Angelus Lucio has a minion!

Brisco the Hund

Angelus Lucio

The Cream Clawsion
Owner: Camilla

Age: 3 years, 11 months, 6 days

Born: November 14th, 2015

Adopted: 3 years, 11 months, 6 days ago

Adopted: November 14th, 2015

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  • Level: 15
  • Strength: 30
  • Defense: 12
  • Speed: 10
  • Health: 11
  • HP: 11/11
  • Intelligence: 31
  • Books Read: 25
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Scrap Collector


  • Name: Angelus Lucio
  • Age: 34
  • Height: 1.88m
  • Sexuality: Bisexual
  • Status: In a relationship with Preston Garvey

Life Excerpt

The pain was excruciating. It felt as if his whole left side was burning. They were in the middle of a gunfight and he was quite useless right now. It didn't sit right with him not being able to help defend against their assailants. Not that Preston wasn't doing a great job of keeping those Synths at bay, but he would've felt better if he could do more than just sit here hoping that everything would work out. He was a doer after all.
He closed his eyes. That pain. He could definitely have done without that pain. Something was repeatedly pressing against his left arm trying to get him to move. Without opening his eyes he lifted his hand and then let it sink into the soft fur of the German Shepherd by his side. As he did the dog started licking his face. He smiled.
-"Alright Brisco, calm down. I'm okay." Angelus opened his eyes and looked at the dog as it sat down next to him. He reached up and started to scratch his loyal companion behind an ear. As his canine friend was laying down beside him and placed his head in his lap Angelus noticed that the sounds of gunfire had ceased. Preston came over and crouched down next to him.
-"How bad is it?" As he asked he started to help Angelus get his coat and armor off. His voice was full of genuine concern. Despite the pain he was in Angelus couldn't help but smile. He reached up and caressed Preston's cheek lovingly.
-"Preston, don't worry. We'll get through this just like we have with everything else up until now."
-"I wish I could be as confident as you about that but you know as well as I do that we don't have any more stimpaks or medicine of any kind with us. I can't really treat...this." He gestured towards Angelus' side that was both burnt and bloody. The shot had only been a grazing one but considering the type of gun that had been used even a grazing shot was bad enough. Had it been more than that he probably would have disintegrated but in his current condition and the pain levels he was experiencing Angelus couldn't help but wonder if the alternative wasn't preferable.
-"Babe, you worry too much."
-"And you worry too little."
-"Well, there's a lot of buildings we still haven't searched through. One of them might have what we need." He smiled. Preston sighed.
-"We don't know that though. They might all be empty of useful stuff..." He stopped for a moment as if to gather his thoughts. “At least I can stop the bleeding and clean the wound. Once that's done I'll at least feel a bit better about the situation." Preston smiled at him. “I guess we're lucky we haven't run into super mutants as well."
-"Or ghouls."
-"Or raiders." Preston shook his head.
-"Alright, I get it. We've been very lucky."
-"Exactly. So what's to say we won't be lucky again?" Preston sighed as he finished bandaging Angelus' wound.
-"Yes, well luck has a tendency to run out at some point. And I'm just worried that we might have reached that point..." He could see how much this was weighing on Preston's mind. Raising his arms he lovingly placed his hands on Preston's cheeks and looked him straight in the eyes.
-"I don't think so."
-"It's not exactly something you'd know, is it?"
-"As long as I'm allowed to have both you and Brisco in my life, my luck is intact." Pulling Preston's face closer to his own Angelus gave his lover a tender kiss.


Overlay by CORE. Human art by GlaceLeau, colored by me. Minion overlay by Sonatine. Story by me.

Pet Treasure

Radcherry Tart

Radlime Tart

Soda Jerk Lime Rickey Bottle Cap

Dystopian Grungy Numbered Jumpsuit

Vault Jumpsuit

Scuffed Vault Boot

Soda Jerk Cream Soda Bottle Cap

Soda Jerk Grape Soda Bottle Cap

Soda Jerk Root Beer Bottle Cap

Assorted Bottle Caps

Used Bottle Cap

Irradiated Cola Bottle

Turquoise Broken Bottle

White Broken Bottle

Black Broken Bottle

Blue Broken Bottle

Red Broken Bottle

Purple Broken Bottle

Green Broken Bottle

Tarnished Spoon

Tarnished Fork

Useless Wires

Crinkled Scrap of Paper

Unfolded Snippet of Paper

Shredded Scrap of Paper

Bent-Cornered Scrap of Paper

Battered Snippet of Paper

Intricate Components

Refined Components

Standard Components

Simple Components

Crude Components

Rusted Skitters For Chancellor Megaphone

Rusted Milk Can

Rotted Jump Rope

Misshapen Spring

Loose Wires

Loose Screws

Loose Button Wreckage

Busted Bolt Wreckage

Busted Nut Wreckage

Busted Mirror Wreckage

Busted Light Wreckage

Broken Lever

Bent Antenna Wreckage

Battered and Broken Wheel

Bent Copper Pipe Wreckage

Bent Metal Grate Wreckage

Battered Metal Disk

Layered Copper Pipe

Broken Ornamented Mirror

Broken Beaded Bunny Keychain

Dirty BellKitty Phone Charm

Squished Denture Paste

Smushed Paper Coffee Cup

Dirty Perfume Bottle

Stale Minion Treats

Box of Twilight Scrap Metal

Box of Sun Scrap Metal

Box of Marsh Scrap Metal

Box of Lilac Scrap Metal

Box of Golden Scrap Metal

Box of Arid Scrap Metal

Box of Cream Scrap Metal

Box of Dawn Scrap Metal

Box of Dusk Scrap Metal

Box of Field Scrap Metal

Geiger Counter

Nuclear Ian Asmodeus Plushie

Nuclear Stained Glass Cookie

Nasty Radioactive Goo

Radbrine Tart

Radlemon Tart

Radcurrant Tart

Nuclear Pie

Nuclear Potion: Behind the Scenes

Nuclear Symbol Lollipop

Nuclear Spider Beanbag

Nuclear Ghost

Plutonium Dragon

Nuclear Subeta Shampoo

Radioactive Flopit Figurine

Radioactive Piggy Bank

Radioactive Pizza

Radioactive Snowball

Radioactive Spork

Radioactive Water

Nuclear Potion

Nuclear Potion Plushie

Nuclear Curry

Mechalag Nuclear Tongue

Lemon-Hazard Belt

Atomic Marshmallow Bunny

Atomic Kitty

Nuclear Matter

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