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Sir the Bitter Minotaur

Irruma Iratus
Legacy Name: Irruma Iratus

The Dusk Bovyne
Owner: zwitter

Age: 3 years, 1 month, 5 days

Born: October 28th, 2019

Adopted: 3 years, 1 month, 5 days ago

Adopted: October 28th, 2019


  • Level: 1
  • Strength: 10
  • Defense: 10
  • Speed: 10
  • Health: 10
  • HP: 10/10
  • Intelligence: 0
  • Books Read: 0
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Unemployed

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Name:Irruma Iratus – Derived from irrumabo Latin for fuck and iratus Latin for angry
Age:12 sweeps
Blood Color:Indigo
Quadrant Partners: Red-Maesta Soluss, Pale-Poesie Serein, Ashen-N/A, Black-N/A
Personality: Confident, cocky, pushy, persistent, vain, narcissistic, aggressive, promiscuous, flirtatious, can be charitable when it comes to helping out the community.
Hobbies:Lifting weights, archery, bar hopping, demolition
Likes:working out, hunting, sex, easy lays, explosions, helping the colony, physical pain.
Dislikes:: Being told no, feeling useless, feeling powerless, low bloods who don't know their place.
Song:Fuckmachine - Combichrist


Land:Land of Whips and Chains
Title:Knight of Life
Dream Planet: Prospit


Demolishist (demolition + specialist)(demo-lish-ist)
Demolishists are essential in building a new empire. In order to build anew the structures of the previous inhabitants need to be demolished. The demolishists are always sent out to a new planet after the native inhabitants have been subdued to start the first step to building a colony. Since it involves highly sensitive explosives demolishists need a steady hand and a sharp mind to handle them when setting up a site. Explosions and demolition of the old structures are in a controlled environment not just careless destruction.


The Unchaste

Your name is Irruma Irratus and damn you look good. You are 12 sweeps old and you are out in the universe fucking shit up When you aren’t busy fucking shit up you lift weights and work on your crossbow and spear skills. If you aren’t lifting weights or bettering your skills you are out hunting ass. You sure do get around a lot. You just can not keep your huge bulge in your pants, which are so low it is hard not to notice.You bar hop at all hours trying to pick up anyone in the vicinity. You do not take no for an answer. Who the hell would say no to you in the first place? Since you get PUSHY about it you tend to get spalled and punched quite a bit, but it’s ok you like the pain, boy do you like it rough. Once you do get someone back to your hive things always go hard, fast and rough, for them anyway. No one ever fights back they just take it. Just one time you would love for someone to hurt you back, but it does not look it will happen anytime soon. You really do not care what color blood the troll under you is, but when it comes to your future matesprit you have standards, only blue bloods. Getting a sea dweller would be quite an accomplishment, you can't even pick them up in the sleaziest of bars. Having lots of meaningless sex is great and all but it lacks a real connection, which is all you really want but are afraid of at the same time.Besides sleeping around you are an excellent marksman, whether it be with your crossbow or spears. Going out in the wilderness and killing all sorts of wild creatures. You always get a lot of meat from them, but with your diet you can not have a lot of meat. So you give away the meat to vendors at the market, they can profit from it more than you, how kind. Times like this you swallow your pride and are helping the poor low bloods but it does give you a different sense of pride knowing you are helping the colony. You are not cocky all the time with your blue blood attitude. Luckily you can keep your temper under control out in public just enough to help out.Since you have a temper you lift weights to let out aggression and frustration, and it helps you stay in such great shape. Your lusus is your spotter and trainer. It gives you two a lot of time to bond. Though he does get annoyed with you when you put holes in the wall and leave him to fix them, but he knows it just comes with the temper. Another way you keep calm is constructive destruction. Being a demolitnate you get to blow up the old buildings from the original inhabitants in a controlled manner. That way your colony can build and expand. You love helping the colony in any way you can, and have been since you arrived on this planet. Oddly here is beauty watching a building collapse, destroying the old and making room for the new. It is like some kind of poetry that your morail would write. That is probably why it calms you, his poetry to you is very calming and you can see it in buildings getting destroyed.
Irruma was always rather aggressive, even as a grub. As he got older he started picking fights with anyone who crossed his path, though he got beat a lot of the time. His lusus decided it was time to start training him. He began learning the arts of archery and spearing, and as an added bonus weight training. He was able to defend himself, but instead of using his newly learned skills for defense he used the to start more fights and get back at those that beat him up. His lusus took him out to the middle of the woods with his bow, some arrows and a spear and left him there, hoping he would learn to use the weapons for the right reasons.Almost a week later Irruma returned to his hive, covered in blood, without his weapons and with several creature hides. He dropped them in front of his lusus and cried. His lusus wiped the blood from Irruma's face and hugged him. He learned the proper use for his weapons, but that didn't stop him from from using what his lusus couldn't take from him, his fists. Angry and vicious on Alternia. Lusus started training him it helped relieve some anger but he still picked fights with anyone. Left Alternia as soon as he could, got into the demolitinate class. Had a flushed crush on an older violet blood. Violet blood didn't want anything to do with him. Irruma being persistent the violet blood agreed to meet him. Unfortunately the violet blood forced himself on Irruma knocked him unconscious and left him for dead. That kick started his sexually devious lifestyle. Years after that incident and hundreds on one night stands another violet blood caught his attention. The exact opposite of the one he first encountered. Thinking it was just another one night stand it lead to him falling in love and finally finding his matesprit.
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