Annaliese has a minion!

Momoko the Rabish


The Glade Popoko
Owner: May

Age: 8 years, 4 months, 2 weeks

Born: February 7th, 2010

Adopted: 6 years, 9 months, 2 weeks ago

Adopted: September 5th, 2011

Pet Spotlight Winner
June 25th, 2011


  • Level: 40
  • Strength: 98
  • Defense: 99
  • Speed: 98
  • Health: 98
  • HP: 98/98
  • Intelligence: 25
  • Books Read: 25
  • Food Eaten: 2
  • Job: Minion Feeder

damn that girl she's scandalous

no good, you're up to no good

by Keshi

At first glance, Annaliese appears to be an innocent Glade Popoko, la la la, she loves fairies and unicorns and bottled rainbow happiness; her favourite pasttime must be dancing around in slow motion while raindrops gently fall on her fur to glisten softly as the sun's rays caress her face and the distant sound of wind chimes are carried on the summer breeze . . .

In actuality, Annaliese is PURE, UNADULTERATED EVIL. She is the Ninth Circle of Hell condensed into one small woodland creature. Sure, she loves fairies and unicorns ... SHE ENJOYS DRINKING THEIR BLOOD. Everything she does is calculated to give maximum irritation, annoyance, or pain, delivered in the most adorable way possible (herself). Of course, she wasn't born like this; too many years of being the sweet, invisible doormat was unbearable and Annaliese swung to the other extreme. People notice her now, but for all the wrong reasons. Annaliese is a great hunter terrible bully and often targets the weak, very young, elderly or disabled much like a lion picking out its prey ...

As a consequence Annaliese doesn't have many friends. She doesn't even entertain the notion, unless she deems one to be 'useful' to her master plan of conquering the world. However, Annaliese's grandiose plans of WORLD DOMINATION often scare the (saner) pets away. She would never admit it, but she is extraordinarily lonely. Her minion, Momoko, doesn't even count as a friend ... (more of a hostage suffering from Stockholm syndrome, to be perfectly honest.)

Annaliese does bear ACTUAL EMOTIONS in the depths of her black heart, which she will show if you're also into cruel manipulation and blackmail. If you get past that, she shows an affection for poetry, long walks on the beach, and violins being played to her while she sits at a romantic dinn- no, just kidding. She just enjoys being diabolical in every way.
But she does have one weakness for pretty trinkets and accessories, and many victims have managed to succesfully bribe her out of causing them unimaginable pain and torment.

When approaching Annaliese ... DON'T unless you are fully qualified (that is to say, a criminal mastermind or Satan himself.) If Annaliese approaches you, just know that resistance is futile. Good luck, brave soldier, if Annaliese has picked you to be her next victim. There is nothing anybody can do, so you will just have to await the inevitable ...

by Milangta

overlay by Keshi

Pet Treasure

Calavera Bride Withered Bouquet


Skitters Favorite Needle

Rose Satin Corsage Headband

Blood-Filled Hourglass

Rose Satin Corsage Sash

Purple Empire Ribbon

Calavera Bride Single Red Rose

Red Carnation

Dying Flower

Red Vesnali Rose

Mutated Heart

Kuro Neko San Book of Death

Incriminating Heart Plushie

Dark Thing in a Box

Desolate Avian Skull

Bloody Hatchet

Massacre Chainsaw

Red Purdeflowr Plushie

Boney Mug

Gnawed Thigh Bone

Immense Blade

Adriette Doll

Dark Shaman Buck Skull

Dark Shaman Bone Necklace

Dark Shaman Jaw Bone Club

Black Skull Bow Tie

Virus Cardboard Mask

Morostide Cape of Grim Tidings

Dark Life Potion

Snow Queen Sword

Bunny Morostide Plushie


Black Hair Ribbon

Bunny Voodoo Doll







13th Cat

Plagued Rat Swarm

Ebilness Squirrel


Bad Luck Trio



Eyeball-Goo Cauldron

Empty Vial

White Sweetie Ribbon

Mori Bandage

Gris Gris Bag


Poppy Crown

Dark Red Waist Ribbon

RoQ Candy Loish Ribbon

Secret Luminaire Spice

Cherry Gummy Heart

Zooky Collar

Wrapping Bows

Pink Hyacinth


Deadly Nightshade

Pet Friends