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November 2, 2018

Gaudfae Beanbag
Iridescent Feathers
Hoarded Books
Chunk of Underground Rock

We’ll be releasing a new reward card on November 9th, so fill out your stamps on your current card while you can!

Hallie the Sweetheart Sheeta has won the Pet Spotlight!

Cursed Quests is the weekend quest! Do those quests for increased prizes and special rewards!

November 1, 2018

November 2018 Collection

Kitchen Witch Doll
Miniature Herb Garden

Herbal Bouquet
Recipe Grimoire
Jar of Spices
Spiced Chai Tea

Sugar and Spice and all things nice... and herby. We're all about flavor this month on Subeta, so pick up this November Collection from the Cash Shop and have a delicious month!

November 2006 Donation Present
November 2007 Donation Present
November 2008 Donation Present

November 2009 Collection
November 2010 Collection
November 2011 Collection
November 2012 Collection

November 2013 Collection
November 2014 Collection
November 2015 Collection
November 2016 Collection
November 2017 Collection

You can also purchase one of our older November Donation Presents or Collections!

Sweetpea the Chibi Feli has won the Pet Spotlight!

October 31, 2018

The bloodred qrykee, nightmare blob and bloodred zasaba are here to wish you the spookiest of ends to the season! You'll want to be very careful owning this qrykee as a pet, and the zasaba may be small but sometimes the smallest can be the scariest! Euclid would have liked to let the blob sneak up on you in the darkness to announce its own arrival, but we decided to intervene.

Note: You'll have time to catch up on/complete the plot until 11:59 on Sunday November 4th! Prizes will be available during the week after that date. Thank you for your support and feedback and we hope you enjoyed yourselves!

You have until 11:59pm on November 4 to defeat the powerful Rouland! Good luck, you’ll need it.
Picture Ready Skelly Doll
Pumpkin Inflatable Decoration
Bat Familiar Beanbag

We’ve now entered the last 24 hours of Morostide! Trick-or-treat times have been decreased, so you can visit more houses. If you use the random option, the wait time is only 3 minutes! Once Morostide ends, you will no longer be able to trick-or-treat, egg/TP people, visit the pumpkin patch, or use the human zapper!

The Pumpkin Patch wait times have also decreased!

Morostide forums will close at at 11:59pm on November 1st so you can finish up any contests you might have running.

Just a reminder that all Morostide themed challengers, including those from the plot, will be retired at 11:59pm on November 4th.

Nuppou the Chibi Chai has won the Pet Spotlight!

October 30, 2018

You awake with a grim purpose today, mind still reeling from the events of the day before. It is almost lunchtime when you receive a text message from Ian with two simple words: I’m ready.

You dress warmly, then set off to Skelly Manor for what may be the final time.

DeWitt the Storm Serpenth has won the Pet Spotlight!

October 29, 2018

Mysteriously Dark Gift

Fringe of the Hunter
Traditional Ghost Sticker
Nightmare Lens
Love Stories of Sorrow and Despair
Cursed Witch Tangled Locks
Jaxon Skelly Pumpkin Plushie

What will you grab from this Token Shop restock?

Tedd the Custom Angel Mahar has won the Pet Spotlight!

October 28, 2018

What the Dungarde told you has been on your mind all night, despite your efforts to distract yourself on the internet. Eventually, you settle down and fall into a fitful sleep, full of nightmares and unhappy endings. When you wake, you don’t feel very hungry, but you force down some breakfast before heading to Skelly Manor.
Raven Statue
Old Music Box
Trapped Fog
Broken Compass
Old Corn Husk

Cool, cool, cool. These new objects from the Cash Shop are totally not haunted.

Feral Accessory Trunk

Headless Rubber Bat Toy
Headless Rubber Zebra Toy
Headless Rubber Okapi Toy
Headless Rubber Hyena Toy
Headless Rubber Bison Toy

The Feral Accessory Trunk is back in the Cash Shop with five new animal parts until the end of November!

Puffy the Common Experiment #7777 has won the Pet Spotlight!

October 27, 2018

Event the Custom Common Experiment #7777 has won the Pet Spotlight!
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