Flandre Scarlet has a minion!

Lævateinn the Pyrus

Flandre Scarlet

The Spectrum Lasirus
Owner: Marine

Age: 10 years, 2 months, 6 days

Born: January 25th, 2010

Adopted: 10 years, 2 months, 6 days ago

Adopted: January 25th, 2010


  • Level: 521
  • Strength: 1,302
  • Defense: 1,283
  • Speed: 1,272
  • Health: 1,272
  • HP: 1,272/1,272
  • Intelligence: 481
  • Books Read: 476
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Certified Mad Scientist

story + formatting is a work in progress, please wait warmly

For a vampire, she was quite different than any other.

While many vampires were turned in their early adulthood, she was forever quite young: not a day over twelve years in how she looked or how she acted. Whereas fledgling vampires rarely had any special powers, she immediately began to develop catastrophic abilities, her magic of fire and brimstone expanding almost exponentially.
Finally, where every single vampire like her had wings, she simply had none. Big, beautiful bat wings, all delicate flesh and perfectly-crafted talon-- her older sister had them, yet she did not. No amount of magic or excuses could give her them, not even transforming completely into a bat would solve her crisis of flightlessness.

And Flandre hated every moment of it.

Her sister got to be a refined lady, a rather normal and presentable vampire, and she got to fly. She got to say where they would go or what they would do next: their parents were gone, after all, so they relied entirely on each other. And that meant listening to her older sister's rational thoughts, night in and night out.
Flandre didn't even get to help much with hunting humans to eat! She found it quite fun, giving into the emotion and instinct of being a night-going monster and tearing people apart with her bare hands-- but the way she did it, there was rarely anything left to drink or eat afterwards.

So, more often than not, she would be the one to hide away in the catacombs, waiting for her sister to bring something back. It was no such life for someone her age-- someone forever her age-- and her restlessness, eventually, became upheaval.

Neither she nor Remilia were certain where it came from, exactly. Magic was something common for vampires to start learning from scratch as soon as they were turned, of course, but something was incredibly different with Flandre.

She had the raw strength and speed that any vampire had, which was incredibly dangerous for obvious reasons, but better yet, she had some sort of telekinetic ability. By focusing on an object or person, she could locate their center of pressure and smother it with magical power-- crushing that center of pressure and causing the object (or person) to simply explode.
And all for just focusing hard enough on something and gesturing to destroy it!

While some elder vampires could probably use this ability purely as a last resort, or even for good, no child could really be trusted with it. Especially not after that child found a weird metal stick somewhere in the dark and the dust, which rapidly became a way to channel all that weird power-- something her older sister realized a bit too late.

One evening, Remilia came home to find much of everything inexplicably on fire.

Living in the Paris Catacombs was incredibly convenient, for nobody disturbed you but you could go and disturb everybody.
However, when you returned to them only to find your younger sister setting it all aflame, purely for fun and because she couldn't hurt herself with her own magic, then something clearly was amiss and had to change.

They didn't go back to the catacombs after that.
Thankfully, Remilia had come to know many of the other vampires in France, learning everything she needed to know from them. Among them was an older gentleman who often took fledglings under his wing, offering them his manor as a place to stay while they got used to being glorious creatures of the night. This generous offer was quickly accepted, and suddenly everything had changed.

It was a great big house, with comfortable beds, warm fires and lots of fresh food that didn't need to be killed first-- and as far as Flandre was concerned, those were the only things that really mattered. She actually got to follow Remilia wherever she went, got to play the same games and do the same things as her, and this inclusion was what she really sought.

Sometimes she would be exempt from this or from that, from boring adult things like meetings, but that was quite all right. There was no excess of toys to play with or places to explore! In fact, the previously-unused basement was turned into her personal quarters, a quiet and comfortable place to live when the world above became overwhelming.

There were a few things that broke what was, to her, a sweet silence.

The sudden death of their guardian, ignited from the chaos of the French revolution.
The appearance of a sarcastic but charming witch, who promptly moved in and took over the library.
The fight Remilia had with an infamous vampire hunter.. and her decision thereafter to turn an enemy into an ally.

That last one stuck as the strangest of them all, for their new friend was a human.
There was no being friends with humans, not ever-- for if they were not food, they were dangerous and never to be trusted. These were the simple terms that Flandre had always understood them in, but now there was an exception to the rule.

She stood there, eyes aglow in the dark, watching as Remilia descended the stairwell with someone else in tow. Curiosity beckoned her to immediately run up close, but Flandre stayed quite still besides subtle shifts and gestures of her right hand.
Whoever this was, she wasn't afraid of them: their eye, the center of pressure in their body, could be crushed in a second.

"Flannie, this is Sakuya. She is our new maid, and my personal assistant with everything that needs doing," Remilia explained, letting her accomplice step out beside her. "I want you to be kind to her, because she has promised to serve us forever and never hurt us."

This visitor looked nothing like a vampire: she had no wings, no claws, no fangs or tail. But she did not smell like a human, she did not see blindly in the dark like a human, and never did a human her age have such bright silver hair.
Flandre approached her, right hand starting to relax as she followed her sister's cue of being kind, the only sound from her being a thoughtful, curious "oooh".

Calm as could be, Sakuya merely curtsied before holding a hand out.

"It is very nice to meet you, Flandre. Your sister has told me all about you, and I hope that we can be friends," she said, tone level despite the uncertainties in her heart. "I will be bringing you breakfast and dinner, and I will help keep your living space clean. But I will always knock before I come in, and if you do not want me to come in, I will not."
Momentarily her gaze flickered to Remilia for reassurance; Remilia just smiled and subtly nodded, gesturing to keep focusing on this interaction.

"Sakuya... I hope we can be friends, too!
I've never had any friends before, not besides Remi, so.. I'm really happy."

Flandre offered her biggest smile, and reached out to gingerly touch Sakuya's outstretched hand. It was for but a moment, but she could see her older sister lighting up proudly, the ultimate sign of approval.

Later, Sakuya would admit that she was perhaps ten seconds away from a stress-induced heart attack.

But it was progress, progress like never before. Even with incidents and issues, like that one party where Flandre had seriously wounded a guest simply by trying to be friendly (and so had to be kept busy during parties so she wouldn't try to join in), life at the mansion was pretty all right. Even when the whole mansion had to be relocated due to the threat of war in Europe, which brought in a foreign godlike being to simply teleport it and its residents to a quiet Japanese valley, harmony was the norm.

Flandre, yet, was still unsatisfied.
One woe of her nearly five hundred year-long life was still unanswered:

"I want to fly. I want to fly like you."

And she posed for just a moment, opening her arms wide and holding her hands in exaggeration.
Remilia watched with a sad smile, her wings slowly mirroring this dramatization.

What was she to do? The old answer, "you don't have wings, you can't", was too cruel to repeat over and over. Not when her little sister had become more and more confident in herself, and had all these other dreams come true.

But she did know something that Flandre didn't: that their new home was so incredibly magical, even a human could fly if they hoped hard enough. Remilia knew it for a fact, since Sakuya had already figured it out, drifting through the air with no effort at all.
The gears in her head rapidly began to turn.

"You know what, Flannie?
I think our friend in the library can help you fly."

Patchouli stayed very much to her own quarters, spending all her time in the gigantic library she had amassed over the years. But despite her quiet nature, she was an incredibly masterful magician that, with all her resources, could do almost anything if bribed enough.
Something like making wings for a wingless vampire would be easy for her.

"Hello? Patchie?"

The sound of an unfamiliar voice attracted immediate attention.
She rose to her feet, stretched briefly, and drifted into view. Tall and a bit sickly, shrouded in pastel robes and overcoat, the librarian had dark hair, dark eyes, and an abject look of horror on her face as she met Flandre's gaze.

Had Remilia really sent her little sister, of all people, in here, alone, for something?
That had to be the most horrifying decision she'd ever made. Ever. And she trusted that to go well?

Reacting with fear or flight was probably a huge mistake, so after an uncomfortable silence, the witch tried to relax.

"Yes, that is technically my name. Patchouli, if you please.
What do you want?"

"Remi said you could help me with the flying thing.."

Flandre was the polar opposite of the unease she was met with: instead she had trouble staying still, for there were fascinating things everywhere. Strange plants she'd never seen before, countless colorful books that were meticulously sorted on the shelves.. even Patchouli's assistant, who watched nervously from a nearby aisle. There were so very many things to see here.

"I... suppose I could."
Oh. Right, the whole wingless thing. Remilia had brought that up now and again, how her sister didn't have wings and so wasn't capable of flight whatsoever. A sad case, but nothing she ever thought would become important.

"Let's see, then. I'm certain I can make you some wings, or just teach you t--"

"You can make me wings?! I want that! I want wings!" Flandre trilled, bobbing up and down with great excitement. "Can... can I help put them together? I want them to be special!"

Patchouli breathed a silent, long sigh. She didn't even get to finish what she had said.
Gods above, this was why she didn't go out much. Nobody was terribly considerate these days.

"Sure. We can do that.
Follow me over here, and we can put them together from what I have..."

An hour and a half later, Remilia found her sister waiting outside the library entrance.
What she saw first was the lack of a disgruntled Patchouli, which meant things had gone better than expected. No need to talk personally about any problems or accidental destruction, none of that. Good, perfect even.

What she saw second was an arching set of limbs attached to her sister's back.
Dark black and hewn of metal, they were gnarled like the old sword Flandre liked to play with, and set into them were dazzling multicolored lights. They looked nothing like proper vampire wings, of course.

"I see Patchy fixed you up with some wings!" Remilia started, all smiles and enthusiasm despite her silent doubts. "Did she help you make them?"

"She did! She let me put them together, then made it so I can move them with my mind!"
Flandre turned, opening her wings and showing off their joints, then shaking them to scatter rainbow light everywhere.

"Their metal's like my sword, 'cause I use it for magic and fire and it's special to me... and all the pretty colored rocks and magic stuff that Patchie has was just-- just really pretty! I've never seen things like the stuff she has!"

Remilia had a moment of thought there: right. The multicolored elements and gemstones that Patchouli worked with, which when all perfectly organized and in unison, could create the Philosopher's Stone. Haha, yikes, that was kind of a worrisome thing to put on a little kid's wings.
(But there wasn't any knowing for sure unless something happened. She'd give it the benefit of the doubt.)

"But she told-- she told me that YOU have to show me how to fly! Since you know how to!"
Flandre looked back at Remilia, gaze endearing and her hands pleadingly clasped.

"Well, you just think about it, really," she answered, holding a hand to her chin in overdramatics.

"All you have to do now is... just have to think that you want to fly, that you really really want to. And then you can, vampires just have to have wings to do it!"

Was it really that simple? For a few moments Flandre stared at the floor and thought about it: that was a weird reason, but you did need wings to fly. Maybe Remilia was just making it sound way easier than it was, just to make her feel better about it.

But she didn't need any further convincing. Giving her sister a big grin, Flandre turned around and took a running start, jumping into the air-- only to land on her feet and glower over her shoulder with a look of dismay.

"Go on, try it again, you just need to think harder," Remilia encouraged, her own smile starting to get nervous. If something was wrong, she wasn't entirely sure how she'd fix it.

Huffing softly, Flandre dusted herself off before taking another shot at it. She opened her wings a little wider, their colorful baubles seeming to glow brighter, and took another running start--

And this time she didn't come down.

She hung there in the air, about three feet off the ground in a smooth hover.
An excited squeak left her as she realized it was working, her wings actively flapping behind her. That squeak became a giggle, and that giggle became contagious laughter as she floated around, letting herself fall as figure out gravity and catch herself.

"Look! Look, Remi! I'm on the ceiling!"

Remilia breathed a soft sigh.
Yeah. She really was on the ceiling.

This was entirely too much power to give her little sister, and now?
There was absolutely nothing she could do about it!

But that was all right, because it sure made her happy.

credits so I don't forget:

- pet, story, profile by Marine
- profile inspired by Majesty's Remilia, since she and Flandre are sisters!
- character artwork by dairi
- original character & some profile assets by ZUN / Junya Ota

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Remilia Scarlet
Yeah.. I know, Remi. And I love our home lots.

Sakuya Izayoi
Sakuya, when are the cookies gonna be done?

Patchouli Knowledge
Patchy, can I have some books to read? Maybe?

You should come back soon! For tea! And playing!

Marisa Kirisame
You go really fast! It's really fun to chase! So come back, okay?

Yukari Yakumo
Oh, oh! Who are you? You're. . . really different. Hmm.