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July 27, 2019

Beach Shack Sticker
Repurposing Seashells
Surfing Chimalma Plushie
Beach Sandwich and Fries
Layered Shell Necklace
Coralback Sand Flea
Get your forum tickets together for these new beach themed items!

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July 26, 2019

Oh dear. Can't even pop over for a holiday on the Omen Islands without causing trouble. I'd been having a chat with Moana in the Antique Shop over in Centropolis and she was talking about this spicy coconut shrimp she loved from back home, and of course I had to go try it! Except it was a bit spicy for me, and I may have had some uh, leftovers. It did almost clear my cold right up, though! For a few days, anyway. I'm glad I didn't eat anything from Babette's…

Spicy Shrimp Curry in a Coconut
So how to go about defeating this one, hmm. I think we'll try luring him out with his own stench. Use this Spicy Shrimp Curry in a Coconut from the Cash Shop and he'll be on the rampage immediately! I really must find a way of making these little problems attack a bit more softly. Maybe next time.

Decadent Cake Slice retires on August 1.

Powerful Enchanted Charm
Taillis Enchanter
Swift Enchanted Charm
Sturdy Enchanted Charm
Looking for a quick boost during the Gelly War? Grab one of these stat boosters from the Cash Shop, though they will leave Sunday night along with the various Gelly Challengers.

Don’t want to spend CSC on boosters? There are boosters out there you can spend sP on, like tomes from The Mage in user shops. You can always try your luck turning in amulets from Quentin to The Mage for a tome or two. Shinwa is also known to give out boosters. <3
Rooftop Pool Photos
Pool Lounge Beanbag
Poolside Platter

Rickety Pier
Shadowglen Beaches
Swimming Ghost
Private pool or spooky beach, which do you choose when it comes to these new quest shop items?

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Cursed Quests is the weekend quest! Do those quests for increased prizes and special rewards!

July 25, 2019

You don't have to be a genius like me to figure out that the loud stomping noise we're all hearing means the gelatin stompers have arrived! However, you may have to be a genius to figure out the components of this new Genetech weapon!
Maniacal Slappy Hand

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July 24, 2019

Magic gelatins? I'm sure you guys can handle it. I mean, you're no me, but you all seem relatively competent. Keep up the adequate work!

Note: The Damage Tracker is now live! (It's also linked at the end of the battle menu.) It automatically updates every 15 minutes and displays your total damage plus total battles and damage for each pet.
Heatwaves, summertime, gelly wars: - I think this storm velosotor has the right idea cooling off in the rain! Velosotors love to play in thunderstorms and find the rainfall quite relaxing. Almost like a little pitter-patter massage.
Ugh, now these gelashells are getting their ooze everywhere and it's starting to attract flies. You know I'm not afraid of anything, especially not little flies with their blank red compound eyes and their prickly, filthy little legs and their retractable, flexible proboscises... but I've got some shop inventory that urgently needs counting, so I'll let you take care of all this, okay? Good.

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July 23, 2019

I hear squishy stomping and the whine of dive-bombing jellies! Seems the gelatin golems and gliders aren't happy about you chipping away at Hydragellos! Take a few of them down when you can, huh?

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July 22, 2019

So, good news/bad news time. Good news: You've all been doing a great job swatting those mini gelatins! There are only around 147,000 of them left, which is... well, it's fewer than we started with. Bad news: In all the chaos, I didn't hear a Hydragellos sneaking up on us and now it's out there sliming up Subeta! (I don't know how none of you sighted people noticed a humongous three-headed gelatin monster menacingly approaching, but now is not the time for blame.)

Of course my first instinct as Subeta's bravest and most formidable warrior was to lean forward and run directly through the monster with my arms outstretched behind me (for the extra speed, you know), killing it instantly, but I just had this armor cleaned and I've also been told I need to learn to be more of a team player. Therefore, I will graciously allow you to band together to, if not defeat the monster, at least annoy it enough that it leaves Subeta.

At the speed it's moving, the Hydragellos should take until the end of the day on Sunday to make its way out of Subeta. Try to cut it down to size before then! I'll keep track of the damage you deal to the beast (which you'll also be able to check for yourself very soon) and once Subeta is safe again, I'll make sure you're rewarded! I'd say 15 million damage should earn you a Hydragellos Maniacal Core*, personally carved from the beast by yours truly. If you can't quite hit that mark, I'm sure I can find some other prizes for you. Good luck!

* One core per account!
Do you hear that? It's the sound of thousands of creatures moving through the air! At first I thought it was something terrifying like a swarm of gnats, but now that they've gotten closer I can tell it's just a mass of mini gelatins. Get out there and swat those pests, would you?

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July 21, 2019

Passionate Serenity Beads
Opulent Serenity Beads
Fresh Serenity Beads
Elegant Serenity Beads
Tranquil Serenity Beads
Find serenity with these new beads from Five Seven Five.

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