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Bonus Weekend Update: Saggitarius

Saggitarius is the weekend quest! Do those quests for increased prizes and special rewards!

Pet Spotlight - Chandalar

Chandalar the Custom Golden Noktoa has won the Pet Spotlight!

Cash Shop: Delish Bloom

Delish Bloom Lip Balm
Delish Bloom Left Sleeve
Delish Bloom Right Sleeve
Delish Bloom Belt

Delish Bloom Scented Candle
Delish Bloom Lotion (Base 1)
Delish Bloom Hand Oil (Base 1)
Delish Bloom Headpiece

Delish Bloom Body Soap (Base 1)
Delish Bloom Top
Delish Bloom Train
Delish Bloom Stockings

Delish Bloom Lash Serum
Delish Bloom Hair Oil
Delish Bloom Leave In Spray
Delish Bloom Skirt
Delish Bloom Heels
What's this? A new Delish Boutique set? This set is extra special because there are a number of transforming items available.

The Delish Bloom Hand Oil, Delish Bloom Body Soap, and Delish Bloom Lotion transform into each base color, with the Base 1 showing in the Cash Shop. These are body mods, so you'll want to turn off arms/legs where appropriate when using them.

Delish Bloom Stockings (Transformed)
Delish Bloom Heels (Transformed)
Delish Bloom Left Sleeve (Transformed)
Delish Bloom Right Sleeve (Transformed)
The Delish Bloom Heels, Delish Bloom Stockings, Delish Bloom Left Sleeve, and Delish Bloom Right Sleeve all transform with one other item. What's the difference between these? The item shown in the shop is best used with the body mods provided while the transformed version of the item is for the regular human avatar base!

Pet Spotlight - TheiaEuryphaessa

TheiaEuryphaessa the Galactic Neela has won the Pet Spotlight!

Steamwork Urubu!

While you lot've been pigging out in the lounge and hogging all the dance partners, we've been collaBOARating hard on this steamwork urubu design to the point that our workroom now looks a total pigsty. /snorts

Come on, I couldn't just let this smokin' hot pet come out without going the whole hog.

Steamwork Urubu Schematic
Go buy the schematic HERE and take it over to Isaac to get your new pet made up. You also need a Yunium Key - found in the Menagerie.
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