Blue Building 2 kyupcake SEA 04/14/17 at 4:23am
A Quest Gave Me... A Collection Item? 7 GREED Picture 04/12/17 at 10:44am
You know, for it being a Quentin weekend and all.. 4 Starfleet Starfleet 04/11/17 at 9:04pm
12 Years... 5 Talespin Mabon 04/9/17 at 9:09pm
Ice, Ice Baby 1 Stellar Stellar 04/9/17 at 8:49pm
Blue Building Reward + Achievement! 3 Andromeda Andromeda 04/7/17 at 9:41pm
I WIN, YOU EVIL RABBIT. 2 Roo Rogue 04/2/17 at 3:43pm
*buried under Mage Amulets* 1 Desolace Desolace 04/1/17 at 12:13pm
Drills is being exceptionally mean to me lately! 1 Picture Picture 03/28/17 at 9:00am
I really need to learn to slow down 1 KALEIGH KALEIGH 03/21/17 at 11:29am
Completed Potions & Elixirs Collection?! 1 xoxo xoxo 03/18/17 at 1:45am
SO MEAN today, Quentin! 2 Lisa grouse 03/10/17 at 6:32am
Potion Lottery Winner from 1 Mega Ticket!! 7 Picture mayab322 03/4/17 at 5:27pm
Beanbags - You're Mine, All Mine! 5 Tefibi Tefibi 03/4/17 at 2:27pm
-slams 1500th flower down- DONE! 13 Moran Moran 03/4/17 at 1:23pm
the mage was good to me 2 LoftyBalloon Rogue 03/4/17 at 1:20pm
11 years on Subeta! 3 MikiDaCrow Rogue 03/4/17 at 1:15pm
Won the Potion Lottery! 2 Nonchalant Rogue 03/4/17 at 1:13pm