Rainbeaux has a minion!

Hue the Lucky Sable


The Spectrum Kumos
Owner: Foxtrot

Age: 11 years, 6 months, 3 weeks

Born: November 24th, 2007

Adopted: 11 years, 6 months, 3 weeks ago (Legacy)

Adopted: November 24th, 2007 (Legacy)


  • Level: 168
  • Strength: 420
  • Defense: 420
  • Speed: 329
  • Health: 431
  • HP: 431/431
  • Intelligence: 506
  • Books Read: 500
  • Food Eaten: 95
  • Job: Certified Mad Scientist

I can splash
the most archetypal place
with a vibrance
never seen before.
I will bring others
from their stillness,
into this dance,
and we will forget the gray.

Pirates & Princes
Ahhh, what a beautiful day it was! Rainbeaux stepped out of the ornate carriage, placing a white paw proudly onto the perfect cobbles. He flashed a robust smile at the commoners and wagged his tail slowly as royalty is taught to do.
"Over here dear." His mother shot him a glance and moved to the left. She leaned in, "that tail wag was a bit fast dear, and try smiling a bit less."

"Long live the queen!" She pursed her lips at the unanimous roar and padded elegantly onto the red carpet.

"Pick up that sword boy", his father nudged the rapier at his hip upon exiting the carriage. "Sheath four inches from the ground. Always always. Oh, here we go "

"Ha ha!" He shouted in reprisal to the crowd's kingly cheer. Rainbeaux's ear twitched at his father's volume.

"Your posture really is terrible. You stand like the filth that cleans our chamber pots." His sister shot him a snooty sneer. Her dress snagged slightly on the carriage step and she stumbled forward.

"Should I learn how to walk like you Grisella?" Rainbeaux laughed at her anger and trotted down the carpet.

Pleasantries were exchanged between the royal families and wine was poured as they perched atop the platform in the square. The commoners were served cheap ale from nice barrels.

Rainbeaux's father tapped his goblet and raised it high, "My good peop--"

"Ha-harr, ahoy mateys!" A black dragon swung into the square on a rope. He reached the end and leapt into the crowd. Rapscallions of all shapes and sizes followed shortly behind.

Rainbeaux barred his teeth, "What's the point of using a rope?" He cut the fibers with a single strike of his sword. "Stupid dragon!" He bellowed loudly and charged across the royal table.

"Six years Bo-Bo, I thought we'd've been friends by now, eh? You know how much I value the craft of showmanship!" The black dragon pulled a curved rapier into view, parrying Rainbeaux's attack.

"Rahhhh!! You're nothing but a showy thief, and you knowthat isn't my name!" He leapt forward, colliding with a table instead of his opponent.

"Yarrr, silly boy. Still haven't learned t'use that sword, eh? Just remember not to hold it by the pointy end." His boot landed squarely on Rainbeaux's rear.

"Well, this was fun." Kingsmen poured into the square and his crew leapt over the walls with treasure in tow. "Off we go little lad, be good fer yer mum and da."

Rainbeaux righted himself just in time to catch a wink from the dragon captain who was already well out of his reach.
"Dammit!" He threw his sword onto the cobbles.


free lineart by Irishwolven on DA, colored by me

free lineart by Feyrah on DA, colored by me

free lineart by KFCemployee on DA, colored by me

overlay art by Rathoren

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"In darkness, the light shines brightest"