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  • Level: 2,006
  • Strength: 5,327
  • Defense: 5,125
  • Speed: 4,911
  • Health: 5,466
  • HP: 5,466/5,466
  • Intelligence: 2,827
  • Books Read: 2470
  • Food Eaten: 8267
  • Job: Director of SAI

Weaving through the trees and underbrush in a blur of speed, a small-framed female makes her way easily to the outer portion of Senra, her home territory, to take up her post. With the gentle breeze in her hair and the soft scent of the newly blossoming trees and plants around her, Jailla feels at home. The spirits of the earth lend their strength to her, filling her with an inner peace that only Senra can offer to those truly faithful to her call. Just as her ancestors before her, she offered herself to Senra, giving her services and also gaining in return. As is the way of her people, so she will live.

Reaching the perimeter of Senra now, Jailla slows her gait and occupies her post, sky-filled eyes watching carefully through the shifting trees. As ordered, she will not leave her post for days unless hunger calls to her, but even then her post was not to be abandoned. A ration of food tucked into a small pouch will keep her hunger at bay. The first day she offered her services to Senra and became a guardian of her home, she swore she would protect it, no matter the cost. Over the years there have been many instances that tested Jailla; insatiable hunger, extreme temperatures, and execution of non-native beings. Many outsiders have fallen victim to her undeniably strong devotion to her vows to protect Senra, some giving their lives in their attempts to penetrate the borders. There is no hesitation now. She will do anything she has to in honor of her vows.

A small rustling sound alerts Jailla, large ears standing up. Her body becomes rigid as she searches for the source of the noise. After only a few moments, her sky-filled eyes fall upon you, gaze meeting yours. In a split second Jailla swings down from her post, landing in front of you. "You must be lost, stranger. Turn back before you find trouble." A slightly amazed look crosses her features as you explain your wanting to learn more about Senra, her people, and her history. Never before has an outsider expressed interest in learning, only wanting to take for themselves. "Very well, stranger. I will tell you, but you must leave when I have told you all I know."

Continent of Keirae
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Keirae, one of the smallest continents, is only occupied by four territories; Mero (largest), Niuque (second largest), Taha (most populated and industrialized), and Senra (smallest and least populated). Senra is bordered mostly by two territories, Mero and Niuque. A very small portion of border is shared between Senra and Taha. Mero sits on the north and northeastern edge and Niuque occupies the southeastern and southern borders. Taha only borders a small area of the eastern line of Senra. The rest of Senra is bordered by a portion of the Keruan Sea called the Tuola Gulf, which is also responsible for the territory's strong maritime climate.


Sitting on the upper and eastern borders, Mero shares the most border area with Senra. It is the largest territory on the Keirae continent although, contrary to popular belief, Mero is only the second highest in population. Many large cities have been established in Mero, however they are all close to the northern portion of the territory and rest on the Keruan Sea or the northern outlet of the Elonri River. Also unlike its neighboring territory, Mero has mountainous regions throughout the northern part where most of its cities, including its capital Vai, have been erected. Several trading ports spot the shores of the largest cities, allowing Mero to trade with Taha and, to a lesser extent, Niuque. Mero also favors importing goods from larger continents. Little to no communication exists between Mero and Senra due to the lack of trade as well as the wide expanse of land between Mero's major cities and Senra's borders.


Although close in size to Mero, Niuque is slightly smaller and shares less borders along a small portion of the eastern and nearly all of the southern sections of Senra. Similar to Senra, Niuque has areas of dense forest, no mountains, and suffers unique weather anomalies. However industrialization has begun to creep into Niuque's areas. Its northern borders (which touches mostly Taha territory) and eastern borders (lined by the Keruan Sea) are dotted with large and well-established villages. Recently Huoia was declared the capital, although it isn�t large or industrialized enough to be considered a city. Huoia functions as the only trading port for the Niuque territory and its communication center to other areas. Because of the largest desert on Keirae, the Yuen Desert, there is a fairly large expanse of underpopulated land that lies between the industrial areas of Niuque and the borders of Senra. Due to this geographic upheaval, there is little to no communication between the two territories.


Battling for the title of "smallest territory", Taha and Senra are nearly identical in terms of surface area. That, however, is where their similarities end. Taha is the most industrialized, heaviest populated, and highly successful territory of the Keirae continent. Several very large port cities rest on the northern and eastern borders that rest on the shores of the Keruan Sea. Almost all trade with other continents is processed within Taha�s territory through its capital�s port, Panue. Most of the trade items are sold to Mero or Niuque for profit. The small amount of border that Taha and Serna share contributes to the lack of communication between these two territories. The areas of Taha closest to Senra normally experience similar weather anomalies and are currently uninhabited. However, because of the growing population of Taha, smaller cities and villages have begun to creep closer to Senra's borders. Many of the inhabitants of Taha believe Senra to be almost completely uninhabited and view it as an opportunity to expand.



Sitting above the equator, Senra demonstrates all four seasons. Each year varies but even a normal season will demonstrate extreme temperatures between summer and winter and heavy precipitation. It is not unusual for Senra to also have severe storms throughout all seasons.

Spring seasons are normally mild to hot in temperature and low to normal in levels of rainfall. During this time, rivers tend to be low and the land fertile enough to sew seeds for future harvest. Storms and floods are possible but rare during this season.

Summers can be accompanied by high humidity, heavy rainfall, and high heat index. This season is the most extreme and can result in flash flooding, severe storms, and high winds. Because of these factors, Senra inhabitants fear for their crops during this time.

Fall seasons mimic spring seasons although tend to have less rainfall. Crops are able to flourish and be harvested during this time. Storms and floods are unusual during this season.

Winters can vary between mild temperatures with little snowfall to extremely cold temperatures with heavy snowfall. Heavy storms are not completely unusual during this season however they are not common occurrences.


Senra rests on one of the smallest continents, Keirae. A territory mostly dominated by fertile woodlands and wetlands, Senra has very few inhabitants. Most of the land inside Senra has been deemed uninhabitable by more developed territories due to the amount of swampy areas, flat geographic features, and dense forests. No mountains are present in Senra, although there are small areas of rolling hills. Several small rivers cut through the territory although they all feed into the largest river on the continent, The Elonri River. With its many twists and turns, The Elonri River is the main fresh water source for all of the territories on Keirae.


Senra has no established cities and no capital. The territory is mostly uninhabited although the Elonri River and Keruan Sea have small villages established along their shores. Because of the lack of industrialized areas in Senra, there is little to no communication between Senra and the other three territories of Keirae. There is no trade established in Senra. Each village appears to be an entity completely separate and self-sustaining from all other villages.

The Senraen

Senraen Tribes

Even though the Senraen people tend to refer to themselves as "Senraen", there are truly three separate races. Since before the time of the war, the Senraen have been a divided people even though they come from the same ancestors. Each tribe lives in a different area and, therefore, have different customs and habits.The one common factor that they all share is their religious beliefs. All tribes in the Senra believe that the spirits of their ancestors are still with them and offer guidance in times of despair and great need.

The first tribe is the Anaru. The people of this tribe are true warriors and were the main reason the war was victorious in favor of the Senraen. They usually are stockier and heavily-muscled in appearance. They focus on hunting rather than fishing and put efforts towards creating improved weaponry, knives and other close-combat weapons in particular. The Anaru are the only tribe that has successfully established any villages on ground level. All of the villages that the Anaru occupy are in the center of Senra. Although close to the Elonri River for a water supply, they normally do not rely heavily on fishing as a source of sustenance. Forest animals and crops are their main source of food.

The second tribe is the Hadeon. This tribe tends to be sleeker in appearance, relying on quick movements and far-ranged weapons to hunt. They also use spears and nets to fish the Elonri River and her smaller branching streams. Because of their skill with bows and spears alike, the Hadeon tribe relies on both land animals and fish for sustenance. This tribe focuses on improving bows and spears as well as farming tools such as scythes. They occupy the area of Senra that is closest to the Senra and Taha border. Because of this, these villages tend to get less extreme weather but experience heavy flooding. Due to heavy floods, all of the villages have been built in the trees well above the ground. Also because of the heavy flooding, rice is a popular crop in this area.

The last tribe is the Zatha. These people normally have well-muscled upper bodies and sleek lower limbs. The reason behind this is their reliance on the sea for their food. Most of the tribe is involved with spearing and netting fish, which can be very laborious. The women also help to weave rope for nets while the men seek out bountiful fishing holes. Due to their normal occupations, they tend to focus on improving fishing nets and spears. Living next to the sea, their villages experience the most extreme weather changes. This resulted in most of their villages being built further away from the shores and close to ground level, although still high enough to be above flood waters.


This group of inhabitants is native to Senra and is the oldest people on the Keirae continent. Even before the first explorers of Taha arrived, Senra remained untouched and the Senraen lived in peace. As other explorers came, Taha was established first, then Mero, and finally Niuque.

The people of Taha and Mero kept to themselves but in the early development of Niuque, explorers drove deep into the territory of Senra. Explorers were, at first, met with kindness by the Senraen people. As time passed, the Niuque explorers tried to implement industrial changes to Senra and they were met with resistance and, eventually, war. The war between Senra and Niuque lasted for several years. During the first part of the war, many of the Senraen people were taken for slaves or killed, and many villages were burned to the ground. Finally the Senraen people united into one tribe and fought together against the Niuque explorers. Ultimately the Senraen triumphed.

When the war ended, nearly all of the original Niuque explorers had perished with less than one hundred surviving. Stories began to circulate around the remaining territories about savage people and beasts roaming the forests of Senra. Such stories kept future explorers from probing too deeply into Senra, leaving it mostly untouched. When the Senraen people were sure the war was at its finish, the villages went their separate ways once more although some groups joined with others to have strength in numbers and expand their villages.

Since the war between Senra and Niuque, no other battles have occurred. Today the Senraen people are peacefully unaware of the plans of the remaining three territories. They tend to stay within their small territory and do not venture far from their established villages. Although all of the Senraen people are from common ancestry, each village is its own entity. Very little communication exists between each village unless a traumatic event occurs. Otherwise, the Senraen are a very independent people.


Unlike any other territory, the Senraen people live in very simple housing. Most villages have been developed above ground, strung throughout treetops with simple bridges and ladders connecting houses to one another and the ground. This is true because of the heavy flooding that the Senra territory is known for. No electricity exists in any Senraen village although some have advanced enough to have a rudimentary form of running water. If running water is present, it normally is not available in households, only certain areas (such as wells) beneath the village. Simple tools and machines are used to complete everyday tasks. Some tools and machines include hammer-like objects, knives, scythes, hatchets, levers, wheels, and pulleys.


Being that the Senraen people are simple with very little technology, occupations are few and laborious. Men tend to be the "chiefs" of each village, although terms vary between them. Men are also usually the hunters and gatherers, farming the land and hunting the animals to provide sustenance for everyone. Women are also important, tending to have less labor-intense occupations such as pottery-making, rope- and basket-weaving, food preparation, and raising children. If men are sparse in a village, women will fill the labor-intense occupations as needed. When children are old enough, they also participate in occupations similar to the ones women complete. Sexism is not as strong in the Senraen people as other primitive people, but men usually fill "political" and "powerful" occupations and normally reside over the villages.


The Senraen people are very independent. Each village tends to be an entity of its own unless a traumatic event, such as war or plague, occurs. They also do not communicate with the other three territories, although some effort has been made by the other territories to communicate with them.


Trade does not exist for the Senraen people except on rare occasions between neighboring Senraen villages. No trade happens between any village in Senra and the other three territories. Most Senraen villages weave nets to catch fish, plant corn, rice, and other vegetables that thrive in wet environments, and hunt animals. Neighboring villages may exchange harvest if one village is bountiful in one crop or consumable and lacking in another. Being that the Senra territory is much the same throughout, however, this is a rare occurrence.


In summary, the Senraen people are very independent and primitive. They have a history of war with Niuque but do not appear to be a violent tribe. Most villages have been built above the ground level due to heavy flooding. They rely on simple tools to harvest crops and hunt animals. Senraen people rarely trade or communicate between villages and never with the other three territories.




Jailla is roughly the appearances of a 28 year old, however the Senraen people age differently than the human race. In true age she is much older and, traditional of Senraen people, they do not keep track of age. She is female in gender and straight in sexual orientation. Currently she is not married.


The village that Jailla lives in, the Utak village, is home to a large number of the Hadeon tribe. Due to the closeness of her village to the borders, a small amount of communication happens between Utak village and several smaller villages close to them. Other than being guardians of the borders, the tribe focuses on both fishing and hunting as well as growing and harvesting rice.


For the entirety of her life Jailla has resided in the Utak village, which is the closest to the borders shared between Senra and Taha. Her house is close to the Ufara (chief) due to her high rank in the Senra guard. Currently she lives alone in her hut, however her hut is connect to that of her mother's. None of the houses in the Utak village have running water since they rely on the Elonri River that runs next to their housing area. The houses are mostly constructed from reeds, thatch, and mud; however some houses have been converted to sturdier wooden structures with thatch floors. Several bridges link the village together, strung between structures to make communication and transport within the village easy. Special structures are constructed lower than the rest of the village with built-up sides where children are raised. This prevents injury and death. All of the huts are constructed to circle around the center of the village; the Ufara's den.


Dedicated to her people and the spirits of Senra, Jailla is the epitome of devotion. She lives and breathes for Senra. The other villagers would describe her as hard-working, enthusiastic, kind, but also mysterious and closed-off from others. Her true dedication to the Senra guard makes it difficult for her to connect with others, but does not stop her from offering kindness when time warrants. In terms of the Senraen people, Jailla is considered young. Despite her relative youth, she is mature in terms of responsibility. In regards to relationships she is almost completely ignorant, having avoided them her whole life and focusing solely on protecting Senra. When at her post for the guard, she is empty, emotionless, and focused. Although deep inside she is slightly troubled by the orders to kill outsiders, she does not question her orders and easily carries them out.


Jailla's main occupation is participating in the Senra guard. This takes up most of her time as rotations in the guard take several days at a time. However, when she is present in the Utak village she helps with multiple occupations. Those include hunting, fishing, farming, building, and weapon/tool construction. When religious ceremonies are being conducted, she willingly participates. Even if it was not a requirement of all members of the Senra to attend, she would still be present. For the most part, none of the Senraen people have hobbies outside of their normal occupations, and the same is true for Jailla. They all work as a unit to complete required occupations.

Abilities and Skills

Like many in the Hadreon tribe, Jailla is highly skilled with a bow and spear. After spending many years in the Senra guard, her bow skills have improved greatly and border close to expert now. Also because of her activity in the guard, her legs have become muscles making her running speed and ability to weave through trees faster and easier. Her skills with fishing are less impressive but still fair enough to assist.

Unlike most others in her tribe or even throughout Senra, Jailla has inherited a special item and ability from her father. At his dying moment, he gave her his shamanic staff. He explained to her what it meant and how to use it to conjure the powers dormant inside her. An animal spirit was linked to her without her knowing, as was true for all of the decedents from her father's family. Even without the staff, her father told her she could summon the spirit, but only when she was strong enough. The staff would act as a conduit for her power, drawing it to the surface easily. Although she has had years of practice, her ability to call her animal is still fairly weak.


It is common for most Senraen villages to function as a unit that is close enough to be considered family. This is especially true for the Hadeon because of their closeness to the Taha border and the need to fend off outsiders. In the true sense of the word "family", Jailla only has her mother left now. During the war, decades ago, her father was killed in one of the first battles. Her parents never had any other children, so Jailla made quick friends with other children in the village when she was young. Neither of her mother's parents or father's parents is still alive, all having also been killed in the war.

Makya and Kateri

Her father was Makya, the leader of the Senra guard for many years. He also remained in the Utak village for the entirety of his live. Before the war, her father was respected and considered an important figure; hence why the hut Jailla now resides in is close to the Ufara's den. At an early age, Makya met his future wife, Kateri. She was from a separate village but it did not take long for him to devise a plan. He discovered the Ufara of the neighboring village had a son. With the promise that Makya and Kateri would wed their first daughter to the Ufara's son, Khaositi. The Ufara agreed, so before Jailla was even born her hand was sworn to a man she had never met.

Kateri came to the Utak village shortly after the deal made between Makya and the Ufara of her village. It was not long either before they were wed. Kateri, although having a hard time adjusting to the new customs, truly loved Makya. When Jailla was born, it only strengthened the bond between her and Makya.

At the time of her father's leadership over the guard, times were peaceful. Because of the length of their peaceful times, the men of the guard (all men at the time) were unfit soldiers. The untrained state of his fellow guards was ultimately what led to the fall of the original Utak village. After the fall, the neighboring village of Utak and Utak village combined into one.

After the death of Makya, Kateri and Jailla started to drift apart. Both were distraught by the loss of him and unable to move beyond it. Even now there is a rift between them but the years that have passed have started to heal their wounds.


Throughout her lifetime, Jailla has not had any intimate relationships. Her hand is sworn in marriage to a man she hardly knows. Because of her deep devotion to the Senra guard, she has little drive to pursue any relationships outside of that with her mother and distant relations with other villagers.


Son of the once neighboring village's chief, Khaositi is now the right-hand warrior for the Ufara and the leader of the Senra guard. He is a desirable catch for most. Much like Jailla, he feels a strong devotion to the Senra and the guard. He also feels a strong need to fulfill the trade between their parents from so long ago and pursues Jailla to no avail. For now, he and Jailla are simply friends and fellow guards.


The spirit within Jailla is a strong tiger spirit. When she calls Taal forth, he offers her strength, speed, and stamina. Taal comes in the form of an apparition although is able to cause physical and mental pain. Jailla is in total control of him, able to direct him as needed through thought, gesture, or voice commands. During battle or physical altercation is usually the only time that she summons him, but extreme physical and emotional distress from Jailla can unintentionally draw him out. After Taal has been summoned for a long period of time, the reverse happens. He begins to sap energy from her and cause more harm than good, at which time she will call him back into her body. Other than causing physical and mental pain, the only ability Taal has is teleportation.

Sky-filled eyes lifting as you finish scribbling in a notepad, Jailla nods. "You have the information you came for... now leave before your presence becomes a nuisance." Gesturing back the way you originally came, you look to follow her pointing finger for a moment. When you look back, the slender female has disappeared as though she was a figment of your imagination. Knowing well those beautiful blue eyes are watching intently, you turn as instructed and return the way you came. Leaving from this place, you are now more rich in knowledge about the mysterious land of Senra and her devoted people.

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