Baby Doll has a minion!

Sweet Pea the Marmadoodle

Baby Doll
Legacy Name: Baby Doll

The Glacier Sheeta
Owner: Chie

Age: 12 years, 9 months, 1 day

Born: October 20th, 2011

Adopted: 12 years, 9 months, 1 day ago

Adopted: October 21st, 2011


  • Level: 177
  • Strength: 436
  • Defense: 430
  • Speed: 431
  • Health: 430
  • HP: 430/430
  • Intelligence: 339
  • Books Read: 324
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Certified Mad Scientist

coding for a commission... italic bold underline LINK


Buy CIs for Gun, Sword, {4 items-map, fire{lighter}, knife, key}

{last one is mystery- at the end it's you{babydoll}

it is the goal, the cause, only you can find it and when you do it will set you free oh wait one more thing

defend yourself

I lost everyone I ever loved. And then they locked me away. With no where to hide, from the pain. I thought after my mother's death that things would never be the same for me and my sister. Little did I know that this drastic change would happen in all that one day. I was foolish to ever trust my stepfather and because of my ignorance my sister was murdered. He was a monster. He never loved us or our mother. He was only interested in her fortune which was given to me and my sister. He was left with nothing. His rage consumed him and made him decide to attack me and my sister. With us out of the way there was no one to stop him from taking what he thought belonged to him. That man, he is surely pure evil. His evil smirk he had when he laughed and taunted me. He kept telling me I could not do it how we needed him and without him we would end up on the streets like the little dirty rats we are. I was weak, I gave into his taunting. I could not stand his talking and all the lies that he said. I had to pull the trigger of the gun. His dirty mouth was giving me pain, pain which would be silenced forever with just a squeeze.


❅ - Anima
❅ - Ankoku
❅ - Sketch by User not found: universe Lines & Coloring by Emi
❅ - Romanteek
❅ - souleater {to be lined & colored later}
❅ - Sketch by Teags Lines & Coloring by gittygreengerbil
❅ - Catgut
❅ - Sketch by User not found: toastmuffin Lines & Coloring by gittygreengerbil
❅ - Lark
❅ - Lark
❅ - User not found: fragrance
❅ - Hitherto
❅ - styx
❅ - Efona
❅ -Ikaro
❅ - Choco
❅ - User not found: ursa
❅ - Ceri
❅ - Senpai
❅ - Director {permission to get lined & colored}
❅ - apricots {permission to get lined & colored}


Profile by Ringo
Image by Anima
Overlay by Ankoku

Pet Treasure

Common Six-Shooter

Artifact Sword

Black Headband

Rebel Doll Strands

Pet Friends

You'll never have me... ever.

Sweet Pea.
Love, be free, you have to live for all of us now.