Boethia has a minion!

Minion the Mandimo

Legacy Name: Boethia

The Common RA-002
Owner: Demoness

Age: 5 years, 1 month, 3 weeks

Born: December 3rd, 2015

Adopted: 5 years, 1 month, 3 weeks ago

Adopted: December 3rd, 2015


  • Level: 1
  • Strength: 10
  • Defense: 10
  • Speed: 10
  • Health: 13
  • HP: 13/13
  • Intelligence: 0
  • Books Read: 0
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Unemployed

Wabi-Sabi Inari Left Bell
Wabi-Sabi Inari Right Bell
Classic Inari Left Bell
Classic Inari Right Bell
Kawaii Inari Left Bell
Kawaii Inari Right Bell
Kurai Inari Left Bell
Kurai Inari Right Bell
Minimal Inari Left Bell
Minimal Inari Right Bell

Modern Inari Left Bell
Modern Inari Right Bell
Strawberry Shortcake Lolita Bow
Vesnali Lolita Bow
Sweetest Fawntastic Flowers
Troublemaker Fawntastic Flowers
Champagne Fawntastic Flowers
Rosy Flowers and Pearls
Elegant Flowers and Pearls
Decayed Floral Crown

Delicate Cherry Blossom Circlet
Delicate Cherry Blossom Circlet
Ephemeral Cherry Blossom Circlet
Elegant Cherry Blossom Circlet
Heavenly Cherry Blossom Circlet
Succulent Sunset Floral Crown
Fae Butterfly Crown
Cute Lovebird Circlet
Enshrining Crystalline Roses
Frisky Feline False Face

Endless Love Aura Vial
White Reflection Aura Vial
Traditional Velvet Ornament
Traditional Lovely Ornament
Traditional Dignified Ornament
Sakura Bag
Better Days Ahead Sunflower Bag
Sorbet Upper Kitty Flowerbed
Soothing Upper Kitty Flowerbed
Classic Upper Kitty Flowerbed

Darling Pearl Strand
Fluttering Sakura Petals
Deep Sea Treasure of the Harmonious Mermaid
Deep Sea Treasure of the Luminous Mermaid
Blooming Cherry Blossoms
Mark of Pure Chaos
Peacock Song of Sweet Plumerias and Pearls
Sakura Geisha Fan
Collection of Porcelain Blooms
Blossoming Overgrown Goat Skull

Vine of Bliss
Vine of Slumber
Vine of Innocence
Basket of Springtime Cherry Blossoms
Tuxedo Squishy Cat Plush
Siamese Squishy Cat Plush
Spotted Squishy Cat Plush
Grey Tabby Squishy Cat Plushie
Tiger Squishy Cat Plush
Cornucopia of Infamous Greed

Paws Off Sakura Ribbon
Paws Off Pink Ribbon
Blackened Bearger Ruffle
Bat Snuggle Buddy
Sakura Bat Snuggle Buddy
Glade Bat Snuggle Buddy
Blazing Phoenix Headdress Shard
Waisted White Rose
Honey Bear Jar of Truth
Tainted String of Onyx

Dreamy Pearled Flowers
Passionate Pearled Flowers
Serene Kitten Flowers
Memoirs of a Gloomy Sakura
Heavenly Gold Adorned Flowers
Animal/Creature Mods
Skippy Kitty Trousers
Regal Skippy Kitty Trousers
Amorous Demure Keekee
Lustful Demure Keekee
Snowy Demure Keekee
Ears of the Sullen Priest
Blooming Ears of the Blushing Priest
Chimera Kitty Ears
Peachy Kitty Ears
Sweetheart Kitty Ears

Expertly Crafted Sakura Ears
Festive Kitsune Sakura Crown
Magic Opalescent Fish Sparkles
Potion of the Sly Impostor Wolfabooty
White Wolf Guardian Boots
Winter Guardian Mount
Nostalgic Prancing Bun
Lost Trinket Of The Lovely Demoness
Sakura Playful Peacat Peets
Magical Leopard Transformation

Festive Temple Lanterns
Rummaging Blossom Fox
Curious Blossom Fox
Unproportionally Fluffy Foxy Wolf Tail
Happy Leopard Tail
Sacred Arcane Doe
White Flying Fox Ears
Umber Bright-Eyed Wolf Ears
Oak Bushy-Tailed Wolf Butt
Trickster Fox Tails

Flower Crown of the Ginger Fox
Blessing of the Onyx Qilin
Enchanted Stone of the Dwarven City
Enchanted Jar of the Sakura Temple
Balustrade of Tranquility
Petal Filled Bottle
Bright Tatami Mat
Fairy Castle Day Memento
Primadonna Smoke of the Kitsune
Stardust Smoke of the Kitsune
Nebular Smoke of the Kitsune
Pink Unicorn Enchanted Diffuser

Elegant Glass Slipper
Dreamy Crystal Moon Compact
Captured Black Moon Rays
Amorous Rabbit in the Moon
White Morning Glory Border
Mystical Orca Stone
Moonlit Frame of Memories
Classic Grande Aspen Latte
Cursed Voodoo Locket
Blue Moon of the Leaping Odango Bunny

Moonlit Crystal Bowl
Celadon Crystal Waterfall
Bowl of Sparkling Water
Draped Abyss Linen
Draped Angelic Linen
Draped Blood Linen
Draped Mirage Linen
Bow of Beauty
Waddle I Do Black Penguin Top
Dark Elemental Wisps
Blue Moon Sweet Tooth Confection
Turtlely Awesome Sakura Moon Kitty Overalls
Navy Lace Bodysuit

Sakura Fluttering Fabric
Aquarius Shredded Fabric
Astral Armor of Proserpina
Blush Pink Flared Skirt
Stealthy Ferret Fishnet Tights
Starthief Slouchy Sweater
Classic Cuttle-y Cardi
Coruscating Soapy Octopus Dress
Eclipse Soapy Octopus Dress
Dark Lolita Smock

Devious Kitten Skirt
Galactic Kitten Skirt
Innocent Kitten Skirt
Elegant Derpy Corgi Capelet
Emo Boyfriend Fit Denim
Coruscating Shrine Priestess Kimono
Elegant Shrine Priestess Kimono
Enchanted Shrine Priestess Kimono
Faithful Shrine Priestess Kimono
Playful Shrine Priestess Kimono

Gilded Captured Fairy Fabric
Sakura Captured Fairy Fabric
Rose Cloak of the Auroral Mage
Lamb Cloth of the Empress
Lamb Cloth of Twilight
Lace Wrapped Rose Bouquet
Paws Up Black Sweater
Onix Knee High Tights
Wreathed Auric and Abyss Fabric
Flimsy Wishful Kitten Fabric

Brave Fabric of the Sleeping Bunny Princess
Royal Fabric of the Sleeping Bunny Princess
Sakura Fabric of the Sleeping Bunny Princess
Enchanted Fabric of the Sleeping Bunny Princess
Cerulean Sparkle Fabric of the Sleeping Bunny Princess
Darkest Fabric of the Sleeping Bunny Princess
Tanzanite Fabric of the Sleeping Bunny Princess
Vixen Gown of Blood
White Fins of the Koi
Noir Feline Lace Top

Pure Thigh Highs
Tea-riffic Spooky Top
Baby Pink Floral Dress
Ethereal Floral Dress
Fancy Floral Dress
Moonstone Sliced Skirt
Soul of the Samurai Kimono
Pearlescent Glittery Package
Tea Kettle Fabric of the Mysterious
Tea Kettle Fabric of Lust

Sakura Fused Satin
Sakura Soaked Satin
Pensive Feline Embroidery
Frozen Garden Cloak
Kpop Fangirl Top
Wrapped Sakura Astral Essence
Pink Flowering Left Sleeve
Pink Flowering Right Sleeve
Oversized Sweet Nyanigan
Shadowy Snaily Skirt

Ominous Skull Drape
Innocuous Skull Drape
Silk Kimono of the Monochrome Sakura Bunny
Silk Kimono of the Sakura Bunny
Noir Luxe Lace Sheer Bustier
Black Velveteen Heart Skirt
Blush Velveteen Heart Skirt
Chocolate Velveteen Heart Skirt
Ivory Velveteen Heart Skirt
Lavender Velveteen Heart Skirt

Lemon Velveteen Heart Skirt
Quartz Embellished Onyx Drape
Squishy Panda Sweater
Nebulous Potion Wrap
Alabaster Embellished Blush Fabric
Morganite Embellished Flushed Fabric
Baby Blue Snaily Skirt
Emerald Mermaid Treasure
Shimmering Fabric of the Mermaid
Freshly Squeezed Milk Fabric

Warm Mint Teddy Coat
Warm Winter Teddy Coat
Koi Lotus Kimono
Graveyard Guilded Gown
Corgi Noir Threads
Cutesy Noir Corgi
Millennium Blooming Tea
Preppy Lamb Plush Purl
Artificially Sweet Daisy Dismissal Sweater

Double Strapped Harness Stockings
Delicate Daruma of Destiny
Plump Kitty Doll Dress
Lucent Priestess Left Sleeve
Lucent Priestess Right Sleeve
Darling Lolita Dolly
Kimono of the Sacred Beast
Melancholy Fabric Wrapped Cake Pop
Bone Ribbed Bolero
Beloved Imperial Doll

Seafoam Flowering Frock
Seafoam Flowering Right Sleeve
Seafoam Flowering Left Sleeve
Feline Silky Stockings
Beary Cute Sakura Kimono
Ochoko of the Sakura Maiden
Ochoko of the Corrupt Sakura Maiden
Saintly Gothic Lolita Fox Sundress
Saintly Gothic Lolita Fox Stockings
Sinful Gothic Lolita Fox Stockings

Star Studded Top
Deathly Renouncer Cape
Otterly Sakura Qipao Dress
Mantle of the Mysterious Prince
Mantle of the Phantom Prince
Mantle of the Spirit Prince
Fanciful Floral Drape
Enchanted Glittery Package
Classic Gothic Bunny Dress
Amulet of the Sparkly Wayward Dragon Companion
Snowy Surprise Companion
Magical Feline Lord Statue
Earl Grey Wolf Friend
Vanilla Bean Wolf Friend
Peppermint Sugar Wolf Friend
Restorative Gelmdrae Vial of Tupltyx Dragon
Handful of Pretty Little Butterflies
Snuggly Akita Guardian
Regal Akita Guardian

Ohayo Goldfish
Konnichiwa Goldfish
Kuroi Sakana Goldfish
Sassy Serval Sidekick Sabrina
Marangatu the Maned Wolf
Naive Pocket Sundial
White Hearts Halo
Deadly Skelly Pink Aura
Guiding Sparkles
Sweetheart Anglerfish Lights
Sleepy Rabbit in the Moon
Starshine Spill
Tranquil Lapin Lights
Luminous Lapin Lights
Amorous Lapin Lights

Imperial Circlet of the Blushing Vulture
Tome of Windblown Pressed Diamond Petals
Tome of Windblown Pressed Onyx Petals
Sweetest Rose of the Masked Magician
Captured Silver Moon Rays
More Crystalized Snowflakes
Passionate Halo of Survival Tea
Dreamlight Lantern
Stardust Motes
Light Stardust Motes

Experimental Evening Rainstorm
Halo of a Badass
Pawsitive Glacier Makeup
Pawsitive Neutral Makeup
Pawsitive Girly Makeup
Taffy Spiderleg Mascara
Teeny Cherry Concealer
Late Night Ritual Teardrops
Blush Dragon Tail Makeup
Blush of Minor Embarrassment
Tender Peachy Makeup
Map of Cute Kitten Blushing Stars

Glittering Blush of Innocence
Sea Life Makeup Brush
Antique Fox Makeup Box
Kitten Eye Sparkles
Chickweed Wintergreen Liner
Blush of the Chibi Princess
Blush of the Milky Way Princess
Blush of the Lunar Princess
Wicked Wizard Lash Wand
Attack With Your Eyes Senshi Mascara

Pop Kings Super Defining Makeup Brush
Rich Helium Heels
Powder Helium Heels
Cotton Candy Helium Heels
Midnight Helium Heels
Midnight Masquerade Helium Heels
Irradiated Helium Heels
Lavender Helium Heels
Autumn Helium Heels
Sakura Magic Stilettos
Basic Magic Stilettos

Midnight Bowed High Heels
Dangerously Bowed High Heels
Snowflake Bowed High Heels
Sakura Blossomed High Heels
Snowy High Heels
Strawberry Vanilla High Heels
Cold Hearted High Heels
Shadowy Snaily Shoes
White Snaily Shoes
Strapped Stilettos

Corgi Noir Boots
Clear Jet Shoes
Ombre Silver Shoes
Fashionable Rotten Boots
Fashionable Sweet Boots
Antique Frilly Shoes
Diamond Encrusted Blush Heels
Tan Ribbon Laced Heels
Opal Strapped Pineapple Heels
Black Strapped Pineapple Bow Heels

Tokkuri of the Sakura Maiden
Tokkuri of the Corrupt Sakura Maiden
Magical Odd Strands
Magical Puff Strands
Magical Teacup Strands
Lychee Bubbletea Ponytail
Striking Foxy Locks
Lustrous Crown Curls
Trendy Crown Curls
Balanced Crown Curls
Sparkly Squirrel Strands
Shabby Duella Birdcage Bob

Onyx Feline Tonic
Mirror Strands of the Sea Senshi
Adornments of the Hexing Adventurer
Ebony Bottled Bamboo Bun Strands
Charming Botanical Bunny Swirls
Sakura Curling Iron Strands
Licorice Magnifying Strands
Smutty Mutt Tuft
Cute Sorceress Azure Curls
Cute Sorceress Viridian Curls

Innocent Kitten Bun
Devious Kitten Bun
Dragon Chewed Platinum Cut
Dragon Chewed Radioactive Cut
Rose Quartz Crystal Cluster Strands
Classic Monster Hair
Floral Vial of Coffee Whoosh
Floral Vial of Innocent Whoosh
Satanic Puffer Wisps
Half Moon Bitten Rum Cake

Unnoticed Sinful Bunny Locks
Lovely Conure Curls
Lucky Conure Curls
Luxe Lolly Locks
Mystique Velvet Cake Strands
Bismuth Deerling Braids
Depresed Unicorn Dreads
Candied Unicorn Dreads
Swampy Sunny Pigtails
Black Long Sealed Locks

Onyx Crystal Cluster Strands
Yugen Jeweled Swan Fluff
Chestnut Princess Plait
Fairy Jeweled Swan Fluff
Fluffy Kitty Tuft of Creamy Hair
Prickly Obsidian Locks
Tangled Antique Umber Brush
Tangled Antique Cherry Brush
Tangled Antique Ebony Brush
Flirtatious Fountain Goddess Curls

Caramel Weasel Nest Strands
Fruity Sundae Updo
Sweet Magnifying Strands
Semisweet Seraph Strands
Underwater Bottle Bun
Flaxen Bottle Bun
Night Time Bottle Bun
Heiress Valley Girl Knot
Prom Queen Valley Girl Knot
Ikigai Jeweled Swan Fluff

Umi Jeweled Swan Fluff
Galactic Floral Swan Fluff
Pure Feathers and the Book of the Devout
Twinkling Sakura Feather
Bleak Batty Wings
Destroyed Wings of the Raven
Destroyed Wings of the Dove
Magic Mushroom Sets
Sweet Hooded Magic Mushroom
Sweet Wrapped Magic Mushroom
Sweet Draped Magic Mushroom

Shimmery Hooded Magic Mushroom
Shimmery Wrapped Magic Mushroom
Shimmery Draped Magic Mushroom

Deceptive Wrapped Magic Mushroom
Deceptive Draped Magic Mushroom

Starry Hooded Magic Mushroom

Pet Treasure

Pet Friends