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Bye, Neugarten.

Amigurumi Dinosaur Plushie
Chase Your Stars Sticker
Delphi Beach Bench Dedication Plate
I hope y'all enjoyed the extra hours of Neugarten! The holiday is officially over, though remember the Food Trucks will be around until 11:59pm on August 17 (unless, like tonight, I lose internet and have to wait until it comes back to end things <3).

Pet Spotlight - Bullion

Bullion the Golden Blob has won the Pet Spotlight!

Free Gift: Book of Kite Flying

Book of Kite Flying
Learn to fly a kite with this free copy of the Book of Kite Flying.

Pet Spotlight - Bower

Bower the Scribble Lain has won the Pet Spotlight!

Time to eat at the FOOD TRUCKS

Ikumoradeekanox Fruit Kebab
Granola Berry Sundae
Tagliatelle alla Carbonara
The warm conditions as of late have made it impractical for those delicious food trucks to run. Don't worry! They're now back and ready to serve you faster than ever. That's right, the wait times for your scrumptious food have been lowered.

Neugarten ends at 11:59pm this Sunday (August 7) but the Food Trucks will be sticking around well past that. How long? Well, until 11:59pm on August 17.

Note: The food bowl is considered part of Neugarten and will close Sunday.
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