The Angel Neela
Owner: Foxtrot

Age: 5 years, 11 months, 1 week

Born: October 9th, 2013

Adopted: 9 months, 3 weeks ago

Adopted: November 29th, 2018


  • Level: 20
  • Strength: 49
  • Defense: 44
  • Speed: 42
  • Health: 41
  • HP: 41/41
  • Intelligence: 35
  • Books Read: 30
  • Food Eaten: 4
  • Job: Private Shopper

Thank you User not found: ponyo for letting me adopt Videl!!

Artwork: huge WIP
Story: rough draft
Profile: code purchased from Paula

We start our lives as noble creatures of the equine variety, tall in stature and strong, yet swift. We are called "Thrasken". Fighting courses fervently through our bloodlines, and the promise of Valhalla instills an unparalleled ferocity within our souls.

Humes, those two-legged hairless creatures came to us eons ago with a proposal.

It seems strange, powerful Thrasken and little Humes. An odd pairing to say the least, but they offered us things we could not provide ourselves, and in return we gave them protection. This arrangement has held steadfast for 9,000 years.

We walk amongst each other and commune as equals. The council is split evenly, and on the battlefield we fight side by side.

And oh do we fight.

Our astronomers concluded long ago that our planet does not rotate as it should. We sit unevenly upon our axis and further gravitational anomalies cause our planet to align perfectly with our moon "Andrus" every rotation, bestowing one half of our world nothing but darkness.

We call that half: "Dark Den".

Darkness in itself is not evil, but the monstrosities that ooze their rotted bodies from the depths of Dark Den are. They have no moral code, no sense of love. Our scientists have captured many, and only the torturing of Humes and Thrasken brings them joy. Pain and pleasure are all they feel.

We continue to push them back, time after time, killing tenfold of what we lose but they always return more numerous than before.

Our battleground never changes. Light Den can only be approached from the front, and the rune-covered stones littering the glade were our saving grace when they inevitably breached our outer wall. Our lands butted up to a mountain range so tall and unforgiving that even Dark Den creatures crept through two at a time at most from that avenue. Praise Valhalla for those mountains.

They descended upon us quickly that night. Our watchtower spotted the horde, and alerted us that it had grown exponentially.

My brothers in arms, Orick and Svensen ran boldly with me that day into the fray. Our Humes rode proudly atop us, their armor clanging against ours. A big Thrasken and a little Hume was an unexpectedly deadly combination.

Our warriors took turns moving forward one row every battle and we graced the fore of this particular battalion. It was an honor to lead the charge. This was not our first time in the front line, and we bellowed loudly to motivate those behind.

Our hooves struck the soft earth sharply, faster and fast until we hit top speed.The clash was violent.

Its spear flew past and struck my Hume in the shoulder. He broke it in twain and threw the stunted remains straight into its heart. Valhalla dammit he was brave! I couldn't have asked for a better companion. I trampled it's corpse with disgust and threw us into the nearest cluster.

Orick and Svensen made their way to us. Svensen was missing his rider.

He yelled at me over the clamorous din and I turned towards his voice, only to see him fall. My cry pierced the thunderous roar of clanging steel and screams. Orick and his Hume ran toward Svensen, while we got pushed back.

I felt his legs lock tight against me. 'No'. I stammered and screamed that word over and over as I bucked in circles to keep the beasts away and try to catch a glimpse of my Hume. I was unable to keep him balanced atop me and he slid off my body, falling face down into the blood and corpses.

I heard Orick. I heard his Hume. They too fell into the red that splashed up onto my hocks.

I flew into a rage. It was an honor to die in battle, but my grief did not agree. My brothers in arms, my companions since I was a young lad, my best friends...

*thunk thunk*

Two spears hit me in the chest.

My rage intensified briefly before the blood loss took its toll. I hit my head hard into the ground and the bloody muck at the bottom tasted rotten. I remember flailing my limbs in a feeble attempt to stand, but I would not arise.

"Valthraksen! It's the Valthraksen!" My vision was blurred and my ears rang sharp like broken glass, but I heard them. I glimpsed the blue glow between the kicking feet that threw rancid filth into my grave.

Blood magic. The runes were soaked in blood and the Gods could finally come. I closed my eyes in relief. I could now die in peace and join my brothers... The battle was as good as won.

I waited for the sweat reprieve of death, but instead I felt a tingle in my spine and voices began to speak:

The runes have spoken and duly awoken,
with honor, and blood of both Dens.
We cannot arise,
if enemy tides,
have not become too strong again.

The stones are wet with honor and sweat,
we have come to answer your call.
Valhalla will rise,
upon those you despise,
and uplift the brethren who fall.

The way you depart will bind both your hearts,
forever dear Thrasken and Hume.
Powers within,
will help you to spin,
your heavenly tale with no tomb.

Thrasken so strong, you fought off the throng,
and all will be reborn again.
Join us forever,
light as a feather,
and continue to serve for your Den.

Come now and listen about where your blood glistens,
oh dear Thrasken of mine.
Those weapons recessed,
deep in your breast,
forever will they be entwined.

Oh Hume so smart, with bold and pure heart,
rejoice for you will bind with old.
Woven anew,
your life and the view,
a different beginning unfolds.

Your bond with the Thrasken has altered your end,
Oh dear Hume of mine.
The rights of our holy,
have transferred to thee,
to forever be one with your friend.

We bind you both with honor and oath,
to serve as a guard to Valhalla.
Thrasken the frame,
Hume not the same,
A cloth upon steed for the battle.

Not beasts anymore, different to the core,
we must give your form a new name.
Valthrasken my star,
Valthrasken you are,
Together you're one and the same.

Take to the skies with wings and no eyes,
fly high my children, take flight!
Dive down when the runes,
shine bright like the moon,
and scourge all these endless nights!

Oh Valhalla we were a site to see. Our godly auras took over the sky! We descended into the fray with our angelic wings, laying waste to those from Dark Den and purging the battlefield. Dark corpses dissipated and Light corpses rose to the heavens.

My eyes were gone, but a calming clarity rung my mind like bell. I sensed every blade of grass and every drop of blood, I felt truly at peace. The Oracles did not preach that, in death, Thrasken and Humes would become Gods. If only they could see.

The golden cloth around my neck billowed behind me, and I rejoiced in the comfort of having my Hume embodied within those threads. His body was no more, but his thoughts coursed through me and I heard his brave voice echo deep within my soul. He would be with me always.

The tips of my wings touched those with my brothers, I felt Orick to my right, Svensen to my left. Every gallop brought clearer skies and cleaner grass. Our brethren had heard the prophecy and risen. The runes would be scrubbed clean once more, and the battlefield purged for its next crusade.

I bellowed a mighty cry towards the fleeing creatures of Dark Den and bucked high. The two golden spears in my chest clanged triumphantly against one another with each strike of my hoof to the earth.

Forever Valhalla. Forever Valthrasken.

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