The Custom Reborn Lain
Owner: Shantal

Age: 8 years, 10 months, 4 weeks

Born: October 17th, 2010

Adopted: 8 years, 10 months, 4 weeks ago

Adopted: October 17th, 2010

Pet Spotlight Winner
February 3rd, 2017


  • Level: 82
  • Strength: 205
  • Defense: 204
  • Speed: 202
  • Health: 202
  • HP: 124/202
  • Intelligence: 6
  • Books Read: 6
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Unemployed

The tree where Aridian resides looks like any other tree from the outside. Step through the door concealed behind a very large knothole and you will realize there is much more to the quiet lain than appearances first led you to believe.

A shelf with a line of hanging bulbs supports clusters of plants as diverse as the lands of Subeta. Frost Clusters and Saheric Miniature Palms grow to the far left and right, organized beneath lights designed to give just the right amount (or lack) of heat. More mundane flowers known to grow on the shores of Veta Lake are kept to the center beneath the best light source. The lights are programmed to dim as the sun sets, allowing the plants to follow nature's cycle for optimal health.

Even more impressive is Aridian's book collection. They range in topic from technical manuals detailing the construction of Atebus to adventure stories set among the dark hills of Shadowglen. To Aridian, there is no such thing as a boring book. He knows better than most the thrill of getting lost in worlds created from imagination. His greatest friends are the characters he joins for grand adventures. Their trials and triumphs are his own as he convinces himself that this time he will stop after just one more page. Three more chapters will be consumed before necessity demands he set the book aside.

He never requires a reading light as he is able to produce green fire with his wings. The light increases as he reaches the most suspenseful part of the chapter.

Zanthion is working to pick the lock of a crate that contains secrets about his mother's disappearance. Little does he know that the evil Doctor Spherical is in the room, fine-tuning the Celinoxious Ray of Doom and preparing to fire.

Aridian's stomach growls loudly, causing him to start. A nervous chuckle passes his lips at his own folly. For a moment he had honestly believed Doctor Spherical was behind him, warming up that dreadful ray.

Aridian flips ahead a few pages to find the chapter break. He should really get on the hunt but he only has three pages to go and he just hasto finish this chapter.

The chapter ends with Zanthion turning his head to meet the maniacal gaze of his nemesis. A sickly green light forms in the barrel of Doctor Spherical's gun.

Aridian forces himself to place a bookmark. He is still trying to work out in his mind how Zanthion will avoid a massy end as he launches himself from the branch outside his bedroom window.

The vole he spots first is granted another night to forage as a shape forming in the shadows catches Aridian's attention, slowing his descent. He could swear he just saw Glorxan, the four-headed space dog that is Zanthion's constant companion. Where is Glorxan anyway? It certainly seems funny that such a loyal pet would go wandering off in the creepy warehouse owned by a mysterious tycoon. With a snort of annoyance, Aridian gives his head a shake and drops lower so that his shadow will spoil no more dives. His full attention falls to the ground as his belly starts to offer more elaborate complaints.

A bush of blackberries serves as a tasty snack but a few fruits are not nearly enough for a full-grown lain. He is beginning to wonder if he will go to bed hungry when a rabbit bursts from her warren almost directly beneath him. His talons sink into her back. A quick bite to the neck ends her thrashing.

The rabbit has been eating well, giving Aridian a filling meal. He cannot help yawning a few times as the sun breaks over the trees. He has to bite back a groan as he realizes the branch above his two-story tree condo is occupied.

Good morning, Aridian! I do hope you've had a productive hunt. I never will understand how you can stand to eat other creatures. Nuts and berries are all you'll ever find me pouncing on and my meals never fight back. Shina laughs, the little leaf on her collar bobbing up and down. The young popoko was friendly to everybody.

Aridian glances at his front door with longing. He never seems to know the right things to say. He doesn't mind in the least that other forest residents believe him snobbish and leave him alone. There is no escaping the power of Shina, though. She has the awful ability to turn a one-word response into a one-hour conversation.

I'm really tired, Shina. Aridian is grateful his dark feathers hide the blush creeping over his face. Why is it so hard to talk to people? It is certainly nothing to do with his species. He has met other lains who jabber like parrots. When he opens his mouth, he feels as if his tongue weighs a hundred pounds.

You nocturnal hunters sure do miss out, sleeping when the sun is high. I know all about tired with seven little ones, let me tell you. Indignant squeaks rise from the small pink door at Shina's back. That will be the children calling for breakfast. You have a nice sleep, Aridian.

Aridian ducks inside. He's glad to be alone at last. He falls asleep quickly, dreaming about laser guns and tall men with round heads and curly black moustaches that try to talk him to death.

He wakes shortly after noon, eagerly picking up his book.

Glorxan arrives just in time, growling to distract Doctor Spherical so that the ray shoots a metal hook hanging from the ceiling. A large square of crates suspended in a rope net falls on Doctor Spherical's head. He screams curses as the heroic pair make their escape. Zanthion must travel for many days. He learns more about the Zeta Maximum Security Center by posing as a great space lord and gaining secrets from beautiful young ladies at an intergalactic ball. As he flies in his GX146 cruiser, he encounters a variety of creatures, some friendly and many other hostile. In time he comes to the cell where his mother had been held for many weeks. He is haunted by the sweet scent of her perfume.

This time it is not hunger that causes Aridian to set the book aside, but a longing of another kind.

He flies deep into the forest, taking a perch above the wide dirt road lined with smooth stones and taking a nervous breath as he waits for the road to fill.

It is the season of Masquerade and Aridian's forest home serves as a path for many citizens of Subeta seeking passage to the great ballroom of Atebus. Gentlemen in waistcoats escort ladies in beautiful gowns, their necks adorned with strings of pearl or gold chains. Their delicate masks are of the finest craftsmanship.

More than anything, Aridian wishes to don a mask capable of hiding the severity of his social awkwardness as surely as it hides his identity. He watches the party goers until he can no longer bear to think about how they will nibble small treats and sip from crystal cups as they twirl around the dance floor. He wishes he could be like Zanthion, taking the hand of the belle of the ball as he sweet-talks her into whispering all her secrets in his ear. He will never have the courage to face the crowds of Masquerade. He takes flight instead, ready to retreat to the much safer realm of fantasy.


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Pet Treasure

Wild Rabbit Companion

Magical Walnut Tree

Rabbit Foot


Mandrake Root

Lilac Flower



Tempestuous Berries

Dance of the Spirits

Prism Kaleidoscope

The Sun and the Flower

Glade Waterfalls

In the Forests

Shiny Winter Light Bulb

Lightbulb Nunchucks

Mysterious Glowing Bulb

Cogwork Key

Brass Old Key

Moss Covered Rock

Moonlit Moss Covered Rock

Mossy Tree Bark

Root Forest Sample

Pentagonal Forest Tile

Magical Pear Tree

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Branch of the World Tree

Cave Moss


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