The Glacier Keeto
Owner: Shantal

Age: 6 years, 8 months, 3 weeks

Born: March 18th, 2013

Adopted: 6 years, 2 months, 1 week ago

Adopted: October 1st, 2013

Pet Spotlight Winner
February 21st, 2017


  • Level: 274
  • Strength: 687
  • Defense: 682
  • Speed: 682
  • Health: 682
  • HP: 662/682
  • Intelligence: 126
  • Books Read: 126
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Unemployed

Adron has a love for tundra wildlife that he portrays in film.

His premier piece entitled Penguin Paradise was the result of two years of living out of a tent custom made to look like a chunk of ice that would assure the nearby birds they were in no danger. Every piece of equipment he brought on site was similarly camoflaged. Adron even wore a thermal body suit specially designed to preserve his body heat while lying still for hours. His iceberg cameras were on timers that he could set with a few buttons on his digital watch. He even had special underwater cameras guaranteed to get the perfect shot eighty feet below the surface and at temperatures as low as negative sixty degrees.

Polar Bear Plight will make those delightful penguin shots look like something any child could have captured.

He has been following Frasta and her two cubs for months, documenting the first time Beor and Borea tumbled out of the cave of their birth and the majesty of the three bears in the water. He did not shy away from shots of Frasta teaching her young ones how to beguile and kill a seal. He has underwater shots so crystal-clear that one could count the tiny hairs on the underbelly of the great bear as she dives deep beneath the ice to seek meat for her cubs. Beor and Borea have grown up as much reality stars as the children of Hollywood, their antics captured by the Bear Cam which feeds directly to the Arctic Research Foundation's computer back home. A video of Borea trying to flip the camera onto its back after seeing it scoot across the ice already has over a million online views.

Every viewer is a potential supporter of Adron's mission. Saving these majestic creatures by stopping the shrinking of the polar caps is the legacy he hopes to leave the world.

He does not limit his efforts solely to bears. There are magnificent shots of arctic foxes on the hunt, leopard seals doing underwater cartwheels and even a pod of surfacing whales blowing rainbow arcs of water toward the sky. He never misses an opportunity to capture life in the frozen world, desperate to convince a skeptical world that the tundra is not a dead zone good for only its promise of oil.

It is a delight to see such a healthy trio. He tried to complete this project once before, with another trio of bears that captured his heart until the day it nearly shattered.


Aurora was low on weight after giving birth to two undersized cubs. They stumbled out onto slushy brown snow on legs that could barely support them. Adron knew it was a mistake to give names to creatures that would never survive the winter, but he had a soft heart for polar bears and decided to call them Gee and Haw.

Aurora's hunts were largely unsuccessful. There were days Adron wished he could find a way to drive the bear further north, away from the settlement that was taking her food supply for their own oil needs and leaving the bear with no option but to scavenge.

It sickened Adron to see Aurora losing so much weight and resorting to a landfill for mere scraps that could never provide adequate nutrition for a nursing mother. Not even near-empty cans of rotting dog food were too repulsive for a starving bear. Aurora's muzzle would come away with thin lines of red where the steel edges of cans bit through her skin. She developed a limp after treading on a broken bottle tossed carelessly aside by one of the loggers who came to cut down the ancient trees of the evergreen forest without ever planting a single sapling. One day she even found the lunch bag of a careless worker and dined on his bologna sandwich, much to the delight of his fellow workers. Aurora ran at the screeching sounds of the hungry human, more interested in getting back to her cubs than defending the brown paper bag she had ripped to shreds.

It was on the day Aurora died that Adron got himself in trouble with the law. Gee had been lost the day before, taken by a male wandering in search of new territory. There was nothing Adron could do as he watched the skinny cub become a meal for another bear that was clearly on the brink of starvation. Haw survived by sheer dumb luck, finding a narrow cavern that the old bear's fat paw could not get into. Aurora came loping across the ice, a roar of denial and anger forcing the bigger bear to turn. She fought with the ferocity of a mother but took her share of injuries before she could drive the intruder away.

Aurora's fur was streaked with blood and she walked with a limp as she sniffed her surviving cub all over. Haw barely had the energy to eat the small rabbit his mother dropped at his paws. Aurora had taken nothing for herself and had no choice but to hunt again.

She had ignored the animals of men, but a corral of fat mules proved too tempting to a bear that was hungry and hurting. One of the mules was a pest always trying to work his way out of the fence. He had been kicking at a loose board for months, one the shoulder of a polar bear could snap in half with little effort. Aurora took the weakest beast, able to bring him down even in her weakened state. She did not look up from her meal as the other mules ran through the hole she had created. She did not even look up when the rancher entered the corral. She raised her head only when the bullet hit her between the eyes and to this day Adron will swear there was sadness in the look she leveled on the rancher. The man was skilled with a gun, dropping her with the next shot before she could charge.

Adron should have abandoned the area but the thought of little Haw sitting in the home cave and waiting for his mother made the man furious. He had little difficulty breaking into the rancher's meat locker. The small voice in the back of Adron's mind kept telling him he must be insane. He would only prolong the cub's suffering, giving Haw meat that would not last him a week. Adron didn't care. He had to do something, no matter what the consequences.

The first two trips were successful. He took great care to transport the meat in a sack that he rubbed over Aurora's still body. The cub might get a whiff of his smell, but hunger would likely win out. On his third and final return to the ranch, a sheriff's car awaited him.

They put him in jail for six months and made him pay the rancher for the meat he'd stolen. The rugged man failed to prove Adron had anything to do with the loss of three mules. Adron could hardly be held responsible for the actions of a wild animal.

He spent those months staring at charts of the Arctic until his eyes swam and watered. He would return. He would go all the way to the North Pole if that was what it took to show people the majesty and beauty they would soon erase from the world.


He still has all the footage from the fist voyage. His plan is to mingle the healthy and sickly families in a collage of clips that will delight viewers without allowing them to become too comfortable. They need to see the ugly side of human progress, to feel the pain of loss as if their own children were starving and dying before them.

He is not just doing this for the bears or for the Arctic world he loves. He is doing it for all of humanity and for those children he hopes will never view the polar bear's portrait in a gallery alongside the dinosaur.

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