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April 10, 2019

Common Urubu Elixir
Cream Urubu Elixir
Twilight Urubu Elixir
Dawn Urubu Elixir
Dusk Urubu Elixir

Field Urubu Elixir
Golden Urubu Elixir
Lilac Urubu Elixir
Marsh Urubu Elixir
Sun Urubu Elixir
Arid Urubu Elixir
If you care to transform your pet into a majestic hog, look no further than the Apocalyptic Apothecary.

Hostage the Nightmare Tigrean has won the Pet Spotlight!

April 9, 2019

The Rift has born a new pet into existence! Behold the riftborn kumos. From a safe distance.

Sakaria the Aqua Feli has won the Pet Spotlight!

April 8, 2019

Sleek Augmented Leg
Round Dapper Telenine Plushie
Rose Tart
Bottled Chardonnay
Today is the last day of Masquerade! The event will be ending at 11:59pm tonight, so get those last dances and battles in while you can.

The Masquerade forums will be closing on April 9th at 11:59pm so y’all can wrap up any contests you might have.

Since we added masks to Migrating Masks later than usual this year, we’re going to keep the shop open until 11:59pm on April 15th. :)

Hamsters the Custom Common Experiment #333 has won the Pet Spotlight!

April 7, 2019

Fashion Star Sticker
Congratulatory Gear Decoration

Here it is, the moment you've all been waiting for, fashionistas - your 2019 Masquerade CW Contest WINNERS! Congratulations!

Our nine judge-chosen winners are...
Studded Moon Crown
Glittering Golden Wing
Planet Surveyors Telescope
Embroidered Blindfold
HiTech Replacement Cornea
Steampunk Contact Case
Timepiece Inspired Eyeshadow Kit
Crimson Nectar Perfume
High Quality Disguise Projector

Studded Moon Crown, submitted by Mesmer
Glittering Golden Wing, submitted by cherub
Planet Surveyors Telescope, submitted by twgp
Embroidered Blindfold, submitted by mei
HiTech Replacement Cornea, submitted by Kel
Steampunk Contact Case, submitted by Cathii
Timepiece Inspired Eyeshadow Kit, submitted by Naddi
Crimson Nectar Perfume, submitted by FairestMoss and drawn by Kel
High Quality Disguise Projector, submitted by MagnusTheRed

And finally, the winner that YOU chose!
Ridiculously Posh Sleeves

Ridiculously Posh Sleeves by User not found: czar!

All ten winning items can now be found for sale in the Steamworks Menagerie!

Thank you so much, everyone, for your participation! Both winner and participation prizes will be distributed shortly.

While the contest may have come to a close, there's still a little bit of Masquerade fun left to enjoy - keep on dancing, the Masquerade ends tomorrow at midnight!

Traumatized the Storm Keeto has won the Pet Spotlight!

April 6, 2019

White Dots Layering High Ankle Socks
Black Dots Layering High Ankle Socks
Shimmering Scales Layering High Ankle Socks
Rainbow Hearts Layering High Ankle Socks

Gold Stars Layering High Ankle Socks
White Vertical Stripes Layering High Ankle Socks
Black Vertical Stripes Layering High Ankle Socks
White Horizontal Stripes Layering High Ankle Socks
Black Horizontal Stripes Layering High Ankle Socks
Layer a pair of these over your High Ankle Socks to create a fresh new look! Or don't, and just look very strange...

Loreta the Nostalgic Feli has won the Pet Spotlight!

April 5, 2019

Watch out for loose seals!

Sekhmet the Galactic Tigrean has won the Pet Spotlight!

Cinthia's Quests is the weekend quest! Do those quests for increased prizes and special rewards!

April 4, 2019

Emu Plushie
Koala Plushie
Don't hide these cute plushies down under your bed, display them proudly!

Zhiara the Reborn Lain has won the Pet Spotlight!
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